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Half paved so if biked, use off road tires. only 2 sets of restroom facilities both on the same and of trail. Wide trail. Enjoy!

Great for all!

Falls were astounding—amazing noise & power of water. Huge amount of work planking and railing the trail and the great views of the falls make it worth the cost. Fascinating to see the brown (tannins?) water on the main stream, but a clear one feeding it. Great diversity of mushrooms!

easy 5 and something km. easy to track the red labels on the trees. beautiful waterfalls across the path.

15 days ago

First time hiking the trail, will definitely do this again

We went at a perfect time and i took some awesome pics so it was pretty cool!!

park at the rock ridge pavilion to get the fastest route to views off the king & queen

3900 st clair bridge rd

It rained off and on during our hike, and since it was raining today (and rained the previous day) there was lots of water flowing and very few people. Nice.

Yes, you have to pay for admission, but the boardwalks give you access to some otherwise inaccessible views inside the gorge. Lots of trees fell as a result of the nor’ easter last March. Privately owned Bushkill Falls is open and NPS Dingmans Falls and George W. Childs are both still closed.

1 month ago

Beautiful and sort of easy. Well maintained. Need to pay to get in ($14.5). Def come back

The most interesting run was when a beaver was swimming at the same pace as me.

on White Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful and scenic.
One of my favorites hikes!

Nice scenic walk with beautiful waterfalls along the trails. It is a little congested but was an enjoyable walk. A lot of great photo opportunities.

Beautiful waterfalls, very easy hike. great for beginners and great scenic views. sucks you have to cough up 15 for it though...

This was a pretty easy trail. Beautiful views from the King and Queens seat, but that was the only view on this hike and it was right at the beginning. The rest is a long uphill stretch. Not my favorite hike, but it was nice.

Waterfalls are beautiful and the boardwalk give you a great view of them. There are different trail options depending on your skill/physical abilities. My son and I walked the red trail in 1.5 hours. The price is a bit steep as mentioned in other post but if you’re looking for something different to do, I would recommend it.

entry price was a little steep... easy enough to do with 3 and 5 year olds. beautiful waterfalls.

One of the best one

Easy hike

trail running
2 months ago

Flat, open road for running at pace. Some foot and bike traffic, but plenty of room for all. Very scenic and shaded throughout. Porta-potties! ample parking at numerous spots along the route.

The waterfalls are stunning and the boardwalks allow you to get nice photos. You do have to pay to go hike which when looking at hiking sites wasn't mentioned. They do take credit cards. There is a gorgeous overlook and a nice long easy hike to the other falls and along the creek feeding the waterfalls. Sadly, even on a Wednesday there were a lot of loud noisy kids accompanied by their adult counterparts that took away from ambiance and enjoyment of nature. I believe there are 7 waterfalls total and some of the boardwalk was still being constructed from the winter storms. There are a good amount of steps that may be wet on the boards but they weren't to slippery or too steep.

My favorite, so many memories walking the trails and camping. Love this forest

14.50$ per adult for “tickets” to “hike” this short trail. Absurd. Drive and visit a true national or state park and hike for free

2 months ago

One of the best ones

2 months ago

It was pretty good

Crews are still re-building the end part of the red trail from he storms this winter, but had a fantastic time nonetheless. First time hiking Bushkill and it wasn't overly busy last week. Gorgeous sights.

on Lake Accotink Trail

3 months ago

Fun trail with our 6 & 10 year old kids. It's a busy trail but we still saw lots of water fowl, a bald eagle, and a few deer. The leg of the trail that takes you through a neighborhood is bit strange. Lots of trash though, especially at the edges of the lake. Definitely needs a clean up day.

3 months ago

Beautiful and easy to hike! Love it.

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