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Scenic, fairly easy with a few hills.

Easy walk, unfortunately park Pitch Pines devastated by bark beetles. North side of Veterans Highway offers nicer trails including a section of Greenbelt that is nicely laid out up to Lakeland County Park. Lots of ticks in warmer weather, treated clothing and gaiters recommended.

1 month ago

Fun trail. Lots of variety in scenery. You go from fields, to forest like, to a swamp, back to forest then to cliffs overlooking the Sound. Took the kiddos and they loved it. The hilly part is fun to explore as it is the remnants of the Ice Age glaciers. Beautifully straight Tulip Tree, too. Take the map along with you and you won't get lost. I had my 13 year old navigating. No issues. You can go completely right around the swamp or straight past it, keeping it on your left, and head to the bluffs. Then you can also explore the hilly south side of the swamp and detour back to the parking area. The parking is the worst of it all. We had to wait for someone to return from the hike to get a spot. Only parking for six cars, but we squeezed in seven. I can't imagine trying to get a spot on the nice spring and summer days. It is one we'd like to explore in each season.

Nice place to visit. Lots of trails, reportedly a lot of wildlife (the group I went with was likely too large and loud and scared them off). Trails are wide, appear to be pretty well marked (from parking lot to Bunce's Bridge). Despite recent rains, trails were pretty good. Pretty flat, so good for beginners. Will go back in other seasons and with fewer people. Shared with equestrians.

great trail took 16 yr old and 13 yr old they were tired but finished and had fun

mountain biking
1 month ago

Out for a quick ride yesterday. Trails were in great condition. Good workout!

nice easy walk but check your dog for ticks asap. just got home and pulled 4 ticks off if it. not fun..

1 month ago

Getting to the Preserve was pretty easy, I followed my navigating app on my phone.

The paths--and there are many--are pretty easy to identify. And there are markers, only the numbered/lettered ones are found on the map distributed at the Nature Center, making the map less helpful than I would have liked (which is why I gave it 4 stars and not 5). Bring a good sense of direction...and a compass!

The walk/paths themselves are an interesting mix--there are a variety of environments to explore--wetland, forest, field, kame; terrain varies as well--dirt (today mud), grass, gravel, sand. Mud made the trail a little slippery at times, but this was otherwise a pretty easy hike. Nothing too steep. I met a few (very few) people on the trails; saw horseshoe prints in the mud, but no equestrians.

I couldn't stay, as there was a threat of inclement weather, but I will be back! Expect the place will be teeming with wildlife activity in the spring.

Really nice easy peaceful trail!!

1 month ago

Perfect distance for a short afternoon hike. We did get lost however and it took us about 10-15 min to find the way back to the trail. Not well marked at some places and intersects with other trails.

Very scenic. Good for a nice stroll so nothing serious. However, parking is limited and the trails are confusing.

Parked on Sweet Hollow Rd . Walked west side first . Rolling hills and main trail easy to follow . Wide enough for a vehicle .
East side has much more elevation still same wide trails . There are some off shoot trails that fine to hike are not really well marked . Overall a nice walk .

Hiking, was looking for a trail with some nice elevation changes. Good work out for a 76 year old. First hill about 1/4 mile from start is an ass kicker, good time. Ill be back, prepping for a September hike fir 4 days in the Grand canyon with my granddaughter. Plenty of time to get in shape.

I do this trail once a week and it rarely disappoints

2 months ago

Could be good.

Just finding the starting point was a pain. Waze and google maps took me to the wrong part of the park. Had to use AllTrails to find where to go. Once we finally found the parking lot (near big dog park, not the little one) I couldn't find starting point of the trail. No noticeable signs. Had to ask around. Then the trails are all over the place so we too some wrong turns and did circles. Had to use AllTrails map to stay on track.

Seems like if you know where to go and if the trails are clear it's good. Otherwise I'd recommend finding a different trail. Wasted a lot of time figuring out where to go.

A fun, flat walk along a wooden pathway. Really beautiful! Cattails, trees, small streams, and we saw deer and mallards.

2 months ago

Trail markings could have been better.

Very nice place for a quiet walk through woods and along beach

Relaxing hike.trails were clearly marked. saw a few birds, unfortunately the pond was still frozen so that limited the amount of ducks to see. definitely will go back .

3 months ago

Family and I had the preserve for ourselves as we hiked in the cold weather. We had a blast exploring the ruins. Place is dog friendly when not crowded ;0)

I only visited once. We came here as we so often go to Avalon which is closer and we’re looking for a change. We went when there was a lot of snow on the ground and people were cross country skiing and this park seems better for that then hiking. My kids and I did the red trail to yellow trail around the lake. The views of the lake were pretty especially in the snow. The bridges and little streams up by the hatchery were also neat. The trail itself was a little bland no elevation changes.

Went for the 6.6 with a weighted rucksack. Great trail

nice trail all year round. easy walking.

Great, comfortable hike. Quiet and scenic.

Nice for a leisurely stroll.

I really enjoyed this trail today. In my opinion if you want to go all the way around the lake the blazes are easier to follow if you go clockwise. That is the direction I went today and had no problems at all. The last time here I went counter-clockwise and had a bit of trouble

This is a nice hike that leads to some views of the water. Pretty good distance and great for all ages. It’s also lovely in the summer months.

I’ve done Blydenburgh probably about 2-3 Times. It’s a light hike. Relatively easy. Very nice in the summer months. But great all year round.

I’ve gone back to this trail quite a few times. Its pretty easy and fun to hike in the summer and autumn months. The fall colors are lovely if you get out there around that time.

4 months ago

nice easy warm up hiking trail

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