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A favorite semi challenging trail.

Nice views on a hike pretty much anyone could do. Decent climb when you come off the fire road for a bit, eventually turns into a wide smooth path for the descent. Probably about half the hike is on wide, smooth dirt path, some of that is fire road. Good scenery and low traffic. Good amount of the trail is off leash for dogs. Tons of water features which adds a lot to the fire road parts.

Was really good minus people having their dogs off leash in non designated areas

I did this trail on 4/22/18 with no spikes and a walking stick. Parts of this trail got really sketchy without spikes. I got through it but would definitely not recommend going with just hiking boots, it got real dangerous but the view at the top is really amazing. Took me 4hrs to go there and back

3 days ago

We had a friend in town from Sweden and after coming in Moab for a weekend- we hit the mountains for a quick hike. This was well trafficked for a mid week early June visit.

Not the prettiest hike in RMNP but easy to get to an manage if you have a short amount of time. It is a great drive up, take a hike, and drive out destination.

The Waterfall is very pretty.

trail running
3 days ago

I liked this trail. Got to the car park by 0700 on a Sunday and so there were not many people there. Cools temps to start but warmed up quickly. Chose the meadow 947 route to go up and I am glad I did as it was much more scenic than the 946 trail back down. Made it to the top of Greyrock before the crowd and ran back via 946. Graleat day, great hike. Recommended - but get there before the crowds!

Nice hike! We went a week ago and the trail was still snowy. Deep snow if you leave the trail but if you stay on it’s packed down enough to walk. None of us wore spikes (very slippery, especially coming down) but we learned our lesson and will def rent or buy some for next time! It was a beautiful hike with views at the top.

This trail starts out going downhill so it's harder to come back than to get to the falls. It can get really busy and the views of the falls aren't really great. You can't get far enough away to really see well. I think the hike is worth the effort but not something I'm dying to do again, like Mills Lake.

RMNP is one of my favorite places. This hike was beautiful from beginning to end, I was unable to see the actual falls because of the packed snow. We hiked in a Blizzard the entire time and also lost the trail because it covered peoples footsteps. You can actually climb up to the falls because it is frozen and covered in snow. The sign for Alberta Falls is very small, so you can pass it if not attentive. Bathrooms on the trail head : )

7 days ago

Hiked on 4/17/2018. Left Long's Peak Ranger station at 9:15am and reached Chasm Lake at 12:00pm. Did the whole trail with micro-spikes only. Trail is well traveled and well packed. Micro spikes a must. Weather was perfect on the way up, clear and a little windy. On the way back around 1:30pm it got really windy and started snowing. I made a hustle to get back to the treeline as fast as possible. Made it back to the Ranger station at 2:15pm.

Love it. Amazing views!

I loved it it was difficult but I managed to do it with my 2 year old daughter on my back! Be careful you could get lost

Perfect time to go before the parking lots fill and the crowds roll in. The falls are still partly frozen but it is even more beautiful.

Good view of the distant snow-strewn peaks and a reservoir. Wildflowers are starting to emerge now. Not a lot of scenery to look at unless you're at the very highest point of the trail, but besides that it was an easy trail with decent enough reward at the top. Very few people hiking on a Monday afternoon. Only passed two groups of people.

Once you get to the point on this trail where it turns into a road that heads back to the parking lot (clearly marked with a sign) and there's a building where the reservoir water flows out into a river, I'd also suggest heading up the 'Hummingbird Switchback Trail' that goes up to the Ralph Price Reservoir. It's short and you get a good view of the water, and can even follow a trail all the way around the lake if you want. From there you can take the road that goes around the reservoir a bit and also leads back to the parking lot.

Hiked on 4/16, the trail is well packed with snow, and not super icy. I would still recommend spikes and poles, but snowshoes are not needed. Above tree line, this trail can be brutally windy. Me and some other hikers in front of me were turned back by gale force winds that would knock you over and make it difficult to move forward. I would recommend checking the wind conditions for the trail, but even making it as far as I did the views of Longs Peak were seriously awesome.

9 days ago

Beautiful winter hike, gorgeous views of Longs Peak. Didn't need the snowshoes yesterday but was glad to have the microspikes. There are a couple areas of exposure just before the big snowfield traverse, probably better early with ice and microspikes than later with softer snow.

