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20 hours ago

Hiked Painted Canyon and the Ladders Trail yesterday. The road signs say 4WD vehicles only, but we drove two 2WD vehicles (one small sedan and a mini van). The road was soft and sandy in a few spots, but we had no problem driving to the trail head. There were other 2WD cars parked at the trail head as well.

The ladders were all in excellent shape. Just one ladder had one broken rung. Thank you volunteer trails workers.

$12.50 worth it. Beautiful waterfalls. Clean trail. Light to moderate traffic.

You need to pay $12.50 to enter.

We are planning on going on MLK day and would like to know the condition of canyon Rd. Especially with the rain fall we received for the past few days. We planning on taking a 2WD. Thanks.

went here the other day when it was raining. The trail was in great condition given the weather. It was amazing to experience something you don't see much in Palm Springs. The rain, fog and storms out in the distance made the hike something special. Hike isn't hard at all and picture opportunities are great.

I hiked this once again on Wednesday January 16th, up to the five picnic tables,which is more than the official Museum trail loop, I had a total of 1.4 miles. Of the dozen or more trails I have done in the area, it is the steepest. I did not see anyone else using hiking poles, but I am 75 and would not want to try it without, especially coming down. I saw four bighorn sheep quite a ways below me and it looked like some other hikers were really close and the sheep acted curious. The view of Palm Springs is spectacular. You could easily loose the trail without the paint spots as there seem to be multiple choices in spots and in others you are rock hopping a little.

The ticket office says it’s 2 mile and 350 ft elevation. It is worth it and very pleasant. I carried my 32lb 2 year old. The waterfall is flowing with the rain.

Pretty, like a moon scape. Some flowers. beware it ends in a wash after a mini slot canyon...just ends.....

8 days ago

This hike was incredible. We had 4 wheel drive and had no problem getting down painted canyon road. All of the ladders we encountered were metal and pretty sturdy, except for the occasional broken rung. Definitely worth the climb for the amazing views.

Was on the trail yesterday and the road is in excellent condition. If you stay on the main road and don't go off onto the sandy off shoots on the road you will not need a 4 wheel drive. The trail is in excellent condition however none of the ladders are bolted down any longer so you may want to have fellow hikers hold the ladder steady as you ascend or descend. The ladder at mile 2 which is the last one before you emerge up from the lower canyon is in bad shape. One of the middle rungs has broken through and ladder is swaying sideways from metal fatigue. I suspect this will need to be replaced very soon other wise you will have to turn back as there is no way to circumnavigate this area. Once you emerge out of the canyon and descend into the lower wider canyon there are lots of flowers and great views of the massive canyon walls. On the last 2 down climb ladders the last ladder is in poor condition. The last 2 rungs are blown out and most of the other rungs look like they could go anytime. Proceed with caution on that one! other than that the trail is amazing and in good condition. Highly recommend!

Sandy actually pretty easy nice hike pretty quick to get around. Parking is a little tricky as it is so well traveled and adjoining another nearby trail.

A lot of flowers today! Extended it to the lookout on Herman’s Hike trail. Steep but nice trail.

Beautiful and unique hike. We are a four person family with two college age kids and it was fun for all. Slightly challenging in some parts but worth it for the views. Makes you feel like you are an explorer!

Hike was very nice !!!

hey john, box canyon is still closed and you will definitely need 4WD for painted canyon road (some parts are soft sand)

Tough first hike of the trip. Climb was pretty strenuous, scenery was beautiful. Do the hike in the morning before it gets too hot - very little shade if any.

Tough trail to follow in sections and steep in parts but fun with a beautiful view as a reward!

John, we will be there in two weeks with a rental car. Like you, hoping to hear of road conditions on Painted Canyon Road. Please update if you decide to go. Thanks!

17 days ago

1st half is not really a hike - almost more like an urban path. So many people - makes it unlikely to spot any kind of fauna. Waterfalls are nice but very crowded. Last part has interesting views of the river. Took us 2.5 hours round-trip including stops and 10-minute wait each way at the footbridge near the end.

17 days ago

A bit barren and slightly boring walk. Quite steep at the beginning and then loops around
It was a rainy day but still not very interesting although quite busy with walkers with their dogs

Beautiful hike.

Can anyone please provide road conditions??? I plan to visit the area Saturday, January 5th. Thanks much

on Museum Trail

20 days ago

Strenuous and a little difficult to find the trail among the rocks at the end but the views are great. No shade so go at a cool time. And be ready to scramble up and down boulders.

A beautiful area with diverse scenery. A great way to spend the afternoon.

Nice adventurous hike without being too difficult. Loved the slot canyon and variety of rocks.

Easy hiking with beautiful views!!

This is a very unique hike and one of the best. The view of the Salton Sea once you are up top is spectacular. The slot canyon, diversity of rock types and formations and views from the top made this hike a must do for us. We will do it again for sure.

We missed the stone arrow showing the way to do the loop clockwise so did it in reverse. The bolder scramble and entrance to the trail is relatively early on the trail. The arrow is very close to the left side - there is a small aluminum ladder to look for. The trail is very wide, so we didn’t see the arrow but going counterclockwise wasn’t bad at all. The main difference as far as I can tell is that you walk half the time at a slight incline in the sand. If you were to go clockwise, you would do most of the ladders and rocky ascent going up.

I would also like to thank the volunteers for their time and effort making sure the ladders are there so this hike is possible. All were in fine working condition. I didn’t see any wood ladders.

Very easy hike. Fun seeing the oasis and learning about the diversity of the desert.

Nice easy trail. No waterfall in December but was still beautiful.

25 days ago

We hiked the Ladder Canyon today, the ladders are all good. Then on to the cellphone towers at the top and down via Big Painted Canyon. Never have figured an easy route from the towers into the top of the Canyon. The two short ladders in the main Canyon are fine. Painted Canyon Road is fine. I wish I knew who put the ladders in so I could thank them but in this crazy age they probably will never come forward in case someone falls off and tried to sue ... that's America today. One of my favorite hikes anywhere.

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