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2 days ago

I wouldn’t grade this hike as difficult. It’s a gradual up and down through forests and meadows. It’s beautiful. We started at the Sunshine parking lot and hiked to Healy Pass - Egypt Lake - back up to Healy Pass - Simpson Pass - Sunshine Village. For this hike we planned to hike to Healy Pass, and see how we felt and decide where to go from there. We just kept exploring and wandering and in the end hiked 24km in total. It was endless views and a fun day. We hitched a ride from half way down the service road by three friendly gentlemen. That made our day! The Sunshine shuttle wasn’t dog friendly. Quite disappointing. It was a very long day. I wouldn’t recommend what we did. It was too long of a day. Doing it once was enough for me. Another fun adventure tho!

This hike is worth all the tourists at Lake Louise! Once you get passed all the people and make your way to the actual trail it’s a beautiful hike. My friend, my dog and I walked to the end of Lake Louise and headed up to Big Beehive that way, finishing the hike with Lake Agnes on the way back down. It was nice because we hiked the opposite direction of everyone else. Amazing views from the top of Devil’s Thumb. There are no signs or mention of Devil’s Thumb around. So many people just finish their hike with Big Beehive. The last trek up to the Thumb is quiet and a bit of a hidden gem. Highly recommended!

6 days ago

Amazing. Hard. Long. We did go counter clockwise, thank goodness, the other way around would have been madness. We are mid 30s, fit and used to strenuous hikes. Still took us 8 hours (with lots of photos). The scramble on loose rocks felt iffy, we heard an avalanche while standing on the top in an adjacent valley. Bring plenty of water. We had rain, snow, mud, loose rocks, sunshine,... everything, so bring your layers! Breaking through the clouds to the sunshine above was glorious. Stunning 360 degrees views. The ridge hike was delightful. Overall, strenuous and no joke, be prepared and know your way.

Need a challenge, bam, here you go! As a intermediate to advance hiker from Chicago/New Hampshire, this mountain was a doozy! You are climbing straight up on nice incline for the better part of 1.5 hours. Once you arrive at the Saddleback, it is a perfect spot to take a lunch break and prepare yourself for snow and some intense cliffs that lay ahead. The next part, that section where all the rocks/snow keep going up, yup, you are going there buddy! If you are afraid of heights, this is the part where you would turn back, if not, onward you go! I had to stop about 100 feet before the summit due to altitude sickness (it happens to some people above 8k feet and I was just shy of 9k) and noticed my breath becoming shallow, dizziness, so I told the others to go without me and they got to the summit about 15 mins later (I could see them from the top). No matter what, it was a great hike, and I hope to do it again one day! We spent around 6 hours doing the hike from the parking lot start to Lake Louise finish and def took our time and taking photos and resting. Take plenty of water, food, and hiking poles. Good luck!

10 days ago

A short walk on a paved path to a great view of the tall, spectacular falls. Crowded parking lot and walkway.

I didn’t find Takakkaw Falls really great. There were so many tourists around and climbing on the falls that it was hard to enjoy. I wouldn’t go again.

Hiking to Laughing Falls (approx 6-7 km round trip) was much more satisfactory in my opinion, with gorgeous falls at the end and a couple small falls and a lake on the route. Highly enjoyable easy trek.

Moraine Lake parking lot was full by 6am so this was our backup hike. We started by 8am and avoided most of the tourists. The views of the lakes are outstanding! The reward/difficulty ratio is very high for this one. Only downside is how busy it can be; the trail was a gong show on the way down. Get there early and you will not be disappointed!

Lovely trail thru the forest. On different trails you can see many other small waterfalls !

Amazing hike!! Well worth the effort and steep climb near the finish

I hiked a loop including the summit of Mount St Piran, and took the southwest route down. I can’t say I would recommend it, as it’s not well defined, steep. It pretty much heads straight down on a combination of boulders, smaller rocks and mostly loose dirt. It was a bit of an adventure. The upside, it’s not crowded:).

One of my all-time favourite hikes in the Rockies! So breathtakingly beautiful at the top.

This hike took us 2hr up and 1.5 down at a fairly moderate pace. The last portion after the boulders was a bit of grind but you can't NOT go to the top, the views are amazing and make the trip fully worth it. NOTE: the boulders are not the ones when you first come out of the trees, you must continue up the small trail along the scree field and then climb over the boulders to get to the final portion, it took us 20 min from the boulders to the top. Enjoy :)

The spectacular views from the top makes all the effort worthwhile. The very last section is steep as you scramble up.

