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I wouldn't say this is an easy hike but if you are contemplating whether you should do this or not due to all the people saying it's hard, just go do it man.

My buddie and I got to the top in 3hr and down in 1.5hr. What more do I have to say?

Great day of hiking celebrating another friend hitting “Mile 60 on the trail of Life!” Our first time hiking Mt Diablo- tips: Check weather before you go- we layered up and glad we did as the wind was in full force as we approached the Summit - go CLOCKWISE when making this hike, the fire road is much easier coming down ( not near as pretty- but easier) plan on 8 hours. Including a couple “snack and map” breaks, pictures and lunch it took us 7 hours 41 minutes. Challenging however doable.. We used hiking poles and found them beneficial. BEAUTIFUL NATURE at every turn!

Excellent hike for spring season. Perfect weather with breathtaking views. Hike is long but not super hard.
Loved it!!

great trail. beautiful views, good elevation gain, amazing wild flower scents in spring.

1 month ago

Hard trail. Great views. But hard for novices. Doable if you hike it early.

Second half of two day overnighter. Incredible mountain. Challenging and Beautiful.

Day one hike to the summit overnight backpacking

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of wildlife, and the only other people I saw on the trail were at the peak coming from the other side. Entry gate was free today (weekdays?) so no attendant, but I lucked out and caught a ranger as he was leaving who was happy to help me out with the wilderness permit. The trail is pretty well maintained and despite the recent rains, I had minimal issues with mud. The fog was still lifting when i reached the top, so the view was a nice hybrid of landscape and mist.

Amazing trail, and do walk the trail clockwise! Also, remember to bring cash for the $6 parking fee. They require you to put exactly $6 cash into a envelope.

2 months ago

Did this hike today. Yes, it's hard. It's also super worth it! The views are amazing. In fact today we were above the clouds and it was gorgeous. Will do it again. It took me 4 hours to complete but no doubt a more accomplished hiker could do it in less.

Awesome trail! Beautiful scenery, and great views from the top. Trail signs are bit confusing so read them closely.

Very hard hike. Do it only if you are in very good shape.
Doing the loop clockwise is the way to go.

Hike up to the summit then ran back down on thanksgiving morning. One of the best holidays I can remember!

Figure Eight Loop to the Summit and back. Excellent hike. Highly recommended!

Hiked it on Sat. Awesome hike. I was glad I read on a review here to go in clockwise direction. Only way to go, get the steep rocky single track done then have a mellow hike back on the fire roads. I’d have not enjoyed coming back down the rocky single track.
Was impressed by the diverse ecosystems on the mountain. Stop by the visitors center at trailhead and pick up free printed directions. I also bought the Hikers Guide book which was put together by volunteers who have extensive experience on the mountain. I’m excited to see how many hikes and trails there are at Diablo.
My only gripe is the parking lot doesn’t open till 8:00 which is a late start for long hikes.
Next time maybe the Five Peaks Trek. 14.5 miles, 6280 cumulative climb. Page 36 in guide book.

Steep and rocky in places, with long tunnels of chaparral to boot, but absolutely gorgeous views emerge to reward you.

Was a great hike! But, the next time I will start earlier (started around noon this time). The kind volunteer at the visitor center warned me that I would be cutting it very close as sunset was 6:54 PM today (they have sunset info at the visitors center too, super helpful).
My climb on the Meridian Ridge got really tough, and had it not been for Brigitte and Chris (strangers, and fellow hikers who motivated me to continue) I may have quit amd turned back! Thanks guys!! Happy Anniversary again! :)
I finished at 7:52 after pretty much jogging the last 3.67 mi on Mitchell Canyon Road. It was way past sunset, but it was a starry night and I could see enough to find my way back. So, it wasn't too bad even though my powerbank/flash light gave out on me! I ran into a group of Boy Scouts from Walnut Creek who graciously lit up my way for the last 1/2 mile! Thank you Boy Scouts!!
Lessons learned - Start early! It's no fun hurrying down Deer Flat Road and Mitchell Canyon Road when you are exhausted! Even though the roads are as flat and stable underfoot as unpaved, fire roads can get.
Budget a lot of time for Back Creek Trail, even though it is very arduous, it has amazing views! So give yourself time to relax and take it all in.
There is a lot of Poison Oak on this trail, stay away! Brigitte educated me that the easiest way to recognize this plant is their leaves are in clusters of three and that they are one of the first to turn color (green to red) in fall. Every Poison Oak plant I saw had bright red leaves.
I didn't especially enjoy hiking alone, so bring a buddy along!
The Visitors Center up at the Summit closes at 4 PM. Get there before then of you are planning to buy a snack there.
Though they have restrooms at the Summit, and they are fairly clean, I think the restrooms at Juniper Campgrounds are cleaner and better, so you may want to use those.
Lastly, enjoy your time on the mountain! This was my first experience of hiking Mt. Diablo, and I have done only 2 hikes over 10 miles in the past, so this one was one tough mudder for me, but I am stoked that I persisted and got to the Summit, the sense of accomplishment you feel when you get back in the car is indescribable!

