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Easy to find trailhead and it’s nicely marked. Beautiful views at the top. We stayed for a while taking pics and enjoying the views. It was a clear day so we saw all the surrounding mountains. Beautiful!

7 days ago

Beautiful hike but didn't realize the number of stairs involved. Expected a few but those of us plus 70's with hip and knee issues had to take the stairs and stone steps slow and easy. The heighth of the stone stairs varied greatly. We also found that a few areas we're beginning to erode away, making some areas a little difficult. But with all that said, it was one of the best hikes we have ever taken.

Amazing place

Loads of salamanders on trail on OCT 5 :-)

20 days ago

I did the summit via the trail head on the west side, off forest rd 5824. 5824 is off North shore rd, which follows lookout point and the North fork of the Willamette, across the river from hwy 58. It's not recommended to take a passenger car up this rd, but is passable with an AWD or 4x4. It's a cool offroad drive up the mountain. Just follow the "main" rd 5824 without turning off and you can't miss it. You will see a hiker symbol on the left next to a small parking area. From there the hike is 8.7 miles round trip and is an easy to moderate hike. Tons of giant old growth fir and cedars from 3' to 10' in diameter. Great hidden gem on that side, but still not a great view on the summit. Worth it for the trees alone. Great hike!

Great hike for kids and dogs. Wasn’t too crowded when we got there. The turn to get to it though isn’t very clearly marked from Main Street.

25 days ago

This is a nice short hike up to a magnificent viewpoint of the surrounding cascades. I intended to jog the entire way up but was hit hard by the 4000 ft elevation starting point and ended up walking rather than running about a quarter of the way. I brought my dog with me and due to the steep terrain she had to stay on leash. The decent isn't too technical, but due to the narrow singletrack our speed was slower than I expected. Be careful. Watch your step. Keep your dog on leash and enjoy the amazing views at the refurbished lookout at the summit. FYI. I would have given this trail 5 stars had it been a little bit longer. I didn't want the trail to end.

Great hike! Like your in a scene out of the movies..... very jungle and hidden. We loved it. Did upper and lower. Did see one single person just our group of four.

Beautiful area, very short hike

Hiked this with My Sunflower on a gorgeous day.
Beautiful , easy trail. Intended to look for Christmas tree ornaments placed by the ranger district but didn’t get far enough.

great trail for kids and dogs

1 month ago

A nice easy hike to House Rock. The forest is pretty along the river, some old growth trees along the way and on a hot day the river and falls at House Rock are perfect to play in. Can see in rainy season some spots could be difficult to cross. Trail was well maintained in Sept 18.

Pretty area. Easy hiking!

What a great hike! perfect day, nice breeze. Awesome views once you reach the old look out tower. Perfect place to sit and relax while eating lunch while soaking in the views.

1 month ago

A 1/4 mile in the trail is completely overgrown.

Edit it to add I found another trail in approximately a mile farther down W. Boundary Rd.

1 month ago

Not much water in early Sept but a pretty hike on a gorgeous day. Gonna have to do it again after we get some rain and the falls are running. Ran into 5 or 6 other groups hiking today.

1 month ago

It would be perfect if it was like 2 miles shorter.

1 month ago

Love the waterfalls and a great short refreshing hike with the kids

This is one of my favorite sub-1 hour hikes in and around Lebanon. There can be a lot of people in the park on any given weekend, but most evenings it’s fairly low traffic. The upper trails are narrow and are feeling a bit overgrown but it’s still gorgeous.

I walk the loop counter clockwise from the bottom lot and get the stair climb out of the way early which makes the rest of the path a breeze.

Great hike.

one waterfall is very low, otherwise great

Love it. Great pool to float in, but best seen with full light in June midday.

a little bit confusing but absolutely beautiful.

1 month ago

Hiked to the top with My Sunflower the first week of May. There was still quite a bit of snow on the trails both in shaded and open areas. We could not make it to the top by the normal route because of the snow drifts that were still deep and to soft, so we made our own route on a steeper, open area from the west by southwest side.
We made our way back down from the top by an equally steep route which gave My Sunflower an anxiety attack because of the steepness but she pulled through like a trooper.
Also lost the bottom leg extension on my black diamond trekking pole on the steep decline somewhere. We’ll try to find it a little later on a return hike.

Went here with My Sunflower back in April.
Very nice hike and area. Got great photos of the falls.

This would be a 5 star mountain bike trail. I was ignorant in choosing a hike that day, and didn't really research this area; the trails are definitely well suited for mountain bikes, but it might be a better idea to choose a different hiking trail. Beautiful forest setting and decent solitude. The whole time I was hiking had me wishing I had my mountain bike with me.

Not a great hike but looks awesome if you have a mountain bike! There were a couple of decent trails for hiking but this side of the park consists of logging roads and mostly bike traffic.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite hikes near Eugene because it’s lightly trafficked, unlike Spencer’s Butte, and feels very wild even though it’s so close to Lowell and Eugene. It’s relatively easy, with a few steep parts and switch backs, and the mini falls provides a nice swim. The only main downsides is that there is not much of a view and the trail can be quite muddy between November and May so bring boots that you don’t mind getting dirty and won’t soak through. Otherwise, though, it’s a great day hike!

2 months ago

Did this hike on August 16th, 2018. It was a bit smokey at the top, but without the smoke the views would have been astonishing. The hike up was quite nice, not terribly difficult and without too many super steep parts. The thing that stuck out the most to be on this hike was the amount of huckleberries and thimbleberries! They are absolutely everywhere right now, and to me that sells the hike all its own. That being said, this hike is probably worth doing any time of the year. Highly recommended.

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