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The most stunning views - hard hike though. Well worth it.

We hiked to Arnica Lake today. The trail was hard packed snow cover the whole way. Great trail with a lot of great views along the way.

Hard in winter season but worth for it

Long low intensity easy hike. Be cautious of bear activity! We did run it to a mama bear with her almost fully grown cub right on the trail as we pass them with probably 5 meters distance which was heart pumping to say the least ,however they both shown no interest in us ( thank god lol) .

1 month ago

Pretty cool trail. First part to Vista lake (not frozen) was muddy and easy. Second part, the real ascension, was icy and snowy but well tap. Second half of the ascending part was more steep. cleats and pole recommended! Took 1h45 to go all way up. You can continue 3km after Arnica lake (which was frozen) to Twin Lakes.

1 month ago

October 14 2018
Quite satisfied with this hike! Did it with crampons (pretty necessary) and poles (optional here), with a 8 month old toddler. We are a 32/30 years old couple with some hiking experience and moderate fitness level and it took us about 1h35 on the way up (without much photo stopping) and 1h20 on the way down. First half is easy, steady way down to the first lake, with some mud. Some pretty views of the lower lake. After the bridge the way up starts. Somewhat steep in the second half, especially at the end after you reach the dried up lake. There’s about 100m ascent left at that point over less than 500m. Then you reach the lake, nestled in the mountainside, which is quite pretty. On your way back the end of the route isnt that dispiriting since it’s quite a gradual climb. Met 2 groups of 2 in total during the whole hike, pretty deserted! Note that on the way down (or up if you prefer taking breaks) the view in the last 1/3 is quite pretty as well.

This hike was well worth the ass kicking it gives you on the way up. Some of the most beautiful angles of the Jasper Valley you can get.

There was a foot or snow on it when we went and cornices were starting to take shape on the summit ridge. I wouldn't try this in a month or so when snow will be deep and avalanche risks will be present.

Good hiking course for all ages. Occasional hills but nothing significant. Highly recommend for family hike!!

Started out hike heading from the main parking lot towards the 6th bridge and working out way back to the 1st bridge. Mountain views, canyon walls, blue rivers and waterfalls and in between nice shaded trees. Was a bit crowded as we got back to bridge 4, 3, 2 and 1. However still very lovely, many photo ops and worth the trip. Hiked 9.23.2018.

Some beautiful vistas and well worth the hike in the fall time. Colours at the peak are brilliant, but pushing on to the lake is worth the extra effort. Trail is really well marked and maintained. The second section to Egypt is a bigger elevation gain/loss, but with time and good company this is a fantastic fall hike

A superb hike up to the gondola, latter half in partial snow end sep, but reasonably easy to follow. From the gondola an additional 3.5km up an easy winding snow path, passed the false summit to the real summit, well traversed by gondola visitors, with a superb 360 deg view.

I’ve hiked this trail and bikes it, did the full loop from old fort point on the bike, beautiful whichever way, not overly challenging on the bike, but some pretty steep climbs if you don’t drive to the trail head, and go right from jasper.

More of a nice after lunch walk than a proper hike. Nice waterfalls and river but not much of a view. Would be a good spot for a run starting from the sixth bridge.

2 months ago

We started at Maligne canyon and made our way down the Athabasca river. Instead of hiking a return route we brought a trail map and mapped out a little bit of a longer route that ended back at Maligne canyon. Walking along the water was beautiful and ending our hike through meadows and forest were a nice change of scenery!

The views were nice, however there were a lot of tour groups and parts of the trail is paved. The hike itself is easy and flat.

on Towab Trail

2 months ago

This is a beautiful trail and is marked fairly well. The beginning/end hour are quite easy and a little boring but the terrain gets more difficult as you go on. I did this as an overnight camping trip and really enjoyed it. There are spots along the way you can stop to swim in and the view from the top of the waterfall is gorgeous. You could do it as a one day hike if you left early, however I think it would be more enjoyable to take your time and spend the night.


super stunning views!
the start is hard to find. it's right across the street from the sign telling you about maligne lake boat tours.

2 months ago

Only walked to the falls but it looked like a nice hike. Lots of people even though it was raining an cold.

Amazing hike! GPS said it was about 25km round trip - we went all the way up to the ridge. This hike has everything from forested trail that opens into beautiful valleys, a waterfall, three lakes and a tough climb up shale rock face. This hike was pretty difficult after the first 5km but not unmanageable. We finished in roughly 6.5 hours with a few 15-30 minute breaks at two of the lakes. Take plenty of snacks and water; you’ll need them!

Great hike with absolutely stunning views from the top. As everyone else has mentioned it is a very steep trail so definitely bring hiking poles for both the ups and the downs. Bit of loose rock above treeline but just take it steady. Enjoy!

Great hike. Took 3 hrs to get to the restaurant. The trip to the summit is worth the effort. Great views.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Took me and my dog 3hours to get from the base of the trail to the trams and then another bit to get to the tippy top! First hour is a good hike and then turns into a pretty flat hike for the next hour and the last hour was pretty hard! Overall really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again

2 months ago

I’m not a hiker - whatsoever. Don’t know why I decided to try doing this hike - but I made it (At least to the top then took the tram down)! Took me 4.5 hours to get to the top (I took a half hour stop with MULTIPLE stops along the way). Unfortunately, the smoke clouded our vision of the view, but on the plus side there weren’t many people whatsoever. We were told that it’s usually a lot busier.

This was an overall nice hike. A great day hike with no gear. The terrain is a bit rough in sections, and the far North section takes you along the top of some beaver dams. In late August it was damp, in the spring I can imagine it would be very wet. The path is also overgrown in spots. So long pants are wise. There's not much in terms of elevation change. One or two slightly steep hills. The bugs were active I would be apprehensive doing this in the spring. Total hiking time ~5h + breaks.

I hiked in with 17Kg (37.5lb) of gear, mostly camera equipment. I had absolutely no problems. 7km the fist day, 8km the second day. Good sky views from sites 528, and 530. The ski is reasonably dark, but it's under a flight path. So if you're doing time lapse work you're going to get airplanes.

This is a hike i'll remember for a long time!! Forest scenaries to the lake, that gonna take 2 hrs more or less. Then the challenging part starts but best one as well!! 2 more lakes there and 360 view on the summit. Keep on going, bring food, water, proper clothing and just do that. Way back is rough and never ending but that's part of the game. Not moderate but hard guys. Don't miss this!!

3 months ago

Monday 6th August 2018. Mid day start, just over 2hours to the top and an hour down. Beautiful scenery and hardly anyone else on the trail. Steep in sections and at the top. A lot of mosquitos, very windy past the tree line. Fun

3 months ago

Great hike to the lake, to the summit was definitely a challenge but totally worth it. Bring lots of water and food! Incredible views.

Great trail. Not too difficult, but some fairly steep terrain for a few minutes. Make sure you stay right when making the loop. You’ll have a more gradual climb and the best views that way. That saves the steeper decline for the way back. The return of the loop also has great views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

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