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1 day ago

Nice moderate trail, I wouldn't categorize it as hard. Amazing views at the end. In the summer it's a great 3 hour return hike, in the winter it's an even easier 3 hour return snowshoe trail.
Highly recommended.. here is a video of our snowshoeing trip earlier this year: https://youtu.be/7FVLNTGHriw

Did hike today.. nice beautiful hike... fantastic view..

Did the grind then this trail. Had difficulty finding the ridge trail after the summit but the summit was beautiful. Great view! On the trail, bugs we're only bad if you stopped. None at the summit.

Moderate trail mostly made challenging because there are a lot of roots and rocks so you have to watch your footing. Lovely waterfalls. Was nice to do on a hot day as the forest is nice and cool.

really nice forest with huge wonderfull trees and the waterfall at the end is amazing!

Great trail, just be sure to follow the orange squares/diamonds. There is one steep part where there is a rope to assist you in descending and ascending, but it is very short (about 5 meters). The falls are beautiful and it’s not as busy as other trails.

It was easy to hike but the view is stunning ..There are lots of roots just be careful. Some trees have no orange sign and confusing.

on Dog Mountain Trail

23 days ago

Did this hike with my son during early summer. Lots of blood thirsty black flies and mosquitoes. Be sure to have good hiking boots as trail is mostly tree roots, rocks, mud, uneven terrain and some snow. But, the reward is the view at the end. Did this in approximately 4 hours including rests and time spent at the viewpoint. If your planning to bring your pet, expect the feet of your dog to be muddy after this hike.
And, watch your every step as a twisted ankle will ruin your day.

26 days ago

Mostly dry by now, there is some construction between the trail head and the lake. Watch for your steps, as there are a lot of roots. Bugs can be annoying, bring some spray, The view at the end is spectacular. Great for kids.

28 days ago

A lot of elevation and scrambling after the junction with the lower Norvan Falls Trail, with incredible panoramic views at the summit. My recording was 25 km and 1339 m elevation gain. Plan for 10 hours if you want to enjoy the views and visit the lake. Bring more water and food than you think you need and while I normally don’t use them I found hiking poles useful for steep areas.

I did this hike in December with a friend. It was pitch dark for a few hours in the early morning. The scenery is stunning. Many streams to cross. Easy to get lost, I would not recommend doing it on your own unless you are very experienced. A headlamp really helped to spot the distant trail markers; their reflection saved us a few times! A very rewarding trek.

Amazing trail for both snowshoeing & hiking! Great for solo hikers!

1 month ago

Loved it but was much farther than it says on here. We did have to park at the second parking lot which added a bit but it was 13.2 to get to the peak totalling close at 27km not the above quoted 18.9 - there were 6 of us that were all tracking.

beautiful view once you are on the top of the mountain, however this hike was a lot harder than we expected.
from beginning of the trail to the top is definitely longer than posted here. roughly 25km round trip including a small detour to the Norvan fall (very worth it!). Make sure you pack lots of water as it's a very long hike.

1 month ago

Did the grind first and then proceeded to do goat mountain. I found the directions on here a bit misleading. Finding the trail head was the hardest part for me but there were no bugs, hardly any snow and it was a beautiful day! I was cautioned not to do this alone but I did it during the day and there were about 12-15 people I passed along the way. I felt very safe and comfortable. Also it says it’s 8.1 miles on this site but is much less...5km I think. I did the grind and goat mountain with a long stop at the top and it took me 3 hours. Great views. I recommend this!

Good hike. Pretty easy. We took a detour which made it longer and a tad harder. The view is good from the top.

the hike was 30km out and back from the parking lot not the stated 19km. Very difficult. bring lots of water and Gatorade and fuel snacks. took 6 girls 10 hrs

View is spectacular! The trail is not so clean with wet mud and big roots but with the challenge comes the reward. I

1 month ago

July 12

I consider myself an intermediate biker and this was quite challenging for me. I’m on the smaller side at 5’ so one regular step for you might be two for me. Anyways this hike took me about four hours with plenty of breaks in between and 20 min at the top. Panoramic views are amazing and visibility was great today.