Portions of this trail are *very* steep. Who needs switchbacks anyways, right? But hey, you can buy cold drinks and snacks halfway through at the summit. Went clockwise - second half after Diablo summit is almost entirely on a fire road. Fun one! Great for backpacking training. Would not recommend for trail running due to the nature of the first half of the trail.

This was a brutal 6.5 hour hike, but totally worth the challenge. I'd recommend this route which I've tried yesterday when it was around 70-80 degrees and will try again (not recommended for ultra novice hikers, however, due to the steep/narrow/long trails):

Start from Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center --> Back Creek Trail --> Bald Ridge Trail (very narrow/steep path filled w/ poison oak) --> North Peak Trail --Summit Trail (top) --> (descending) Juniper Trail --> Deer Flat Road (immediately after the juniper camping ground) --> Mitchell Canyon Road.

Make sure to grab a free map of the trails at the Visitor Center before starting. There are many intersecting trails and it would be quite difficult without a map.

4 of us hiked it today including my 13 yr old son. 3 hr hike up got a lift down. 7.3 miles was a huge accomplishment, very proud of him.

I completed the summit hikes yesterday. It was below 80 degree and the weather was perfect for hiking. I went up on Back Creek Trail, which is a strenuous steep ascend. But the trail is pretty well maintained and easy to negotiate, comparing to Eagle Peak Trail. And the trail continued to Bald Ridge Trail and Summit Trail. The view at the summit was excellent. It was a bit crowded at the main parking lot. I went to the other side of the summit where there are plenty of picnic tables and a clean restroom with hardly any people. That is the perfect place for a picnic after the thigh busting hike.

I took the Juniper Trail, Deer Flat Creek Road and Mitchell Canyon Road back to the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center. This is an easier route as it is fire road most of the way, and it is wide, smooth and not as steep. As a bonus, I saw two tarantulas along the way less than a mile from the Visitor Center.

This is one of the toughest hikes I've ever done. It's definitely worth it.

The hike is amazing but very exhausting. The feeling of having conquered the summit feels amazing. On the way down, mitchell creek is a gorgeous place to sit on a bench and do nothing but relax.

Let be break it up based on experience of hikers.

If you are a novice or an amateur hiker, then I strongly recommend hiking the Summit via Mitchell canyon road and descending the same way back. I DO NOT recommend hiking up or down via Eagle peek trail or bald ridge trail. These trails are poorly groomed, very narrow, lots of poison oak with snakes and tarantula and has a lot of loose gravel making hiking in any direction harder. If you still want to do it, then I recommend ascending via eagle peek trail and bald ridge trail. The loose gravel makes descending prone to ankle injuries and puts a lot of stress on your knee. Hiking down Mitchell creek trail is easy and fun.

If you are a pro hiker, then it does not matter what I think. Do whatever pleases you.

To all hikers, carry atleast 4-5 liters of water because there are no water spigots along the trail till you pretty much reach the summit. This is specifically true if you plan on taking eagle peek trail and bald ridge trail because it's more strenuous. Also consume lots of electrolytes and salts. There are water soluble electrolytes that you can just add to your water. I did not do a good job of consuming electrolytes and my legs started cramping which made my ascent much more difficult. Try to avoid days where peak temperature exceeds 95F. Start early (8AM if you can) beat the heat.

it's a great hike and the views at the top are fantastic.

loved it. very slippery rocks. wear good shoes.

Sorry but this trail blows. Did it in July so I'll take some blame for the very hot weather. That being said, talk about no cover at all, steep as can be, no breeze, scraping by bushes on bald ridge trail, and a very steep walk down a fire trail. No thanks. Will never do again.

Did this trail in preparation for half dome and it was less than enjoyable. Made me think twice about the distance and elevation of half dome, thankfully it did not sway me (do half dome if you can get a permit!). If you're doing half dome in the summer, definitely don't recommend this trail.

This was such a great hike... but be warned: it is a difficult hike. Do not recommend this to a beginner. Avoid it on a hot day (that alone drained me!) and be prepared with the right shoes & lots of water. I must say, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from this hike is amazing.

If you go clockwise, the views of the hike till the summit are beautiful! I'd definitely recommend doing this trail but sincerely avoid the summer. We were more tired because the sun was burning down on us (we started at 9:45 am). The bad news is that there are handful of benches to rest on given the length of the hike, there weren't even enough rocks you could find to perch yourself on! Having said that, I can imagine how beautiful the views are when hiking this in spring! I'd definitely go again then :-)
Tip- Carry lots of water and snacks to munch on. The visitor center at the summit has beverages so that's a big plus!

7 months ago

Hard. Hot. Beautiful!!

trail running
8 months ago

Awesome run starting at Regency. 12 mile loop. Difficult rated for a reason but well worth it for the views and scenery. Not much shade. Got lost after taking a wrong turn towards the end but truly had a blast. Take plenty of water and fuel.

8 months ago

Great walk. Did it from Regency gate to get an early start. Made the summit around 8:00 a.m. Spectacular views. Walked clockwise (steep part first). Much easier on the knees. Take trekking poles. You'll be glad you did!

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