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somewhat muddy. decent trail system

Really pretty fall hike. Also relatively uncrowded even though it was a beautiful Sunday. I did the north trail, followed the AT a little ways further, and then went back to the parking lot via the south trail. I definitely wouldn't rate this as a hard hike, but the initial part was a nice little climb.

It's a fun trail. There are a ton of unmarked campsites between the start point listed and the New Tripoli Campsite which is off a side-trail after the power lines.

Perfect crisp November morning. I got the last spot in the small parking lot at 7:30, judging by the dew on the windshields most were there over night, evident by the several encampments on the way to the Edge. Didn't run into many orher hikers until about 10 on the way down.

mountain biking
18 days ago

if you go on this trail it is the best bring you'd camel back also be experienced also if the owner of the park sees this thx for getting it. also were all the jumps are I did a six 6 foot gap a 6 foot gap it is fun.

very strenuous, but pleasant

I gave this trail 4 stars though the one listed is kind of boring. We parked one car a the Lehigh Gap and hiked the 11 miles from Delps. Great views just past Little Gap Road and of course on the Lehigh Gap. Scenic views of the nirth for the last couple of miles

Great trail. For those who said that it’s muddy, we got nearly 50” of rain this year. If you don’t like mud, stay inside.

The only iffy part was the quarter-mile or so on the windy road. Luckily the vehicles I saw were DCNR who were working on the trail.

Markings are clear, scenery beautiful. Very nice.


The beginning and end of this trial can be rather dull hike (wider access road), but makes up for it once you reach the rocky area between Bear Rocks and Knife's Edge (relief to return that way). The rocks on the trail during the middle stretch are mostly large and sloped at various angles which can be tricky in the wet days (very slippery!). The views from Bear Rocks and especially Knife's Edge are excellent.

Did as part of out-and-back between Bake Oven Knob lot and Dan's Pulpit. There's no trail in AllTrails specifically for stretch between Rt. 309 and Dan's Pulpit, but will mention the trail is just wide access road for several miles from Rt. 309 west toward Hawk Mountain and doesn't get more interesting/rocky until after passing Allentown Shelter.

Overall, a great hike with lots of views. Made a loop of this going up the AT and returning down via North Trail > Charcoal > Prairie Grass > L&NE Trails. There aren't really any views initially at the top unless you continue over the Lehigh Tunnel to the South Trail or loop back on the North Trail. The South Trail has several spots of wide views among piles of large rocks. The North Trail also provides a nice consistent view on the other side almost along the entire stretch until it declines down to the Charcoal trail (mostly exposed meadow trail which was nice change from initial ascent in shaded forest).

1 month ago

enjoyed some great views from the cliffs and brought a hammock with me and enjoyed some relaxing time by the river.

Fun, blue blaze scramble off of the AT. And very easy to miss! The tiny sign is far above eye level. Going Nobo, look to your left after knifes edge but before the Bake Oven Knob parking lot.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Started walking through camping area to trailhead, but then trail opened up and view at the cliffs was great. Got to see rock climbing class and kayakers. Creek was full of white water, impressive from above and at water level. The climb at the midway point and at the end of the loop were a good work out.

1 month ago

It was a nice trail. Easy at first, a little boring walking through campsites to get to trailhead, but the view from the top of the cliffs was great and the climb at the midway point made for good workout. Enjoyed watching rock climbing class and several kayakers. Abundant rains caused white water rapids that were impressive.

First mile is strenuous uphill, but after that, take north loop which is scenic and relaxing. Great views of the valley. The AT is relatively flat, gently rolling. Great hike overall, don’t let the first mile discourage you. Pace yourself up the climb, you will be rewarded!

If you enter on the Pleasent Valley road entrance you can avoid the wall of rocks

Good hike experience with the nature and adventure. Although it’s flat after the first 2 miles. It’s challenging with rocks all over. Great feel after doing 12 miler

1 month ago

Nice little hike. Trails aren’t well marked though with many paths splitting off, so be advised.

Filthy, poorly marked, and insufficient parking all made for a one-time experience. I get that it’s near a city, but fast food bags, food wrappers, Gatorade bottles, broken glass, and a pair of shoes with the socks in it - seriously? Have some respect for yourself and keep this trail clean.

It's quite a pretty hike, but you find yourself in the sun for most of the hike.

Had to use map to stay on trail and lots of mosquitos near the river. But a nice hike nonetheless.

2 months ago

We had a great time today on this hike. We did High Cliffs and added the loop on the other side of Stover Park Rd, for a total of about 6.2 miles. The extra loop allowed us to descend to the creek, where we took a rest and cooled off with a wade. All in all, the shade was appreciated, the views were really nice, the trail easy to follow, and we even got to see some rock climbers at work. Great morning.

nice views of the river for about 40% of trail. didn't see what made it hard other than it was difficult to find some turns.

Try to stay away from the lower parts of the path near the river as they are very overgrown and hard to follow. Otherwise, pretty good trail IF you have this app or know your way around. Paths are not well marked.
Update: 2 days after the hike our dog got some type of bite or infection from the tall grass. Definitely not worth the hike. Advise to stay out of the grassy area!

Sadly there was broken glass in several areas and trash that looked pretty recent too.

Trail is very muddy in places and poorly marked. Not an enjoyable hiking trail

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