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Did this hike with my wife (53) and son (19). 360 degree views. Trail is easy to follow. Very rewarding for us. We were the only ones on the trail. I would say this is a moderate hike if you are in good shape, hard but doable otherwise just take your time. Not technical.

Did this today starting from lake agnes trail at lake louise. At the junction of big beehive, turn right where a log blocks the path. Follow the trail all the way up and a short scramble few meters from the junction (almost got lost). Make sure you wear good hiking boots, gloves or poles for support as you scramble going up to the summit. The 70 degree steep scree was worth it once you reached the top! I think this trail is way better than taking the plain of six glaciers. Arrive early at the park (7-8am) coz it gets full easily. And make sure you get a pass and dont park infront of a sign ‘No Parking from 11pm-8am’. We’re blessed they gave us a friendly reminder ticket for doing so...a must hike! Awesome views along the trail!

Do not underestimate this hike.!! You need to be fit I mean fit.!! You will be sweating like crazy. Make sure you have enough water and food supply. After helipad, use extra caution on loose rocks closer to the summit. But in the last you will get phenomenal view of Canmore and surrounding mountain.

Great hike with amazing views! Really enjoyed this hike!!

Good warm up hike for future hiking during the summer months

Great hike. Fairly easy incline until the very end, worth it for the view!

Amazing hike, the chains are fun! Great views! Descend around the West side of he mountain, you can run down the scree. It is so much fun and a quick way to get down the mountain.

Went today with a group of friends. Make sure you wear good shoes for this hike! :)

I love this trail! Lots of exercise, lots to see on the trail and a fantastic view from the helicopter pad. Avoid the crowd by going on weekdays.

Trail is dry and in good condition. Very nice view at top. It took us 5.5 hours to finish it. Just watch your steps close to mountain top, nothing difficult for the rest of the hike.

Beware, the trail can merge in to non trail paths that look legit. Beautiful view from the top as well as through the middle portion from the back side of the mountain.

It’s a fantastic hike in terms of distance and views but it needs to be well marked.
If you are going solo and have not experience I wouldn’t recommend it or if you are afraid of heights.
Most people we met (after the hike) including the locals recommend to go with someone that has done it before and download the map on your phone, easy to get lost.
We were in a group of three, were none of us had done it before , we enjoy the views specially once you get above the three line those were the best.
All the way up to the top we met people that decided to go to the end of the forest or right before the chains and go back the same way. If you do, that it is still a challenging hike and you get a lot of rewarding views.
There was just a group of 6 in front of us and 2 women behind us, nobody else we met wanted to finish the loop.
You get the feeling once you scramble a bit up and pass the chains that that was the scariest part but it’s not.
Once you start going down, the terrain is rocky, small rocks and loose dirt (hiking poles recommended) , after a while you get above the tree line again and that is when the trail disappears, we could see it all the way down but there’s wasn’t a trail that connect to it, we went down the edge of the mountain some skied down, sky and a big portion I slide down on my bum, there is nothing you can hold into just small roots in a few sections. So that was the scary part.
We downloaded the map (all trails) in our phones before we started the hike and that is the way we were back on track.
We left the parking lot at 11:30 and we were back at 6:30 pm.
Overall we had such a good experience but If I had known this ahead of time I would have found somebody that has done it before to come with us.

Spent a night in Bow Hut. Very beautiful trail. Some parts can be confusing without clearly marked trails, otherwise was a very rewarding hike and a great stay in the hut. I would recommend it to anyone!

Lovely once you get up there as you leave the hordes of people heading up to the beehive lookouts.

7 days ago

Impressive flow and spray of water from a cliff. Easy hike. We visited on a cloudy, rainy day; it is probably more stunning in the afternoon sunlight. Watch for tour buses and RVs on the switchbacks--we saw one backing up the road because they can't make the tight turns.