I have hikied a few mountains and I think here has one of the best views on the summit. The last 300 meters was quite steep like Mt. Rundle but not as loose. Totally worth it.

Great hike if you’re up for a good climb for the first half! Don’t be fooled by the 5.7 miles marked on the summary - this hike is a minimum of 3.3 miles to the top, so roughly 6.6 round trip. Majority of the hike is in the woods, so no major vistas until you reach the top, with the last 30-40 mins being a pretty steep climb. However, if you hang in there, the view of the valley and surrounding mountains as well as Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake are well worth it!

This is incredible and easily one of the best hikes in Banff. If you are afraid of heights, may want to rethink. This is difficult because the trail is hard to follow at parts and has a mild scramble. However, there are many trails that are more physically difficult compared to this one. Must do - best near Lake Louise.

That was wonderful!!!!!! This is the best hike that I’ve done in Canmore.

Very pleasant and easy walk. Would definitely visit again. Oh, there was snow on the top the day I visit. (Sep 3rd) just so you know.

19 days ago

Awesome hike with great views at the top. If you want to challenge yourself take the south west route down from the summit. The descend is fairly steep, hiking poles are a must !

I did this hike combining it with Simpson Pass to make the hike a lollipop. Parking was plentiful and the trail was easy to find. With some side walking to take pictures my GPS said that we hiked 13.6 miles. Healy Pass and the meadows above the tree lines offer some incredible views. The trail was moderately busy with trail runners, backpackers, and day hikers like ourselves. Overall I would suggest skipping Simpson Pass as it was mostly uneventful and led steeply downhill in some places, adding more miles to an already long hike.

Devils Thumb is a challenge but I would classify it between easy to moderate hike. There is a very short scramble made up of large rocks that is like a stair case. At the top of the first short scramble, turn left there is a defined trail. The trail that goes around the back of the mountain is narrow so you do have to watch your step. If you are afraid of heights have someone with you to talk you through it. The most challenging part, even though not long, you may have to do a bear crawl up. I wanted to challenge myself for my 59 birthday and this is my second scramble and the first time I ever completed. The view is well worth the effort. Take your time going down.

Nice easy hike, beautiful view of the falls. Way too busy on the weekend. Encountered a lot of impatient drivers who obviously wanted to get there or out as soon as possible. Valley is beautiful with picturesque falls, tall trees and avalanche paths.

20 days ago

This 1260' waterfall is absolutely stunning! Short easy walk to it with viewpoints along the way. We seen 2 people rock climbing near it as we were walking towards it. It's a must see! There is also a great place in Field to eat at. It's called Truffle Pigs Bistro. It was great food and drink following this wonderful visit!

on Bow Hut Route

20 days ago

Excellent overnight hike to the Alpine of Canada’s Bow Hut (or a day hike if you’re fast). Become an ACC member and save $10/night on accommodation. Loved the varied terrain, always changing scenery, and views of mountains, glacier, river, and valleys. Heaviest traffic is the first third of the trail. Trail is a little hard to follow in the rocky section about two-thirds of the way along - watch for little rock cairns, cross multiple little creeks. Can walk up to the glacier behind the hut. Overall a moderately difficult hike with high reward.

20 days ago

It's a steady climb to the cirque. great views and not a technical hike.

Awesome. A very beautiful trail with a spectacular end. The last part before the end is the most difficult with a strong slope but it deserves, you can do it if you are more or less athletic.

Great hike, quite steep at times but not technically difficult and the reward is absolutely stunning views. Make sure you go past the first big rock clearing. The last part of the climb from the first rock clearing is a bit daunting in the incline, but only takes about 30 minutes at moderate pace and is 100% worth it.

Great hike. Steep right off the bat which I prefer, start heading up quickly, it’s fairly steep. Don’t go without proper footwear as I’ve seen other people wearing, your feet will thank you. Stay to the right not the main path, all paths braid off together but the main path will lead you astray and you’ll end up having to climb a sheer rock face. You’ll still have to do some climbing but it’s much more doable. Bring a jacket as well, and probably a toque, it’s always windy. Have fun!

falls are insane. trail is nothing.

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