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Lovely hike that's not too strenuous and not too easy. As usual the heat is a major factor.

We intended to do the loop clockwise but took a turn right and did it anticlockwise. Probably best to follow the trail on phone.

We didn't see or meet anyone until the very end. Great views.

Did this hike with my wife on Saturday morning around 930am. Should’ve left earlier because it got blistering hot on the way down. Also, asthma suffers beware! With the wildfire smoke so dense I’ve never felt my self literally gasping for air towards the top. I recommend if you are sensitive to this bad air right now, stay away. Other than that, lots of little lizards looking for bugs on the trail. Lots of bugs at the top. Can’t wait till the smoke clears so we can hike this one again and enjoy the views!

My family would tell you I am obsessed with this hike. Beautiful trail, flowers in early summer. Just enough alternation of elevation and then some levelling out to feel like a good bit of interval cardio. It does get more difficult towards the end, but oh so worth it. I tended to hike in the afternoon, so the temperatures were lovely, and shade was about 50/50. It took me 2 hours from the freeway to reach the peak. Views at the peak are gorgeous. Half of the view you can gaze over Salt Lake, the other half you can look over Emmigration and Wasatch canyons while feeling that you're miles from the city.

Heard the rattle near the top! Hike had pretty even elevation gains and was nicely shaded below, lots of exposure second half. Amazing 360 degree views from the top but the wildfire smoke was a lil damper. Started at 7am on a Friday and only saw a handful of people.

My first summit! Did this one back in 2012, but it was what would become the first of many loved climbs. :-)

Great views. Brought my Huskies with me.

This is a shot in the dark... my cell phone fell out of my backpack today . If someone stumbles upon an iphone 7 with a gold glitter case, a message will appear who to call once charged. Likely place it fell: towards the top of the map, there's a spot on the trail that takes a sharp right then turns left again making a Z. Instead of taking that sharp right I veered to the left into a sandy/rocky area for a bit before realizing I was off trail. We think it fell somewhere in there. As for my review... moderately strenuous hike with incredible views! (disappointed to have had to turn around early today!)

13 days ago

Easy and very beautiful!

I just did this one this morning. The views at the top are amazing!

I strongly recommend this hike. Like, strongly. Gorgeous views the entire hike without the crowds! We went early (around 9am) and we were glad we did because it definitely got hot towards the end. Total hike took us 2 hours with some stopping to take pics, gaze at the scenery, and have a snack. Well worth it trail in beautiful capitol reef.

Excellent trail with fantastic sights. Small parking lot but not too busy. Bathroom at trailhead. Barely any cover so go when it’s cooler and bring lots of water. Should take around under two hours.

Loved it! The hike was certainly moderately inclined throughout. I don’t think any parts were steeper than any others. The trail was nice, soft dirt, but not loose dirt. Not a lot of rocks. The views as you climb get better and better. The peak is magnificent. 360 degree high-level views as far as your eye can see. The trail is mostly shaded in the beginning and much less so as you get nearer to the peak. No nearby water for refills, so bring plenty. We did this hike around noon Sunday and there were very few people on the trail. Highly recommend!

Gorgeous views. A wonderful knife edge scramble that was amazing.

Left at 1800 and finished ~ 2000, stopping often to take photos. The initial climb was challenging, but after that it was relatively easy. Amazing scenery. Would recommend trekking poles.

Difficult to navigate. Have to cross through private property and met a few dogs that weren’t happy to see me.

Hiked it in the evening. Tried to catch sunset but a cloud moved in

Great warm-up peak if you're planning some of the taller mountains in the area. Fairly steep early on, but becomes easier for a stretch until the final push to the top. Snow melts early too, so it's a great early season hike.

Fun hike, but it is over grown. There is a patch where youre going through overgrown branches for almost a quarter mile. There are some roots under the bratches so it get a little hard to see where you are walking. The pup had a great time though, of course. Not very busy for a Monday night. I think we saw maybe 3 other dogs.