8 days ago

we took the yoho trail counterclockwise to iceline
this an excellent hike 6 stars in my book 11.1 miles total

hot day and a good hike. enjoyed the views from the top. not a huge fan of the screet run but wuddya do. suggested to not bring dogs up the east face as there is a chain section. saw a lady think about trying it with her two dogs. glad she opted not to.

kinda busy...get there early

This was an incredible hike! Highly recommend it! It did have one portion that probably should’ve been equipped with ropes because it is very steep and when it rains, very slick! Gorgeous view of lake Louise and Lake Agnes in the same shot! Just be aware that there is no trail marker when you get to the split where Big Beehive is, you turn right and cross the log blocking the path. But definitely go up on big beehive.

Great hike! lots of different terian, go on a sunny day to see better views :)

An absolute kick in the pants of a climb. 1000% worth it.

Great hike The way to the helipad is steady with steep parts but a good trail and already great views. We had a 20 min break to suck up the views, have a chat with other hikers and to get ready for the summit. Definitely do the summit if your fit enough. It's a bit of a scramble but so worth it. We walked halfway over the ridge but didn't go as far as the 'true' summit because it was pretty sketchy and that top is like a few meters higher, not worth risking our lives ;) The whole trip including brakes and wondering at the summit was 5,5 hrs return

A couple sketchy spots and a nice little scramble otherwise a good hike.

Amazing views of Canmore and Three Sisters peaks. Love sitting on the heli pad and absorbing the view while eating my lunch :)

13 days ago

Easy, walk for the whole family. Busy Canada Day in the rain.

Not hard just have good shoes or bring poles

Lots of people to pass in the beginning, I was really headed for mount whyte and the other peak but I took a wrong turn, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

you have to wrap around the mountain side before your last accent up and once you get to the dip you have the chance to go right or left, i think left is where you go for the top of devils thumb but I went left to a spot to have my food and I witnessed part of the glacier fall off the cliff side - it was CRAZY

Go check this place out

It was super cloudy when I summited it’s not hard and there was no people ( probably due to weather - it has rained in the area a lot )
it was wonderful
Do it if your in the area

13 days ago

A beautiful and varied hike that had a lot of nice elements to it. What better way to experience Canada Day than to see all 4 seasons in one day and take in the glorious vistas throughout.

Started in the valley bottom and did the loop starting from the eastern side. It appeared to be steeper and more scramble-y on the way up to the tree line than the west side seems to have been and think that may have been a good choice to make the descent more manageable. Went from sun and sweat at the bottom to rain and wind and even snow near the summit - had to take refuge under one of the small east-facing cliffs by the approach to the ridgeline. It all cleared up as quickly as it blew in and we were rewarded with stunning views at the top. The descent was nice and it was a real treat to transition back down to valley bottom and see the changing flora and observe the douglas firs, indian paintbrush and wild rose among others all while being serenaded by the swainson's thrush. Highly recommend - don't forget to stretch though or your quads and calves will be talking to ya the next day!

Hiked this trail on Canada day. It was our first hike and we didn’t have proper hiking gear/shoes, just jumped into it! We highly recommend wearing proper hiking boots as it was a challenge getting back down in running shoes. If you’re scared of heights or not in good shape this hike isn’t for you. The view from the top was stunning! Well worth it and can’t wait to get up there again!

my wife and i planned to hike this trail a week ahead for canada day camping and hiking trip and we glad we made all the way to devil's thumb!! we started from lake louise to lake agnes which is very easy trail and big traffic (specially because it was canada day). and the path side of lake from tea house to west end of lake agnes is BEAUTIFUL trail path!!! after this path, there are challenging zigzag trail comes up to way to big bee hive which i thought this is most steep part of this trail. when we came up to top where if you go left you go big bee hive and if you right where you gotta go over big falled tree log you go to devil's thum trail. most of people will go to big bee hive. when you jump over the big tree which is blocking trail it gets very alone you have to climb up 20 feet of big rocks and after 20mine of moderate trail you will meet 70degrees of steep trail. and then you will deserve what you came up for this is the only place you can see both lakes (lake louise and lake agnes) in one sight. and when you turn back from lakes view huge cliff staring you down which is breathtaking!!! you must try this trail once before you die!! super worth it! HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Once you beat the crowds after the teahouse and you made it to the big beehive, the last part up the devils thumb is when it's gets really nice and fun. Parts are pretty steep but it's only like 40 min up. Views are beautiful and the reward at the top is amazing!

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