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Easy trail for small children, but not much of parking area can only fit about 7 vehicles max. The view makes it worth it.

Light to moderate trail. Beautiful relaxing hike!

beautiful hike but not easy. with all the creek crossings, sometimes hard to tell where the path is, slippery rocks and fast current in some spots I would say it should definitely be rated moderate. its a bit easier if you just accept your going to get your feet fully submerged and just walk across on the smaller rocks with water up to your ankles and almost knees at times instead of trying to balance on rocks and only get a little wet. it's just not worth the extra effort because you will eventually get wet anyway. in some places take great care in crossing because the current can be fast enough to sweep you off your feet or the rocks might be slippery. also the bathtub has changed over the years. it's not as amazing as our friends recalled it being years ago. the water only went up to just above my knees so there is no jumping in. also if it's rainy the crossings will be more dangerous so don't go if it's raining or if there is a chance of getting caught in the rain.

Quick hike with a great view

Took the dog with us, nice view, peaceful, and a must do!

It was amazing and nice. The wife thought the water was way to cold for comfort

4 days ago

Definitely more moderate than easy, due to unlevel ground and several water crossings. Our 7 year old did fine, but needed adult help in several areas. Gorgeous area - lots of areas for great photos. Biggest issue was LOTS of poison ivy. Entire trail was covered with it - if you watch your footing carefully you can avoid it.

6 days ago

Great family trail! Our four and two and a half year olds did pretty well (though the young one spent about half the return trip on my back). Water crossings are fine if parents are there to help. Scenery is beautiful and pools at the end are a lot of fun. Parking is tough; we waited about ten minutes for someone to leave before getting a spot.-and we didn’t get there until mid afternoon. A great hike!

gorgeous hike! ran into a herd of cattle crossing the river, which was fun to watch.

scenic driving
9 days ago

Amazing easy-ish hike. You will get wet through multiple crossings and there are some slippery rocks when you get up towards the pools. Quite busy with a mix of ages from old to young. Very clean for a high traffic trail. We did with small kids and a very lazy dog. There is a bit of mud. We got a little rain but it was muddy before the rain. Quite a few dogs on the trail. All were on leashes. A lot of people wore swim suits to swim. Hands down one of the most beautiful drives too.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike. partial shade, well marked.

Great hike with a natural slide at the end for the older kids. Water shoes/sandals are a must! Trail isn’t well defined so would call it moderate versus easy. Beware of the slippery rocks.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail, but NOT "easy". 8 river crossings and rough terrain make the 1 mile feel more like 2. I would definitely rate this a moderate trail.

16 days ago

This is a great easy and has a great view at the end.

8 creek crossings, a little much for the little (under 4) kids. But very beautiful.

Hiked this a couple days ago. Great trail! You will get wet up to your knees. Crossed the creek at least 10 times. So much fun!

great trail a bit washed out due to rain.. would consider more moderate than easy

Finally stopped raining so back to hiking... My son and I made a wrong turn or should I say didn’t turn... lol ... when we should have ... and kept going up & up and up and up ... whew ... so when we got to the top we took a couple of pics and decided to just go down, down, down... and call it a day...
We were pretty beat... I’m old and he’s young and taking a week off was a mistake rain or no rain... :)

best to go before the summer, because it can be one of the most popular hike. It's a lot of fun, be prepared to get your feet yet.

29 days ago

So. Much. Fun!

1 month ago

Simple, wide, gravel dirt road like trail. Easy hike for an amazing fire at the end. Perfect if you’re crunched for time.

Great hike, easy to follow and awesome view at top

By far, one of the most spectacular lookouts I've seen around, but unfortunately people ruin it. It's very close to town, so I've seen shady characters every time I've been. Tons of graffiti, trash, blatant drug use, and disrespectful people. I'd recommend going early morning or during school/work hours to avoid the riff raff.

Nice hike with my son again! You can start two ways... We picked to the left which was uphill. Was a good choice I feel. At least for me. Lol Almost all uphill with some level spots but nothing hard for 1.1 miles. Then it was all down hill from there basically for 1.4 miles! At a point going down however when you get near the water and the thick forest the mosquitoes ate my son alive!!! Bring bug spray is all I can advise! Outside that had a great time!

All foot bridges are repaired very cool hike young kids can fair the trail well!

1 month ago

Lots of people on a Friday, lots of river crossings, not a maintained trail and no sign. Very pretty scenes along the river, definitely wear river shoes versus hiking boots.

so fun! just make sure you're going to get wet.

Awesome time... Had our GSD’s with us... I think they had more fun than we did! :)

1 month ago

We did not get to begin the trail as we soon found out there are several knee high water crossings with no options but to wade through the waters. We witnessed several unhappy hikers with soaking wet shoes warning us away and decided not to move forward. We intend to come back with proper water shoes etc to make the most of this trail. Wish more guides and top hike lists would have mentioned this.

Casual walking trail, but views at the end are amazing!

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