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love this place!

A nice hike but the views we're nothing special this time of year. Only two short uphills, the rest is easy walking.

Beautiful waterfall and very nice ranger at the trailhead. Very easy hike for kids and pets!

Love this trail. It has become more popular lately and can be a bit crowded at times. Great for swimming!

3 days ago

Hiked this a few days ago it was beautiful. The waterfalls were peaceful. Rattlesnake Point was incredible, I’ll never forget that view. The beginning of the hike is a bit slow but well worth it.

Breathtaking views and great hiking! Love this park.

Had a blast on this trail. There are definitely spots when you have to take your time to watch your footing, but the experience was worth it!

I’ve hiked this from numerous trailheads. Thompson is the easiest. If you were on horse trails you started at Borden TR and took 224 Bunyan Hill which is hamstrings going north and a shin-breaker going south...or Thompson and took NW Road. You won’t see anything spectacular on those routes. The best route as far as waterfalls and ease is Sipsey TH past Parker Falls to Big Tree. It’s longer but has better views. Anyone who sets out to see the Big Tree on a day hike is either ill-informed or training for an Ironman. There are shortcuts but, unless you’ve been out there for years, best to stick to the marked trails.

12 days ago

We have done this trail several times. If you’re going for the waterfall, don’t go during a dry spell. We’ve been (recently) when the water was rushing out of the mountain, and we’ve been during a dry spell when it was just a trickle. The climb is a little rough but worth it.

Great short afternoon hike. The out is up and and good cardio. Waterfall very cool

12 days ago

Good short hike to get a decent climb. Its muddy between .25 Mile maker and .74 mile marker for about 300 meters at elevation 820'... once past that to the climb its rocky/bolders..at the top the sink/waterfall is gorgeous, especially after a rain so its flowing strong. If you got a sunny day after a rain, this is a good hike. Wear hiking shoes/boots you can traverse mud in. Along the start stretch which follows a draw is rocky creek, when you get done hiking stop back at the creek and you can rinse your boots off.

Love this trail just watch where you are going

Well marked trail with lots of View points. The waterfall was a nice bonus.

14 days ago

You couldn't have asked for a better day for a hike, mid 60s, sunny, and a gentle breeze. The trails were well marked. Bathrooms were clean and everything worked fine. Waterfall was beautiful.

rock climbing
14 days ago

A great hike, even better location.
And some nice V0-2 boulder problems off the main trail, if you're into that.

Busy, family fun day hike.

15 days ago

plenty of water running today, pleasant trail despite the mud coming in

16 days ago

I loved our camping spot, I loved the hike...I am rating it a 2 because the cost of the tour was too expensive for what it was. I would go back for just the hike.

Easy hike with a well maintained trail and some pretty neat suspension bridges that my nine year old loved. Falls was great. Also must say that the ranger station by the parking lot had very clean and well maintained bathrooms which I rarely ever find at parks.

Greeter falls was great. We hiked it with our 9 year old daughter and she loved it. It was slick in some parts with mud as we walked after a decent amount of rain. There is a narrow metal spiral staircase that can get wet with rain but it added to the adventure for our daughter. Loved this falls

Great trail! marked pretty much all the way through! Waterfall at the end!

Rainbow loop trail is poorly marked.

One of my favorite places.

Great trail, clean, with beautiful falls. The blue hole is nice and past Greeter there is another falls cal led Boardtree that is beautiful as well.

28 days ago

Great walk, good variety of terrain.

1 month ago

I loved this trail! It was towards the end of the summer when I went, so the shade of the trees was wonderful. The hardest part was climbing over the rocks to get to the tree.

1 month ago

Easy hike with neat brides to get you over the water flow. The waterfall is breathtaking!

Length of the entire trail (there and back) is about three miles.

Nice trail that winds through a few different types of forest. Some parts have been heavily hit by pine beetles.

The trail widens out under a grove of hemlock. Very pretty with ample shade. The creek is clear with a sandy bottom. Good for wading.

The path leading down to the falls is hidden. Head to the right along the top of the cliff. It's just below the edge. Very narrow.

Once you're down there, you can walk under the falls themselves. My four girls really got a kick out of this one. :)

Dismals Canyon is not open year around as stated on this ap. It’s closed from December through February

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