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Really enjoyed this hike! A busy trail of day hikers and backpackers but don’t let this put you off. Rolling ups and downs and many bridges to cross. It’s interesting to see all the chaos of the 2003 floods. We hiked all the way out to the second lake - so beautiful and peaceful and did the loop back to Lillian Lake. Wish I’d taken my bikini to go for a swim! Lillian Lake looks a beautiful place to camp. Even with smoke in the air the views were still stunning. Just under 5 hours return. #HikingWithHarri

2 days ago

Great place for viewing and taking a quick soak by the water. Really cold though !! Sure wakes you up. Some areas are really steep. Dog had to enable its 4 paw drive to get around. May be difficult for little kids.

Loved the terrain and the well marked trails. There was a creek along most of the route that was just lovely to listen to.

This was a real pleasant surprise. This hike has it all. Walk right next to a beautiful lake, scramble through some flooded areas, some forest, walk across a barren area with views of the river downstream of the falls and finally some fantastic waterfalls! This is now near the top of my all time favorites.

An underrated hike in my opinion. Beautiful falls and you can walk right up to the water in several sections. Highly recommended.

somewhat mild entrance. that leads to a beautiful waterfall you can enjoy from above and below

5 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike. Did not go past the second lake as the heat was getting high and the second lake was so beautiful I didn’t need to see any more. On our next excursion I plan to go to the Summit on the way back from the third lake.

I honestly didn’t want to go on this hike as I’m in favor of more challenging trails, but my girlfriend demanded we go. I’m glad she did...we took the most scenic pictures here out of our entire 6 days in Banff National Park. The views are spectacular and absolutely worth every second. Just be sure to arrive early (7am??) as it is a hotbed for the tour busses. We started about 7:15am and only saw a few people along the way. A+

Easy to find trail head with parking. The hike was fairly busy which was comforting as there was a bear with cubs on the trail. Lots of nice river views, on the way up. Getting to Lillian lake was a breeze, getting to the Galatea lakes was more of a challenge with the incline/ rocks (but still relatively easy). Bring a bathing suit for the lakes, was nice to jump in at the end of the hike!

Just did this over the long weekend. The trail is in great shape, all the way. We stayed over night at Ribbon Falls, there was lots of firewood and company to visit with. Day hiked up to the lake the next day, the chains were a fun challenge. We brought our 1 year old up with us and he loved every minute of it!

We had a great hike. Got there early(ish) (0830) to beat the crowds as this is a very VERY busy trail with tons of people going up down and eating their lunches on the trail with their poles and bag beside them. The old people spread out on the trail picnicking provided the only real obstacle on the hike. The trail is very clearly defined and clear.

We booked a camping site for next weekend as the hike up to Lillian Lake which is on the same path as Galatea Lakes. We had a great time.

Amazing Falls!! A couple steep parts but not to bad..... did miss the sharp turn and ended up walking down the river.... definitely would do it again

Great little hike!! Easy to follow for the most part.... lost it a couple times on the way back but found it easily enough.... would definitely do it again!!

Start of trail was kinda deceiving.... didn’t realize you had to walk down the ditch to the trail head.... trail was kinda hard to follow in places but once you seen the flags it was ok.... would definitely do it again though.....the falls were nice!!!

Trail to the falls is closed due to wild fire. :( you cant even cross the suspension bridge. So check trail report first before you head there.

Perfect hike. Beautiful scenery, with few major inclines. Lots of forest cover during the hike, plus a surprising amount of footbridges. Even found a nice walking stick, I left it on the sign at the beginning just for you, but you gotta be quick, someone’s bound to snatch that bad boy.

on Galatea Lakes Hike

9 days ago

Getting to Lillian Lake is relatively flat, but to get to Galatea Lakes it's a very steep 1km, but it is totally worth it. The views of the valley are stunning and Galatea Lakes are amazing. This hike is a must do.

9 days ago

Nice easy trail with some fun creek drainage bouldering toward the top. Left trailhead at 9:45am and our group was the 2nd group up. Great little scramble to the enormous and cool cave at top. By the time we finished lunch and we’re headed down, the trail was packed with hikers. (Stopped counting after 70). Good views, but take a flashlight for the cave.

Did a loop past here to Galatea then round Mt Kid back to Kananaskis village the chains where the highlight. The ball ache was the front of Mt Kid. In the trees the whole way. next time I'll just do either end not the front.

11 days ago

Pretty casual hiking up to the hoodoos, from there you could continue up the creek to the cave. We decided to ascend the slope to the south, there’s a bit of a trail to start and then you’ll have to scramble up some shale but when make it to the top of the ridge the view is incredible.

Packed in our 11month old. Was absolutely beautiful way to start the day!

A bit busy to the first set but that's where most families stop. The views are amazing! Well worth some difficult areas on the way to the 2nd and 3rd sets of falls.

Breathtaking falls on a relatively easy trail.

Fantastic view. There is no clear direction from the welcome sign, just keep driving and passing a large parking and washroom.

The hiking trail is unmarked and on the left hand side from the viewpoint.

14 days ago

We found the trail difficult to follow. Thankfully someone was nice enough to mark the trail with ribbon in a few places. Ended up getting stuck in a surprise thunderstorm including hail and a downpour. Im sure we will try it again as I like taking the hikes less travelled. Make sure you check the weather before the hike, while you still have cell service :)

Was beautiful but lack of indications

easy hike as long as you stay on the main trail.

The trail is not well marked at all, about 5 minutes in the the only way to figure it out is with the GPS, not ideal.

Great little trail, lots of variety between forest and open areas, helped to cool down on a hot day! Used this as a training trail for my 5 month old puppy’s first hike, perfect trail! Variety, obstacles beautiful views and an easy morning or afternoon hike. Also did this hike before when I was still rehabilitating by knee from an injury, not too drastic of a slope if you stick to the trail!

it is fun easy and a nice walk for the dogs, great for kids

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