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on Delicate Arch Trail

7 hours ago

Great hike but quite hard for this 57 year old out of shape gal. I say just do it. I had to stop a lot on the way up-much steeper than I thought but the view of the Delicate Arch is well worth it. We went about 8:45 am and it was only 35 degrees when we started but it turned out to be a blessing because we were not overheated or overly thirsty. The trail goes along a cliff edge right at the end which was a little unnerving but I stayed close to the rock face and was fine. There were not very many people there so we were able to take lots of pics. This was one of my favorite hikes.

Very fun and certainly worth the walk. Definitely clogged with people but understandably so

9 hours ago

It was beautiful! I loved it. It is on the Navajo land. You must go with a tour guide. In the past there have been deaths here due to flash flood. So I decided to go with a guide from Dixie tour. The guide Melaney was great and friendly. I highly recommend going there early to avoid the crowd. Book in advance and follow all the instructions. It cost me $50 but it was worth every penny. Don’t recommend it if you are claustrophobic.

So beautiful! Good workout!

14 hours ago

beautiful trail. very heavy traffic but worth checking out.

20 hours ago

The drive up was incredible. This is your traditional hard-on-the-way-up, easy-on-the-way-down hike. BUT the arch is worth any discomfort. We were pushing pretty hard due to a time crunch and finished this in 1.25hrs. However, cost $30 to get into the park and I actually enjoyed the view at Corona Arch more, which was a free hike. Still cool if you dont mind paying!

1 day ago

Beautiful night hike to see the stars!! No problems getting up/down at night. There is a steeper rock portion going up where there’s not a clear path, but there’s so many people coming up/down that it was easy to find way. If night hiking, bring flashlight for sure! Arches is a no light park and the parking lot/surrounding area is completely black. Great for viewing stars! Just beautiful

Great views - good morning walk

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.

We said our vows under delicate Arch. it's one of our favorite places.

Easy hike. Excellent views, but a very crowded hike.

Great place for a photo under the arch... short and easy.... could be crowded.

A must do hike in Moab!!!!

3 days ago

Wow! What a scenic view! Delicate Arch is my all time top favorite hiking destination spots in Moab, Utah! If you are exploring in Moab, check out Arches National Park without any doubt! Going during the busy season (April-Mid October)?? The trail will be busy, so expect high traffic. During the late Fall and Winter months you'll want to dress warm like a Fleece or Windbreaker and expect less traffic on the trail. You definitely want to take at least 1-2 liters of water and a snack (granola bar) per person. It's about 3 miles up, there is little to no shade, and it is open slickrock (may be slippery in winter) with some exposure to heights. Keep an eye out for cute Jack Rabbits and have fun!!

on Mesa Arch Trail

3 days ago

Simply spectacular!

4 days ago

This trail is probably amazing, but inaccessible after heavy rain! Fell a few times due to mud, so just be aware that if it is super muddy, you probably won't be able to hike it :( Will go back to see it when it is not muddy! :)

An incredibly rewarding hike. Took about two hours there and back; beautiful range of scenery.

It’s a great arch, and a pretty dull trail. Worth a stop.

Super busy trail - but a must do. The arch is absolutely amazing - just don’t expect to get a picture without someone standing in it... it’s a fairly straightforward walk up hill, the path is well marked throughout.

Great family hiking trail!!! We saw two Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Spiny Dessert Lizard, Quails, Rabbits, and amazing views!! Highly recommend this hike. It was a little busy but people were very friendly. Our 8 year old kept up with no problems. Take plenty of water and sunscreen. Enjoy!!

4 days ago

A bit of a tourist trap, but to be expected with a famous landmark.

We lucked out with cool weather, but I would imagine it would difficult in hot weather. Most of the hike is exposed and there is little if any areas for shade.

My favorite part was the old abandoned ranch and the petroglyphs just past.

on Mesa Arch Trail

5 days ago

great place to see sunrise

Nicely, enjoyable, well marked, wide walking trail for the most part. Moderate level, worth the 2.9 mile hike.. amazing arch and views..

Excellent work out

7 days ago

Great hike. I did ok with the ledge: it slopes inward towards the wall.

7 days ago

Short hike, good view.

Decent hike, not the best in the valley. Very popular mountain so if you don’t like crowds I’d stay away from this one.

Great hike. The payoff at the end was well worth the trip. Don’t underestimate the amount of water you will need. The Arch is spectacular.

Beautiful Sunrise if you get up there early.

My first ever hike in Arizona (I ended up doing six in six days during my visit). Very enjoyable and simple, with great views every time you turn around. Lots of parking at the trailhead, as well as very friendly staff (volunteers?). I was there on a Saturday in late September at about 9:30 AM, and there were tons of people, mostly finishing, although they were spread out, so it wasn't a problem. Only saw one or two people going up while I was on my way down.

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