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Very icy. Very very icy. We ran into hikers on there way down and they informed us it was icy all the way up. We kept moving forward but we came to a point where it was just constant ice, we weren’t getting much traction and we weren’t getting very far... so we sadly turned back. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks. It has great potential but the ice was out of control.

16 days ago

Plenty of snow on the way up to the falls. Even more on the way down the loop. Poles and spike were needed. Fun trail.

This was an amazing hike ! Had a little bit of everything you would want to see ... views of the river were so peaceful and the true reward was the falls

This was a great hike with a wonderful view when you get to the top. What a beautiful day to get out and see this today. We had our 7 and 8 yr old with us, they did great.

1 month ago

This is a perfect trail to get out on with family as it is an easier hike if you don't do the rock scramble! We went in January and there was a light dusting of snow and the falls were still flowing and looked quite magical. Lots of downed trees but trail is well maintained and most have been cleared from the trail. There are several small bridges to cross as well, the view of falls is through the low brush but you can rock scramble closer for better views. Trail head parking was clear but in the past few weeks it had been icy so be prepared with your vehicles in Winter.

I went to the Falls today. light snow here and there..beautiful hike ..falls are flowing good ..more snow at the falls...
wore 2 light layers of clothes..perfect day

this hike was kind of flat in some area. The falls were gorgeous to clim to.

2 months ago

The trail is in great shape, and it's not that steep. It is also accessible during the winter. The doggie and I thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

we took lost valley trail. lots of different trail systems. easy to find. easy to navigate. perfect bike/horse/hiking trails. only a slight uphill grade and great for kids of all ages. we did 8miles in 3hrs. not as challenging as we like but it was a nice walk in the woods with multiple water crossings. No place for discovery pass get one before you go out no cell service to buy it online. 1-12-18

This is actually called the lost valley trail

Loved this hike. I absolutely plan to go back again and make it an overnight trip. It is steep so do be prepared for a bit of a workout but my biggest was actually over packing with my camera gear and preparing for a classic Olympic Peninsula rain. But it did stay dry and gorgeous the whole trip. There is also the short rock area which I would describe as a basic bouldering section. Not technical just make sure to watch your footing. Also one other thing, i went in early Sept. and the entire hike is was pestered by bees. Not sure if anyone experienced this, and it was not swarms nor did i receive any stings or anything but there always seemed to be one or two always following me. This was during mid day almost since I stayed up at the north end of the park and got a late start to the day. All in all though, the end location was absolutely worth the effort. Gorgeous lake with a mountain back drop. Could even see as far as Mt Rainier at some points of the trail

3 months ago

I am planning to head up to Snoquera tomorrow..WTA posted the trail is closed?I couldn't find anything online with the forestry dept. But looking through theses reviews..a lot of people were disappointed in the falls. They are spectacular in late Spring..the huge drop and then water cascading over all of the rocks at bottom where the trail is!!
It is amazing!! Do not pass up these falls! Just have to hit them at the right time of year!

A must do! I’d do this one again and again. Just the right amount of switchbacks and amazing views! If you plan on completing the loop (i’d recommend for the full experience ) take water proof hiking boots or a change for after you cross the creek which is created by the plunge pool of snoquera falls.

3 months ago

Beautiful today on the trail. Only saw a few others. Great parking with bathroom. Trail in great shape and only a couple muddy places.

4 months ago

Great day for the trail. there ares a couple missing signs but just stay right when the trail split at about the 3 mile mark. The falls where going strong. Only a couple of other people out on the trail.

Very tough but very rewarding. Take Trek Poles for the way down.

5 months ago

Nice trail, some rocky parts, small waterfall & cliff @ highest point. Not crowded

Spent a night here. Wonderful hike, beautiful scenery, would do it again in a heartbeat. Come prepared for a good workout...steep, suffered from sore muscles days after and I am an experienced hiker.

I've been on a few steeper trails, but this one is right up there. The payoff vista at the lake is worth it. The headwall section is not very long and looks the worst just at the top. Height helps, but so does the rope someone hung there.

6 months ago

By far the hardest trail I've been on. The headwall scramble was the easiest part of it all. The last 300ft of climbing might as well have been Everest, I was so gassed by that point. Took about 3-4 hours to get to the top. Trekking poles would have been wonderful. The switchbacks climbing from the road intersection a mile up the trail to the headwall are comically short and steep.

Trail was cool until we encountered a swarm of bees. Happened about 1 mile in not too far after turning left onto McKenny trail. Everyone in our group was stung multiple times. Luckily no allergies. Not sure if it was a nest or what, took off quick back toward the car. Bee careful!

Trail is hard and keeps giving you more just when you think you have conquered it!! Fly fishing was great, and the trail gives you a unique look you cannot get anywhere else.

Love it!

6 months ago

wow this is one crazy trail but well worth the hike and fishing was decent. my friend and I decided to start hiking this was our first trip out. we definitely did not expect the trail to be that steep for what seemed like forever. we had approximately 40 pound packs stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. long hard trip but worth every minute the sceneary was amazing even met some great people along the trail.

Fantastic but fitness is a must.

the trail is actually called "lost valley". and u hike part of the Mckenny trail to make it a loop. good long hike.

I was going off the mileage (7.9) posted on this app, but I ended up walking 10.2 miles (adjusted for pre-hike walking). Not sure why there is such a huge difference. Other than that debacle, really good trail: I experienced all types of terrain though it was all in moderation. You should try this out if you are nearby.

Fun little hike, great parking, not a lot of people.......

Much harder than I expected. Be prepared for a very steep climb, but the views will make it all worth it. Even with a bit of smoke in the air from the fires I couldn't imagine better views. Chiming in with everyone else on here the hike is longer than it states above. We measured the length and for us it came out a little over 10 miles. Keep an eye out for mountain goats around the lake at the end. And last of all least go left after the first lake you see, not right.

We didn't make it to the Falls. The trails were poorly marked. A few spray painted arrows on the ground. We stayed to the left with the many trails along the way, crossed a small bridge, which then brought us to the river. It was a spectacular view with a small beach.

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