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Love Nashotah Park - great for running trails and well-maintained. However, bugs can be atrocious in the summer.

My parents have taken me here since I was an infant, best place to get close to nature.

1 month ago

Hiked this trail this morning with my pup. We passed other groups every 5-10 minutes. The hike was scenic and not too strenuous minus the stairs going back up to the trailhead/parking lot. Sad to say that water was not flowing in Lasalle Canyon, but it was still beautiful scenery.

deep, wide canyon with steam crossings, made for a fun hike. plenty of places to wade, read, relax.

1 month ago

LaSalle Canyon is one of the canyons at Starved Rock that consistently has a waterfall, as water movement can vary largely. I do recommend arriving early to avoid too much of a crowd, especially on the weekends. It is a very popular Canyon at the park. The bridge to Tonty Canyon has been out recently, so access on the return trail is difficult unless you are willing to venture below the bridge.

When you get to the end of the canyon where there’s a pool of water there’s so much more to see.... I went to where the water was filling the pool and climbed up into it to find another canyon and another waterfall and a swimming hole beneath it. (Pictures posted) it was unbelievable.

Nice trail well maintained

Beautiful trails with lots to see. Fantastic picnic area. But it should be noted that there’s a five dollar entry fee.

Interesting set of trails, conflicting blazes, they tried to go modern, but the original blazes worked the best. The map on AllTrails starts and ends on a highway entrance ramp, not helpful at all. The trails are more like forest roads, very wide and close mowed. Enjoyed the walk anyway.

2 months ago

The canyon is beautiful. Unfortunately the Tonti Bridge was closed when we went on our hike, so we had to go back the same route we came instead of making the loop as intended. We went at about 8:00am on a Saturday morning and only saw 4 other people on the trail. Very peaceful and fairly easy, just a few places that you should watch your footing in the canyon.

Love the trail. Well maintained trails through woods, waterways and prairies. They are doing some major clean up (June 2018) so some areas close to the trail have been stripped.

3 months ago

My favorite of the Starved Rock trails

Easy but decent number of stairs. Beautiful waterfall

This is a nice trail and there’s also a grass trail not shown on this map. It’s pretty fluffy and hasn’t been trimmed down but surprisingly not a ton of mosquitos. If you love dragon flies it’s perfect back there. Saw a bunch of different types. Also some beautiful flowers tucked in there. If gas more time I would have gone to Lakewood and/or Ray Lake via this trail.

beautiful park with well groomed and well marked trails

4 months ago

Lots of beautiful foliage, flowers and plants blooming right now and the greenery is heavenly right now! We were lucky enough to experience a light shower with thunder rolling and the Canopy of trees was already thick enough to buffer the raindrops. I just wish the trail was a bit cleaner in spots, there’s lots of garbage that needs to be picked up near the river.

nice trails, cool barn, and well shaded. I like the hills and it's fun for bikes as well!

4 months ago

Definitely a must when visiting Starved Rock. Although the furthest trail from the Lodge and Visitor Center it provides an escape from the noisy and busy trails and lets you experience Starved Rock as it should be, while also being one of the best waterfalls and canyons in the Park. If you’re not up for the long hike from the Visitor Center, hop in your car and take Route 71 all the way down where there’s a parking lot that will lead you straight on to the trailhead!

Great flat trail.

5 months ago

Great experience. Favorite section of the park

Kenyon Farm Forest Preserve in South Elgin is very simple and pleasant, with a small parking lot and paths not paved but mowed into the greenery. A small pond and several interesting trees.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Fun trails

6 months ago

My favorite canyon at starved rock. It can be difficult to stay dry crossing the the river 3 times if the water is up. Make sure you obey the sign at the end of the canyon on the same side as the falls and do not enter the area with views from above the the canyon and a peaceful spot on the river to relax.....

Amazing hidden little gem

on Spring Lake Nature Preserve

8 months ago

One of the first days above 30 degrees in a while! My dog & I went but it was very snowy and there was a lot of horse and dog poop... so just be careful while walking. Easy trail, not very marked so remember which way you are headed.

mountain biking
8 months ago

CAMBr does a really wonderful job maintaining these trails. Most riders are good about not riding when the trail is wet so Raceway doesn’t have terrible ruts and is usually in fantastic shape.

9 months ago

Love it! I plan to come back in winter time.

Fun trail to take kids on. You do have to cross the river 3 times so wear waterproof shoes or boots. There are fallen trees or stones to cross on but no bridges.

This is a wonderful park, we will return. Very well maintained trails! Lots of trails and options for hiking. Picnic tables along trails for lunch, activity areas for play, and a dog park. A great place to spend all day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mark Stedham's picture is of LaSalle Canyon, NOT Tonty Canyon.

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