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6 hours ago

Very well maintained trail with amazing views to reward you for the effort. 6 mile drive on forest service roads to get to trailhead.

This trail is badass! Mind you, I went off the beaten path a bit, I got my eye set on a huge Butte that over looked the lake, so I found a way up and my dog followed. Sat enjoyed my lunch and enjoyed the stunning view and great weather for this time of year. :) My only downfall, was as I was sitting beside the one tree on top of this rock, I quickly was greeted by the largest hawk I have ever seen! So hiker beware... it's nesting season and Hawks are very territorial

on Stevens Lakes

8 days ago

This is my favorite quick getaway! We snowshoed in on New Years Day 2019. Had to park just south of the freeway bridge due to snow. Broke trail around 10:30. Both switch backs where lost in the snow so we we straight up. It was a good workout, but do-able. There was over 5.5 feet of snow at the lower lake and °14. Got back to the truck at 3:00. Awesome hike ♡

Good views and didn’t see anyone else at all. Lots of animals tracks in the snow. Super cool hike.

mountain biking
14 days ago

Awesome January MTB. Dry, sunny, and not overcrowded. Easy access. Def will be back

17 days ago

Did this trail at the end of December. There was a lot of snow and with about .3 miles left on the trail there was a steep narrow incline with a lot of snow that I just couldnt climb up so I called it for another time. That being said, the people who were snowshoeing were able to get across, with a little difficultly in that one spot but still made it farther than I did with snowboots and crampons (not really necessary). The trail is gorgeous. There were a few other people out on snowmobiles in other areas that you can hear nearby and I saw a few back country ski and snowboarders. It is a beautiful trail, just dress in warm, waterproof clothes. I will definitely go back to this trail again soon.

17 days ago

Amazing trail and amazing view! The scenery on this trail changes so dramatically each mile its phenomenal! We completed this hike in 5 hours and 20 mins, my husband, 9 year old son and I.

We did see a single white mountain goat.

18 days ago

Very difficult hike. Think it’s closer to 4400 ft of climbing in 4.5 miles to the summit. Incredible views once above the tree line.

Despite the description and highly rated reviews; do not bother with this trail in snow season. Visited 12/26/18 and I’ll tell you why.

The state park is managed annually by permit only in lieu of entry fees...meaning during snow season from November-April a discover pass will not allow you access to any of the trails in the park. During these months you must purchase a snow-park pass even if you have a discover pass.

The funds for the discover pass and snow park pass are two separate pools of money and do not go to the same agency...your snow park pass essentially pays for groomed roads and trails during the snow season.

With that being said all trails departing from Selkirk lodge are for Nordic/backcountry skiing only; snow shoeing nor hiking is allowed. We learned the hard way; backcountry skiers take that sh#t serious!

Lesson learned if going to Mt. Spokane in the snow season all trails south of Selkirk lodge are inaccessible via foot traffic. All backcountry trails, single track, snowmobile trails north of the lodge are fair game via foot, snowmobile or snow shoe.

I’ll review again after snow season. Hope this helps my fellow peeps.

Happy Trails :)

The falls were gorgeous and the hike along the water was relaxing. Not technical, pretty easy

30 days ago

Got to the TH at about 10am, only one other car. A few puddles on the trail, nothing that will get you wet or muddy. Counted at least 4 waterfalls. Very nice winter hike!

This was a great trail. There was only a little snow in some spots, and we only saw only one other person. The waterfalls were spectacular!

1 month ago

Very beautiful and unique. The waterfalls are awesome. I hiked off the trail and climbed the rocks to get to the waterfall.

I had to turn around a couple miles from the trail, too much snow and even with a Jeep pretty dangerous, almost slid off the trail a couple times haha. But the views on the logging road on the way up were gorgeous and I would recommend the drive up, as safely as possible til you have to turn around

Did this hike a while back. Did not disappoint, very beautiful.

Fun trail close to town. It's pretty steep, but the scenery at the top is nice. Some bouldering near the old lookout tower is a nice change of pace

I absolutely love the beginning of the hike, the way the trees fall over the straights like an abandoned blvd in a movie. The hike itself Seel little direct sunlight and that keeps temps perfect. Did a quick hike this November with the intent of camping but limited spaces available, would have gone to the upper lake but friends backed out. Will try again!

This trail was definitely beautiful the view was unfortunately covered in fog. Went on 11/25 and the higher we got, the more snow there was half way there was a foot of snow on the trail and fog as thick as seeing 5ft in front of you. It would have been absolutely gorgeous and I would of gave it five stars if the fog hadn’t covered our views.

Gps takes you the wrong path. A park ranger told us how to get to the peak. If you go by gps it takes you to a mud/rock road full of potholes and a big puddle we couldn’t cross and came back I think it was when gps told us to turn right that took us off track. The real road to the trail is also an unofficial road but at least it has less potholes and its easier to drive in.

Definitely my favorite trail running loop in the northwest area of town. Go counterclockwise as the views going down from the saddle are best if looking west. Good elevation gain and sandy soil for easy treading. Another good run is heading towards St. George's school in the other side of the river. It's a good trail with a steep hill halfway to a nice view and then back down to the fish hatchery area.

great trail. steep at first. good workout!
saw bear paw prints.

Hiked in May, loads of wildflowers and beautiful views.

One of my favorite places, it has a bit of everything. Enough miles of trails to spread people out helps even if the parking lot is full (which is all summer).
I would call this an easy hike as there really are no steep sections, and for the work you put in it's about as good a view as you can get around here.

1 month ago

Great hike, not one I'd do in hot weather but a sunny November day was perfect.
I would definitely recommend doing the loop in the counter-clockwise direction so you can hike up the majority of the elevation in the shade. This is a popular spot for good reason!

1 month ago

Hiked 2 days ago. A few inches of snow was on trail for the last mile or so to the summit. I had yak trax just in case but didn’t need them The rest had icy spots & frost. No problem getting to trailhead or driving on Forest road with my Honda CR-V. Chilco is one of my favorite trails in the area!

I'm only giving this trail a 2 because I took a wrong turn. Missed the lake trail completely, so, I can't really rate the lake trail.
The trail we did walk was well traveled and clear.
Heads up, you are supposed to have a Discovery Pass to park at the trail head.

Good hike. Pretty busy trail but great plant ID opportunities.

2 months ago

Great hike. moderate is a fair rating based on a regular hiker. Good elevation gain but short distance. Good payoff for moderate effort. Both lower and and upper seemed to have nice campsites. No snow as of 10/24. Noticed the time changed to Mountain on our phones between lower and upper. Bringing the fishing pole next year.

2 months ago

Moderate wouldn't be the best way to describe this hike. There is a lot of different terrain which keeps it fun but theres a large area of rocky terrain that can be challenging to walk up (even though there is a slight path created) especially after fast incline with shakey legs! it is beautiful but bring spikes just in case anytime after October as it can get icy on a very narrow trail just at the top. One of the most beautiful and serene hikes I've done. Dogs should be leashed ALWAYS but on this trail we saw some un leashed dogs and it could be very dangerous for even well behaved pups.

Very steep hike and the trail is well maintained. The top section thru the shale rock is challenging but rewarded with an unobstructed 360 view at the top.

Beautiful with rocks, trees & littuSpokane river

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