This hike had some pretty incredible views! The only thing that bothered me was how much exposure you get to the sun in some areas.. so I would suggest hiking this pretty early to avoid the heat. We didn’t see any wildlife.. but the views made up for that. We also managed to lose the trail in one area where there’s a sharp turn, but there’s also another trail going straight at the same point.. if you end up scrambling up sliding red rocks, you’re going the wrong way haha

This is my new favorite! Lots of tree cover on the bottom half, sweet earthy smells along the creek, absolutely stunning views. Did this as a solo hike, and there were just enough other people on the trail that it felt safe, but not crowded. Ample parking @ 7:30am. As others have indicated, do be aware of rattlesnakes, I saw two within feet of the trail. Also got to see a few lizards, and two unidentifiable large birds with unusual flight patterns, perched atop the tallest tree at the peak. I can’t wait to do this one again!

Great hike, especially the views. Lower half has more shade, upper half has better views. Didn't see a lot of wild flowers. There were plenty of hikers with dogs. Lots of lizards. Saw a spotted towhee and a female dusky grouse. Saw one rattlesnake at the very top. Lots of little lizards. Any spot where water crossed the trail was swarming with wasps/hornets on the way up, but we just walked through and they didn't bother us. They were gone by 8pm on our way back. Definitely park at the trailhead vice the the highway. Just enter the Church Fork Picnic Area and keep going by all the picnic spots until you can't go any further.

We took the Rover and side by sides to the opening of the trail. Really pretty walk, mostly flat so any fitness level could enjoy it. Just take a look at the photos from this trail, such an incredible natural beauty.

Overgrown and not much for overviews... there's better out there.

What a great trail. We did this with our four kids (one baby in the backpack) and although there were some parts that were quite steep it was doable. beautiful views toward the top. We didn’t make it the entire 2.2 miles to the turn around so we cannot report on the upper trail

This trail is perfect for someone seeking a moderate hike that still gives them the satisfaction of conquering a peak. It has lots of really pretty views, and you can see mount Olympus, as well as most of the salt lake valley from the top. For those who are looking to intensify their adventure, it also is very fun to run.

1 month ago

Butterflies in clouds all over the trail. Shaded trail in many spots. Rigorous trail in good condition. Stream running next to the trail for most of it.
Parking can be tight. Pack a picnic for the trailhead. Road leading is narfow but short with pull offs.
Excellent trail.

I'd give this 3 1/2 stars, but given no half stars it drops to a 3 for reasons to follow.

The hike is a good workout, and I extended it a bit by starting at Rattlesnake Gulch, then connecting over with a short 2-mile stretch of Pipeline. That alone gets it 2 stars.

The flowers were really nice when I did it on Friday, June 22nd, and that gives it another star, as does hiking next to water for a fair bit.

The drawbacks were that the views from the top are good, but not great. They're expansive, but not Alpine. Additionally, once on the upper ridge and on top then noise from some industrial operation down in the valley broke up the potential for serene appreciation.

I'd do this again, but there are so many hikes in the greater SLC area I wouldn't be rushing back...

Very pretty trail, but better done in the morning. The flies would not leave me alone and I was spooked by 3 rattlesnakes and a couple of smaller, probably harmless snakes.

1 month ago

This is a great place to watch the colors change over the canyon and see the colors come to life at sunset. Make sure you walk around Panorama Point first and then drive up to Sunset Point. The hike out is leisurely, but it does get crowded. The best time is to be there an hour before sunset and make sure you stay until it actually gets dark. If there are clouds, the sky will illuminate once the sun has moved out of sight. Bring a trail chair, water, and a snack for a great end to the day.

Completed this hike on 6/16 late afternoon/evening. This was a difficult hike for the being rated moderate. The hike is more like 4 miles each way if you start from the road, which is what the signs say to do. Wide trail for the first mile or so, but gets quite narrow after that. Lots of beautiful wild flowers this weekend, which got better as you get closer to the peak. Tons of bugs the whole way. Lots of shade at the beginning of the hike, but less as you get farther up. We saw a snake a little ways from the peak. Not sure what kind it was, but it didn't look like a rattlesnake. Gorgeous panoramic view at the top, with views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

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