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Amazing hike and just the right amount of distance to keep the rest of the day open for more adventures!
Got to the upper lot around 630am and there were about 4 other cars there from folks backpacking and also starting early. The first quarter of the drive from the lower to upper lots is the worst of the entire part but it is nothing compared to how bad Grays and Torreys road is. Just take it slow on the bad parts. Even though the lower lots were jammed up, there were a few spots at the top when we finished around 10am.
Great colors with the fall foliage change on the bushes as well as the trees. Silver Dollar Lake(middle lake) was amazing and Murray Lake was about 300ft of elevation gain from there. Dont skip the third lake! There is a rock formation on one side that can be hiked from the backside which will give you a great topside view of the landscape.
As most hiking at this time, start as early as you can! The next few weeks will be jam packed with folks looking at the changing trees. This trail would be incredible with a little snow on the ground.

1 day ago

This was an absolutely amazing hike. The leaves are changing so beautifully which made it so much more magical! It’s labeled as difficult but I would say it’s a medium-hard hike. There are some steep parts but for the most part it’s just an uphill climb with a great reward at the end! Very clean trail, but very well trafficked. I recommend getting to the trail before 8 am (or even earlier). We arrived at 8:40 am and were really glad we came early because the hike back was pretty busy. Also, only park in designated parking spots because you WILL get a ticket if you’re parked on the side or the road. Overall, despite it being a busy trail, it’s probably one of my favorite hikes! Enjoy!

2 days ago

Great hike, highly recommend

My car doesn't have 4WD so I parked at the lower lot. When I arrived at 7:45am on Saturday there was still plenting of parking spaces. This trail packs a lot of great views in its short length. I found this trail easy except for the short but steep climb to the third lake, which is worth it for the views from the top. I would recommend coming early to this hike, when I left at 10:30am the trail and the parking lots had become very crowded.

Nice relaxing hike with beautiful scenery, scenic overlooks and wildflowers. The second half of the hike is above the tree line.

Make sure you go all the way to the third lake.


Awesome trail. Rated moderate but still a good steady climb. Great scenes, lots of running water. At about 7,000, my wife and I took a quick break a few feet apart from one another...I was up trail when I heard a rustling in the brush on the upslope side and then thumping on the trail - turned to my right and saw a black bear cub, golden brown with a darker brown ruff around his neck...we saw each other at the same moment. The "little" critter did an about face and retraced his steps back from where he/she came...there were ar least two more, probably mom and a sibling judging from the sounds we heard. My wife never saw the bear - the whole incident occurred over maybe 3-4 seconds... We made some noise, carried on up trail without further incident. My only regret is not getting a once in a lifetime photo op...
This occurred last Monday, September 10. Lots of berries along the trail. Overall I'd rate this hiking trail a 10.

4 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of photo ops. Went when aspens were turning colors. Nothing like it. Difficult trail, though. Take plenty of water.

Silver Dollar Lake was beautiful and definitely tested my lungs! Be careful because there are a few spots where the trail becomes slightly unclear, but thanks to this app, we did not get lost! You will realize it very quickly if you start veering off course anyways. There was a river at a few different points and three lakes along the way to the top! When you get to the second lake, you have the option to continue onto the third, and it is totally worth it if you are willing to exert your lungs! (I have asthma, so it was challenging, but definitely do-able!) This third lake offers a great spot to hang out for a bit and eat lunch! On our way down, we saw 4 wood peckers! I got some great up close shots of them that I will upload later. There are not a ton of aspens on this hike, but there are on the drive to the trail head. The hike also does include lots of bushes that have changed to an orange color which provide great fall color!

Hiked this morning 9/11/18
A good hike up, enjoyed the scenery and took pictures. I would consider this a moderate and not hard trail compared to some other ones. We had great weather this morning, cool and some sun at time. Water is really low, therefore the fall is very small.

Hiked 9/9/18. The leaves are turning colors and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The water is low so you are able to walk on top of the waterfall and take pics on the edge of the drop off! Good workout! We clocked 5.8miles which is longer than what All Trails has as the distance. Definitely a great summer and fall hike!

8 days ago

There's a trailhead sign, but it's difficult to see from the HWY as it's behind some trees/branches. The easiest way to find the trailhead is just to look at where the lake's outlet stream crosses the HWY on a map (let google maps guide you, but best to download an offline map before hand). Plenty of parking across the street in dirt turn offs.

The way up isn't bad, the steeper parts are often followed by moderate sections and I didn't have to stop too many times to catch my breath. The trail is fairly rocky, so you'll have to keep your eyes on the road. Nice tree cover the whole way. Made it the upper lake in about 70 minutes and back down in about 45 minutes.

