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17 days ago

A little muddy from all the rain but still a lovely hike

This trail is in Black Rock Mountain State Park, which is closed Dec 18-March 15. Check https://gastateparks.org/BlackRockMountain for status. No parking along road outside of park, and other access appeared to require driving on private roads. Will have to come back!

24 days ago

First off, this is moderate at best. There is a steep stretch at the end to get down to the water, but it isn't Hard. I would reserve Hard for extremely vertical peaks with precarious footing. Most of this hike is a quiet stroll. When the wide path ends, it's a bit tricky to find the narrow footpath (to the right), so be aware.

As previously stated, the last 100 yards or so is pretty vertical. Probably all 610 feet, so be ready and wear proper shoes. The view of the falls and river are awesome! The falls are a lot larger than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise. It also looks like a great floating river!

Video Review of Falls: https://youtu.be/axsM8QhN5CY

Enjoyable afternoon hike with the dogs, love the memorial bridge at the far end.

So happy I read the previous reviews I also began the trail counter clockwise! Beautiful views from the top!

1 month ago

The trail was kind of a challenge, still really fun and a good hike!

Went clockwise doing the initial incline first. Great views!

Great trail that is not nearly as popular as it should be. There are two short spurs that go around the lake and to an overlook. These are not marked as clearly as they could be, so it would be worthwhile to download the map or pick one up from the park office before leaving.

Apart from the overlook, most of the trail is through the forest without much in the way of views, but the trail is still beautiful, with many picturesque streams and rivers. For the most part the trail was very well maintained, but some did portions require a little bit of care. There were two difficult climbs of about a mile each.

2 months ago

My wife and I did this loop on November 3. Plenty of water sources were available along the trail. I found it to be moderate, with one or two short, strenuous sections. Decent amount of other hikers on the trial - lots at the visitor’s center and picnic area.
Spent the night at the Fern Cove backcountry site. Close to water, but the ground was all slightly sloped for a tent. Had a firepit available.

We did the western fork and it was definitely a challenge from the lake to Lookout Point. The lake should be a definite side Trail for you to explore you get to walk completely around the lake.

This trail was definitely the most challenging I have done. It was scenic and lightly traveled but much more difficult than expected—lots of challenging uphill portions. It appears that the trail is actually more like 9 miles, which for us included a short detour to the lake and then another to the overlook. Overall, I’m proud of myself for accomplishing this, but note that it might take longer than other people mentioned. Also, I live somewhere with no elevation so am not used to this type of terrain.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes!! Bring a lunch and enjoy the beautiful view!!

One hell of a trail. I took the east loop to the lookout and the west back to the trailhead. Both ways are difficult, but judging from the descent, the west loop is definitely a more difficult climb. Plenty of water sources on both sides if you carry a filter. The overlook had a tremendous view, pay no mind to negative reviews about the payoff. I rested my feet on the warm rock and just stared into forever. The waterfall at the end of the west loop was very refreshing for my aching feet after that steep descent. If you're trying to get/stay in shape for hiking the AT like I am, this is a good one to test your mettle on. Happy Hiking!

3 months ago

Rating it as 4 star, not so superb view from look off mountain overlook due to the tall trees which were blocking the view but this is great hike for work out. We hiked blood mountain, freeman loop and mount Yonah but I will rate this one as most difficult among them as there were random ascent and descent throughout the trail and its core dense jungle. We ( me and my wife ) took almost 4 hours to complete the loop but its worth visit.

Complete Trail is marked with orange marks to help you not get lost in the jungle. There is beautiful lake ( don’t miss that part if you wanna have a great shoot for land, water and sun) slightly deroute from the trail (0.85 mile loop).

Keep climbing, Keep Hiking !!! Cheers

3 months ago

This was a beautiful hike! I definitely would not rate this as hard - more like moderate. The only difficult part was heading back up from the river. The waterfall and river are totally worth this short steep section. Otherwise very easy trail that makes for a nice afternoon hike!

Good, short trail with a beautiful view at the top! Not too difficult, but don’t try it in tennis shoes.

Very nice trail. If, however, you are like me and not in the best shape the final mile and a half will kick your butt!

trail running
3 months ago

A nice do-able but challenging trail run. Single track, footing can be tricky at times with lots of exposed roots. Beautiful trial

3 months ago


3 months ago

Enjoy walking this trail always clean and people friendly Good place for fast walk near home Me and my wife enjoy time we spend together there

3 months ago

Loved it!

My 11 year old son and I completed this trail yesterday. We are both in good shape, and we made it fine. Beautiful views at the top, and it was marked extremely well. There were many trees down blocking some of the ways, but we managed to crawl thru or navigate around. I will do it again some day!

3 months ago

Great trail, but watch for the turns. It is largely unmarked. There is a large stone arrow on the ground at one junction that directs you the correct way. As previously reviewed, the last bit of the trail leading to the Chattooga River is STEEP! The views of the falls and the river make the climb worth it.

The marked trail is between 5.8 and 6.3 miles (my wife and I both used GPS and they disagreed). It is 7.4 if you add an extra loop around the lake and hike out to the lookout mountain campsite, both of which are not on the main trail.

The trail itself is very well marked and there were only a few blowdowns. It's a relatively clear hike, and took us just under 3 hours to complete. The total elevation gain was around 1900 feet which isn't bad.

I would say it was a decent workout but too short to really be considered "difficult"

I would recommend this trail for fit to moderately fit people looking for a workout and some pretty scenery. Take 2-3L of water and a snack and this is a few hours of walking. Trekking poles are recommended to save your knees on all the downhill.

The best view is from the parking lot up at the visitors center though.

3 months ago

Absolutely breath taking hike! We did the trail counter-clockwise and we were glad, because it’s true that if you were to do it clockwise you’d hit a series of inclines straight up. Also, you’re saving the wonderful views from the overlook for the end of the hike if you go counter clockwise. There were still some areas of incline, but it wasn’t anything too crazy!

on Tennessee Rock Trail

3 months ago

Short hike. Steep but doable. Shady and views are breathtaking.

We just hiked to the falls which was an easy in and out hike and not too far. Pretty falls, great way to cool off with the family!

4 months ago

Great short hike. We went early and didn’t see another person the entire time. Nice views.

I have to be honest, when I read the review of the other Poster about the Gnats I laughed. I went out there today and experience them it was kind of annoying. The trail is not very attractive and the wooded area surrounding most of the trail that I saw was somewhat barren. you can see that there was a controlled burn done out there not long ago so there is not as much plant life is there would have been otherwise. If you are just looking to get away from stress or activity, this may be a good option for you. However if you're looking for beautiful scenery I would do not recommend this particular Trail.

One of my favorite short hikes. Beautiful wild flowers and grand views at the rock outcropping.

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