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9 days ago

We went snowshoeing to Eagle Ridge this Sunday. There's no need of snowshoes till the first Poytrichum Lookout. We've put snowshoes on 500m after that. From El Paso further snowshoes are absolute necessity, snow is up to your crotch in some stretches. We made it to Barton Point in about 2.5 hours, spend an hour sunbathing and soaking in the gorgeous views, saw couple of eagles as well. Way down was faster, but painful. The trail was not super busy, pretty peaceful actually. Get up early if you are tough enough to do the whole loop in the winter. Keep in mind that the gate closes at 7pm.

Snowy, slushy, hail-riddled day hiking this trail. Totally got lost around Powerline Trail and a few other spots. Really a very nice trail, but best done when there isn't snow as some of the hike can be quite treacherous.

I wasn't prepared for this since I caught snow at the top but I had my ice trackers to throw on my runners( something I like to keep in my back pocket for any mountains) ...and I brought my little out door cooking set and heated up soup and pulled out some home made bread ..... it was extremely windy up there( still mastering outside cooking though ) I would do it again in a heart breat though.

Great fall hike. Difficult sections and decent but well worth it. Very heavily marked.

Great trail and the view from the lookout is super. Only did to the lookout and back, and was still a moderate challenge with plenty of uphill and stairs.

6 months ago

Very nice view at the top, but super long and difficult hike. Not a lot to see on the way up. Gate closes at 9pm sharp. This hike took a lot longer than I expected. Glad I did it, but won't be rushing back here anytime soon.

was great hiking today!!! easy course and nice view

6 months ago

I did this as a day hike on Aug 19th, 2017. We parked at the Lower Seymour Conservative Reserve and hiked into Lynn Headwaters park as the access road has been closed since 2016. It took us 9 and a half hours in total, with a 20 minute lunch break and a few short snack breaks on the way up. The hike itself was fantastic, especially once we were on the coliseum trail. In total, we saw 6 other people over the course of 6 hours, so it feels really remote. It makes for a very long day hike, so I'd recommend an early start if you are planning it. The views are pretty tame until you get into the alpine, where it opens up into a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding mountains. Nothing too technical, just quite steep for a long time and a lot of walking for one day. Definitely recommend this one!

7 months ago

Perfect conditions!
Flies are still around but tolerable

7 months ago

first time on this trail today, was fun. It's reasonably well groomed for 90% of it until the split for the lower falls trail. The bulk of the elevation starts at that point with loose gravel and uneven terrain. I'd suggest proper footwear. My Merrell Moab shoes felt a bit inadequate both ankle support wise and sole hardness wise. I'd say easy up to the fork and then lightly moderate perhaps.

Fun intermediate hiking. Good for beginners but have the app as it's relatively easy to get lost and end up on other trails

Just did it yesterday. hiking from Quarry Rocky to Grouse mountain. It was great hike.

8 months ago

Attempted it today, July 11 - still lots of snow on the trail - which is breaking apart, collapsing, icy in places, you find yourself pegging through to mid-thigh at times. Lots and lots of bugs. We were not having fun - turned around after 3km or so

8 months ago

Hiked it early July yet there was still a lot of snow once we got above grouse. Had to pay very close attention to keep on trail and there were several sketchy parts due to the snow. Despite all that it was a nice hike worth the effort.

We started at near Blueridge Park and went to Deep Cove

Nice trail - although quite confusing with all the intersecting trails - ended up on Bridle somehow. There are orange tags of a different sort in this area as well so you kinda have to pay attention.

The trees are so dense in some areas, that they actually acts as a sort of umbrella when it rains but it also gets pretty cold in the trees so bring some layers and a raincoat for spring trekking.

If you're hiking in this area keep an ear out for mountain bikers. They were all quite nice but can be a little startling sometimes.

Best thing about hiking this trail is the Honey's doughnuts at the end. Burn those calories hiking to eat them in four bites of deliciousness. So goood

10 months ago

Nice trail. It's easy to moderate. There is a nice view of river. It's possible Cross the river and comeback using east canyon trail.

11 months ago

Such beautiful views nice a quiet on trails early morning

Great leisurely hike. Weather condition were good. Not too muddy.

A nice walk in the trees with unfortunately many downed trees and damage from recent storms. Nice but crowded views from Quarry Rock.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gorgeous views

Monday, August 08, 2016


on Coliseum Mountain

Sunday, July 31, 2016

gps trail is incomplete and lacks the last kilometer to summit - no clear markers, be prepared. btw gate is open 7am-9pm

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

September 05, 2015. Started at 7:15AM (Had to park outside the gate as it doesn't open until 9:00AM). 6.5hrs up and 4.5hrs down. A little cloudy and windy at the top but well worth it.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is a moderate not an easy summer hike in my estimation. Please note it can be very dangerous and should be avoided when the trail is closed when there is snow on the mountain. There has been 2 deaths related to slips and falls by snowshoers in the past decade.
Doug, North Shore Rescue

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sunday, October 04, 2015


Saturday, August 08, 2015

Quite challenging. Took us 9-10 hours from the far parking lot. There was a glacier lake at the top to fill up on water (borrowed someone's filter) otherwise 3L went fast.

Friday, June 19, 2015

I did not find this trail to difficult...It is in summer shape; dry and lots of green. The trail can be a bit hard to see at some parts once you get over the top of Dam Mountain...Be careful. I noticed a number of offshoots that led no where. Try to avoid following these as all you will do is contribute to the off trail damage.
I hiked to Goat Mountain via Dam Mountain. Dam Mountain itself is awesome enough. I could have easily stopped here and been satisfied.
I did continue over the top of Dam Mountain and on to Goat Mountain. The trail narrowed at times with lot's of over growth. Steep drops along the way as well as nice clear open stops to take a few minutes to enjoy the quite.
On the return I took the easier but more open Alpine Trail. I suggest this on the way down.

This trail is amazing not only for its great views but it's proximity to civilization. You will always be in ear shot of the Grouse Mountain Lumberjack show and the zip lines. However, as close to civilization it appears you are on the very of edge of the deep wilderness.

Enjoy. Be safe. Be prepared. Be out there.

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Challenging if you do the Grouse Grind first followed by Dam and then Goat Mtn. Great way to back 3 peaks in one day. Bring water and use easier Alpine trail back to Grouse chalet.

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