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Great hike! fall colors were awesome.

Great workout and doesn’t take too long

Nice workout with awesome view!

trail running
3 days ago

I should title this 'Pay Attention to Your GPS'.

Beautiful views but the entire time we were hiking we heard very loud gunshots from the adjoining private property which ruined any chance of a peaceful hike.

This is a great hike if you are looking for a short and moderate to rigorous workout with great views. Ascending Mount Sanitas took me about 1 hour with several short water breaks. It is moderately steep and rocky. There is no shade 85% of the way up. Pretty views en route and at the summit. Descending through East Ridge was rough. I may have taken a wrong turn and ended up off the actual trail because it was loose rock almost the entire way down, pretty dangerous, and I ended up entering the valley trail further down.

The trail road to Camp Dick was a little hard to find coming from Lyons. Saw a large sign that said Camp Dick and thought to turn there, but there was a closed gate. The road is just a little further South on Hwy 72. The road is a one vehicle paved road, so be prepared to move over onto the side to allow other vehicles to pass. There were a lot of 4 WHL vehicles going up the trail and the hiking trail was hard to find. No maps or markers. Found a trail to the right of 4x4 road and followed it to the bridge, then a clear trail way to follow, but no markers. Overall a very easy trail to hike and going in has a light incline with lots of rocks and muddy areas, but shaded and pretty quiet. The waterfall isn't much to see since your up high on mountainside, but cool too listen too. Finished the trail and came back, easy hike down. My only complaint is there were several dog poop bags left on the side of trail! Come on Boulder, what's up with this? Also, dogs are supposed to be on leash and 95% weren't and spooked us and our puppy! They were good dogs though and not aggressive, so I guess that's ok. Overall, an easy hike and saw some young children, enjoyed the shade and secluded lunch by the river with my boyfriend and dog.

this is a incredibly steep incline if you go via the mount sanitas trail route and not the valley. the valley offers no shade. the trail is steep and very rocky with a heck of a lot of stairs. there is no flat on this trail it is all up. parts of the trail were rock scrambling. dogs are welcome on leash and it's supposed to be a green tag trail. however every dog except mine were off leash and not all of them were voice recall trained. when I called out to people that my dog was not nice several had to run to grab their dogs. If you have a dog who has some leash aggression issues I would not take on this trail. many other trails in area with less dogs. this one has a lot and it was a Friday morning at 10 when we started!

great views at the top and was a great workout but I was in the mood for a moderate trail. I would have called this one difficult and I would have probably enjoyed it more had I been in the mood for a difficult trail that day

there is some shade offered the way of the mount sanitas trail and some nice stopping points to take pictures or chill.

Fun hike! We did a hard 8 miles in the sun and shade. Dogs loved the stream!

this was a great hike and it is steep and rocky but well worth it when you get to the top and see the beautiful view.

Tough, short, rocky hike with beautiful views of the city and the valley. Watch your footing as the path is rocky with a lot of loose gravel. Pretty busy and I went at 10:30 am on a weekday. When you're done, splash your feet in the cool stream near the entrance.

Hiked this trail on 6/8/2018 on a gorgeous day. We started at the parking lot right before you enter Lookout Mountain Park. Hiked uphill on a paved road for about 15 minutes before reaching the Chimney Gulch Trail. There were very nice views while hiking and then a great view once you reach the top. Pretty strenuous hike, but very rewarding. Seems to be a high volume mountain biking trail, so be aware. Easy drive from Golden, Denver or Lakewood. Enjoy!

Great hike. It was very crowded and there were a decent amount of mountain bikers. The trail was slightly washed out in spots which made it difficult to hike. The view at the top was beautiful and the Aspens were starting to change. The elevation gain was tough but the view made the climb worth it.

This is one great hike but I have to admit I don’t know i think it should be rated hard and we hike all the time... Extreme stairstepper rigorous climb up Mount Salinas.... We started pretty late in the day so I definitely recommend not doing that but I give this trail five stars and would definitely repeat it again... but start earlier lol it ended up being 92° that day

Amazing hike for such low elevation and so close to home. Went with buddy and three dogs. Enough vertical gain to get the heart rate up without being too strenuous. Beautiful views to the southwest toward Indian Peaks/Continental Divide. Hope to go back another time and add Walker Ranch. Be sure to bring $8 cash if you're going at a time when a ranger might not be there to swipe your credit card.

Difficult hike as it’s very rocky and uphill quite a bit both ways. Great views though! Also saw a bear cub around 4:30pm, never saw momma bear but the cub was close enough to get us to book it.

Nice views, easy to get to. Not a ton of shade so best on cooler days.

easy, with some nice views

Easy to navigate and well maintained. Beautiful day.

15 days ago

Gorgeous trail! So many different types of terrain. Loved the open meadow entering into Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. We got a permit and camped overnight at Jasper Lake - it was rainy and windy, but campsite 3 is pretty protected. Used our bear canister as recommended - didn't run into any wildlife other than squirrels and chipmunks. The lake is rather low, but the views were still pretty and the aspens are chainging for a beautiful, colorful site.

So much bang for your buck on this one-- a moderate trail with the same (maybe better) payoff as any of the "hard" trails in Boulder. Absolutely beautiful. Strong preference for the clockwise direction (Sanitas valley up, mount Sanitas down). This is a challenging trail, but anyone who says it should be rated "hard" has never done Green Mountain Loop or any of the other truly hard trails in the Boulder area. Clockwise direction you will climb a lot of steps and do some rock scrambling, mostly steep rock scrambling and then pretty flat on the way back. I'm not in particularly good shape and I got it done in about 2 hours.

Nice hike, a great workout and pretty views of Boulder.

Great hike! Beautiful views. Challenging but doable.

Challenging but doable for two novice hikers. Great views and lots of friendly people

Great work out, lots of pretty views. Steep on the way down definitely take your time.

on Jasper Lake Trail

19 days ago

Great hike. Parking is kind of terrible but so is every other hike in CO. They do have a shuttle if you don’t feel like walking to the trail head (but you are there to hike??) we hiked from our parking spot on the road up to jasper lake and then probably another half a mile or so up to a waterfall. Really pretty. Highly recommend hiking up to the waterfall. For us it ended up being about 13 miles and 4,000 feet incline (according to the recording that all trails records)

This is a short loop starting at the lookout point. Easy hike with lots of shade and beautiful forest scenery. The tail at the end of this loop is actually the start of mule deer trail. It follows the road for a bit before you start walking in open meadows. Overall a quite, peaceful hike over labor day weekend with few runners and quite a few bikes. My dog enjoyed the easy hike and all the other dogs were well behaved.

It was step but fairly easy, I think the best time to go is from 4:00-5:00 because it mostly shady at that time. It was a bite to close to the highway and others houses. I did not do the entire hike.

Great hike! Pretty views of the mountains and of Denver while also having the sound of the river and being able to go down to the river at Walker Ranch Trail when you get to the end of the Canyon Trail. The River is just down a small hill so it's worth the extra steps. Today it was partly cloudy which was nice b/c it didn't get too hot on the trail. The parking and trail became more crowded around 11am so getting there early is beneficial.

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