There were quite a bit of bugs so you’ll be happy to bring some repellent with you. Saw rangers putting up trail signs today. Still a lot of patches of snow. Some slushy some hard packed. Slid down some slopes instead of actual walking. You can hear the snow melting. Hiking boots will be nice if you don’t want your feet wet.

The last section that requires chains and ropes. The ropes look a bit sketchy and on the thin side. I was a little weary about one that was tied off to a branch that had some sway when pulled on but I wish they had something sturdier. Steep climb. Very dangerous to lose your footing there.

Very worth it for the views. Gorgeous. Quiet.
Next time I’ll be bringing poles. :)

1 month ago

Definitely get ready for an incredible hike. The mud made it so much fun. Watch the roots, but I would do this hike over and over. We took the dog and he loved it even on the leash. The shade, the views, the weather made this one of my favorite hikes. Not very busy on a Wednesday morning. Even the drive up was pretty.

Bring bug spray!!

amazing views

The views along the ridge are truly spectacular and well worth the substantial amount of work you have to put in to see them. My hike stats after completing this trail were 15km and 1250M of total elevation gain which varies slightly from the posted ones on this app.
It took me 5 hours round trip, about 3hours to Lindsey Lake and then 2 hours down. The first 1km is a nice warm up from the parking lot but once you turn on to the main trail you are in for 2.5-3kms of relentlessly steady climbing. A manageable grade but very little level relief to catch your breath. Once you reach the point where you have to choose which way to go you’ve done about 80% of your elevation gain. I chose to go left at the junction and see the viewpoints on the west side of Eagle Mountain first, high above Buntzen Lake. There are multiple view points as you traverse the ridge. Once you reach Lindsey Lake the trail turns to the backside of the mountain where you are treated to multiple small lakes (more like ponds). The last bit of the snow is melting and there was a lot of standing water on this part of the trail but it was easy to navigate around it. The trail is very well marked. Any time I felt like I wasn’t sure which way to go there were markers to keep me headed in the right direction. The climb down was almost as hard as the way up only with different muscles. Take it slow and preserve your knees! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It was the longest hike with the most elevation gain I’ve done to date. It was a heck of a workout but even with the sore muscle two days later I still think it was totally worth it!

1 month ago

A very rewarding hike. The trail is still very muddy, with snow still covering a decent sized section of the trail. Wear appropriate footwear! The trail is quite rocky, and covered in roots, so watch your step! The view at the top is stunning, and defiantly worth the hike!

1 month ago

Great hike. Did it today. Not much to add only that when we got out of car at the parking lot, we were attacked by a tons of tiny flies. Thought they might be mosquitoes at first but fortunately not. Don’t let it deter you as once we passed the info shed to start the hike, they all dissipated..

Great trail which leads to enjoyable freshness of the waterfall. Started on Sunday June 24, 2018 at 10:30 am with friends from work and completed in 4 hours. The parking lot at the trailhead was full, so had to park downhill on a street which added 15-20 min to the hike. Got reasonably tired, but not exhausted. Great exercise!

I went mid week and it was quiet and peaceful. A good length if you’re wanting a nice day hike close to Vancouver. Easy to access via public transit. No great views, until the very end when you reach Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.

1 month ago

We walked Dog Mountain today. There was a bit of snow at some places and a bit cloudy. When we got to the top we had a view. It was a nice day.

We went this morning. I recommend grippy shoes that you’re not afraid to get dirty, nice and muddy!

This trail is not as strenuous as the Grouse Grind nor Stawamus Chief but it was more exhausting, especially on the hamstrings and feet. The payoff at the end is the gorgeous falls, which, when you get there, is the perfect place and time to eat a snack.

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