The trail to the upper lake isn't obvious; I just headed to the opposite side of the first lake and hiked straight up the hill behind the dispersed site on the other side. Once you get to the top of that hill you have to cross a boulder field. You can avoid jumping boulders by finding your way a bit the left of where you came up the hill and then follow the faint path across the field where you don't have to do any "jumping".

The shores of the upper lake are pretty rocky and tree covered, so don't expect a nice beach up there. However the views are stunning, especially with the fall colors in full swing right now.

I'm giving 4 stars because the way to the upper lake isn't obvious and also I saw so many people up there. I prefer something a bit more secluded.

I only gave four stars due to the difficulty finding the trailhead and the trail to the second lake. ***Another reviewer posted directions which were very helpful. The trailhead is directly across from the lower parking area. (I’m posting a pic with an arrow.) Highway 50 is very busy, so be sure to have a good hold on your pups/kids and look both ways before crossing!
Otherwise — wow! What a beautiful trail. It is very rocky and steep, but my three 12-year-old pups did fine. If you have knee issues I definitely suggest trekking poles. There are several stream crossings where they can get water, and of course the lake where they can swim. We encountered no mosquitos at the first lake, but didn’t get to the second due to a storm coming in. We went on Sunday and only saw three other groups/individuals.

Trail closed due to erosion. No repairs are in progress. The gate blocking the road is closed and they placed tons of barbed wire as a deterrent as well.

nice and easy hike along the river with easy access

Very beautiful but WARNING! Very very very limited parking. And the vail police will give you an expensive ticket if you park ANYWHERE other than that small parking lot beside the trail... even if there is no sign saying not to... not that I am bitter or anything. But the trail itself is beautiful. A bit longer than you think though.

9 days ago

I know it’s subjective, but it closer to hard than moderate. Amazing views, well-worth the time and effort. We went on 7 Sep and most of the Aspen in the immediate vicinity of the trail were still green.

Gorgeous fall colors! I couldnt stop taking photos.
I parked at the lower parking lot and its probably 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to the trailhead, not 1/4 like the description says.
The hardest part is from the second to third lake but its short so definitely do it so you can say you made the whole hike!

This was a great hike. We submitted Bierstadt the day before, and this was the perfect, relaxing, beautiful hike to enjoy after feeling worn out from that. Had some fun snowfields we had to cross, which my dog loved, and the trail was saturated and muddy in several places. We made it to the Silver Dollar Lake, which was beautiful, but an afternoon storm rolled in on us and we had to make our way back down, instead of continuing on to the second lake. Would do it again, if ever nearby.

great quick beautiful rewarding hike.

10 days ago

Mildly steep, quick ascending trail. Totally beautiful reward arriving at Lake Agnes. All by ourselves, no one out there but us. Monday 6a start time.

Beautiful, easy hike. Road up to the trail probably needs 4wd.

This trail is indeed closed for repair.

I do love this trail and am sad that it is closed due to erosion. It was my daily go to hike for a quick way to get out of doors. As for the folks that are condemning this trail because of the No Dogs Allowed policy, that is something you can blame on irresponsible dog owners. The town folk are not dog haters and there were plenty of warnings prior to the move to forbid dogs on this trail stating that people need to clean up after their furry friends or they would not be allowed. I've seen this time and time again on numerous trails where people don't pick up after their dogs and in this case, it is not only an unsightly and smelly problem, but it is bad for this environment particularly given that these reservoirs feed the town of Palmer Lake their water. Would you want someone's dog pooping near your water supply and the owners just leaving it there? Seriously, if everyone would take responsibility for packing out whatever they take in, things would be so much more pleasant for all.

The hike was beautiful. There is parking on the opposite side of the road to the trailhead. Google maps said to turn right but there was no road. we went up with kids aged 6 and under. The hike said it was 3 miles but my Fit Bit said 5 miles. Good to know with kiddos. The lake was pretty and worth the hike.

13 days ago

A nice hike with pleasant views the whole time. The last 1/3rd or so is substantially steeper than the beginning, and people with a little juice still left in them have the option of continuing across the creek and climbing a bit up the valley. There and back took me about 4.5 hours at a brisk pace with a quick exploration of the other side of the creek.

Easy hike in 4 hours sleep and shitty knees

Fantastic hike! It took us 3h and 45 min total round trip (2 hours just pass the cabin as it is def a must see area and then 1h and 45min back). The trail is not crowded at all - only met 10 other hikers along the way. The level of difficulty is about right on moderate level - nice mix of shaded areas with lots of aspen trees trailing along a wide creek, then some steeper areas across boulders. All is well worth the hike!

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