11 days ago

Great hike and it is difficult. Our feet and legs are killing us afterward, LOL! Pretty scenery and areas to cross water. Our dog got plenty of exercise needless to say.

11 days ago

Hiked on April 14th. Great hike! Definitely need micro-spikes. Really, really beautiful. The drop from the trail to Chasm Lake is actually pretty steep, which in the snow we decided to do anyways and just took some small boulder climbing. AMAZING views. The final few turns in the trail after the privy had some icy spots with steep drop offs but with the micro-spikes it wasn’t bad at all, just take it slow if it’s icy. It’s just so freaking beautiful. Start early in the morning. It gets icier and windier in the afternoon.

Nice hike. Did this last September. Definitely on the easier side of Moderate. Nice and shady for most of the hike. The dam is awesome and a great place for lunch. Some nice views along the way as well.

Beautiful rugged hike. You start out the first half mile or so on a service road but it’s going along side the St Vrain creek, so the scenery is still beautiful. Also I’d say the last 1.5 miles of the loop are coming back down the service road, but again, still feels plenty secluded. We went on a Wednesday and hardly ran into anyone else and parking was not an issue. Once you take the trail (it’s on the left off the service road) it is pretty steadily inclining for a while. Gorgeous views of Longs Peak at the pinnacle. Would definitely do again!

14 days ago

Really fun hike. Scaling the rock at the end is tough but well worth it

14 days ago

April 7th: Loved this hike! An inch or two of snow the night before made for beautiful sights. The sun busted out through the fog and melted all the snow for the hike back down. Like others have mentioned bring extra water, you will need it to stay hydrated. Also like others have mentioned it is tricky to stay on the trail towards the top.

Certainly a challenging hike that makes you want to hit up the Mish or Vern's afterward for a refuel. I was sore for three days after making it to the summit and back. (Round trip took 5 hours but at least an hour was spent at the top soaking up the sun and views.)

15 days ago

Hiked on 4/9. There was 2-3ft of fresh snow above tree line which made it very difficult to find the trail. Snow shoes are a must with all of the snow.

Loved the scenery on Sleepy Lion Trail! Make sure to turn left onto the trail off the main road. I accidentally made a left turn into Hall Ranch and turned my 5 mile hike into over 10 miles, but a lovely mistake! I saw over 20 deer close-up and a huge mountain peak before returning to Sleepy Lion Trail. Also saw eagles, wildflowers, and a rabbit. Finally hit the dam and took Hummingbird Switchback Trail up to Ralph Price Reservoir. Absolutely beautiful around 430pm! Took the road back to the car and enjoyed walking by the river.

Quick morning hike with lots to look at. Trail was essentially dry on 4/7/18 which is always a plus.

17 days ago

I missed out on Greyrock last year before our group started hiking 14ers so I wanted to get it in early this season. Beautiful Colorado day including the gale force winds we get this time of year. If you have a fear of dead trees falling on you don’t do this hike on a windy day. Lots of dead trees in the burned out areas. Was a little spooky! Friends had recommended taking the summit trail up and coming back on the meadow trail which is what I did. I have mixed feelings about the meadow trail. About a third of it is climbing which is discouraging when you take it back after summiting but the views are unique and of course there’s the meadow. If I do it again I will take the summit trail back. The climb to the summit is quite a challenge! Lots of scrambling and some rock climbing. This trail is rated difficult and it is all of that! Go for it! Enjoy!

Got to the lake right at daybreak and sat there listening to the ice melt under the surface. Was an awesome experience!

Great time with my new pup Misha, she did really well for her first time in the mountains!

1 month ago

Hiked today 3/25. Started early in the morning and was the first one to the lake. Only need microspikes, snowshoes are a bit much, at least until the next snowfall. I started at 6:00am and it was a bit windy. Made it past the snowfield with no problem thanks to the previous tracks......but coming back was a different story. I stayed at the lake for about 2 hours and that was enough time for the sun to soften the track on the snowfield. As I was coming back across I slid about a quarter of the way down and had to dig into the side of the snowfield to make my way back up. Be careful once the snow begins to melt it can be a bit treacherous. I would go as early as possible if the weather is warm, to make sure the snow stays solid.

Beautiful versatile trail. Took the left off to sleepy lion at the start, great elevation gain to look over the reservoir.
Came down to the reservoir and sat near the water for lunch.
One of my favorite hikes, was crowded but not terribly so.

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