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Always loved this trail give yourself a couple of hours to finish the whole thing and take it all in! well worth the drive ⛰


Loved the 360 view from the top!

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

8 days ago

Great hike! Did the entire trail plus added a bit extra on by going up the Weatherford trail a ways before turning back - would up a little over 12 miles round trip.My wife and I enjoyed all the new growth and wild flowers after a month of some monsoon rains.It was 68 degrees - perfect, wonderful getaway from the valley. Good workout hike too,

Great views, lots of pretty flowers and pines and some Aspen trees!

9 days ago

Amazing trail. Wonderful views. One of first times using the free app. It stopped recording somehow so not exactly how far i actually hiked. Preparing to go Havasupai - this trail has lots of ups and more ups! Good work out for me. Temp in low 80’s with overcast skies made it perfect !!!

One of my favorite hikes. So beautiful!

steep but worth the effort, beautiful views and forests. leave early to avoid monsoons

Was steered to this trail because Humphrey’s was closed and pleasantly surprised. Same distance and similar elevation change as Humphrey’s making it challenging without all the boulders, roots and other booby traps that can make Humphrey’s so tedious and treacherous at times. Definitely going back soon and would highly recommend. Great views too.

26 days ago

Loved it! Good parking lot. Only hiked 2 miles in and out as it started to get more difficult for our small pup. Beautiful scenery. Good tree coverage. Definitely will be back!!

A very well maintained trail with beautiful views. There were about a million flying ants at the tower which prevented me from exploring not up top. A little over nine miles and I was tired after I returned to the car. Fun hike

27 days ago

Took my dog here and overall it was a nice hike with plenty to see, we got to about the 7 mike mark after Sycamore Falls and got lost. The trail was clearly marked and I think because of the excess of water (due to rain) we got turned around. Luckily the road was only about 2 miles from us so we found our way back

Everything Lisa Abe wrote in her review is spot on. I went up the Abineau side and got stopped by monsoons about 2 miles in (and ~1150 ft up) but it had the beginnings of a great outing!

(Thanks for the extra help with the directions! I see 9213J clearly notated in the written directions “from Flagstaff” under this trail but I used the link to google maps and it does not get you all the way to the trailhead. Your notes were super helpful.)

Very nice views and trail was easy to follow; even in the rain.

trail running
1 month ago

I've lived in Flagstaff nearly my entire life and hadn't ever hiked KP. Due to recent forest closure, it was one of the only options. Loved the trail. It is well maintained and easy to follow. Great view at the top. Did it early in the morning and was never hit by the sun until the very top. Only a handful of people on the trail which surprised me because it was 4th of July. The trailhead was easy to find if even though it is 30-40 minute drive from town.

This hike is open now! I started at a quarter to 6 this morning and didn’t see a soul. I went up Abineau and down Bear Jaw. Since the trail just reopened they haven’t had time to clear up a few fallen trees. They are passable but take caution as you do. I’m glad I went the route I did but the views would’ve been better had I done it the reverse. I saw a ton of deer and even a 6 Point buck (I think that’s how you say it). Very neat! The drive in is fine on the dirt road (I have a low clearance vehicle) but gets dicey when you see the turn off to go onto 9123J. My gps wanted me to continue on 418 but there is a sign that clearly directs you to turn onto 9123J. There are some spots to park immediately on 9123J if you don’t feel like driving on the slightly hairier (big rocks and some puddles but nothing my car couldn’t clear) road but it’ll add about 1.5 miles (round trip). I loved the views here and was glad I went early as the monsoon clouds started rolling in as I was finishing around 9.

Fabulous! Even in the rain!

Great alternative to Humphreys which was closed at this particular time. Well marked trail. Can do this with sturdy tennis shoes. Very cool manned fire lookout station at the top and helo pad. Great view! Started early. Very sunny on way back down. Great hike!

The trail was closed

Tons of hikers as good alternative to Mt Humphreys that was closed due to fire restrictions. Views from top are great in all directions. Fire tower was manned and he gave great info on whole area. Constant up hill for entire hike.

Loved it. Trail is in great shape. Perfect grade to get the heart pumping. Wonderful 360 degree vista from the summit. Plus the nicest people for our fellow hikers. Glad we made the trip from Phoenix.

There aren’t many trails that I would jump on doing twice. This trail is one I would. It was beautiful from walking through the pines, hiking through different views of the nearby mountains, and roaming along the beautiful wild flowers. I really enjoyed this hike and was surprised that it wasn’t harder with the elevation that is gained. This one I mapped at 9.5 miles, taking me 4 hours and 20 minutes. I took 150 pictures in that time. I felt the top was nice but the saddle near the cabin was better. It is a bit windy at the top so make sure to have a proper jacket if the weather is cooler. The dirt road (7 miles) to drive to the trail head was well maintained and I had no issue with my low clearance vehicle. You certainly do not need a 4x4 to get to this one.

2 months ago

This is the worst trail I’ve ever hiked. If you like crowds of ppl every 5 minutes this is the trail for you. If you like solitude definitely go somewhere else!

2 months ago

Great hike.

Steady climb all the way up. Views from the top are beautiful!

Closed 5/27 due to fire risk

2 months ago

Awesome! Falls were dry but it was still beautiful and fun. :) The Pomeroy Tanks were gorgeous, walk further back to see water lilies and frogs.

Good steady climb mostly moderate grade the whole way up, great views from the summit. Perfect day hike or elevation training for humpreys etc. Well maintained trail.

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