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It’s a very nice trail, but extremely tough if you don’t hike more that 5 miles. On my GPS it actually ended up being 14 miles because we did climb to the summit. If you are and experienced hiker go for it, for people like that I’m not in terrible shape but also don’t run marathons it was really tough!

Nice hike with many butterflies, birds. Went left at Deer Flat down Meridian Ridge to Bald ridge to North Peak to Summit. Looped down Juniper trail and back to Mitchell Canyon. very enjoyable day.

A long hike with lots of uphill but nothing technical about the hike. We did the counter-clockwise version which was probably a mistake because the downhill is pretty tricky. Probably best to come down along the fire road. Nice views from the top. Best to go in the Spring or Fall, as Summer can be too hot.

I seem to have a thing for missing the best hiking time in the spring and starting in the summer when everything is hot, dry, and dying. Did this hike on a hot day (high 80s for most of it). The trail is very exposed so bring plenty of water and sunscreen and maybe a towel for your sweat. There are many spots to appreciate the view but it is very strenuous - we lost a guy on the way up...I hope we see him again someday.

At the base of the peak, we went the wrong way and reached North Peak instead of the main summit (which is about 300ft higher) so we went back down and back up the right way. It didn’t have much consequence besides taking an extra hour and making us feel kind of stupid. I don’t recommend unless you’re really into radio towers.

At the summit there’s a cool museum about the history and wildlife of the mountain. The word “Diablo” was used by Spanish soldiers to describe where a few Native Americans mysteriously escaped, but the mountain itself almost literally rose from the depths of hell (i.e below the earth’s crust).

We also met a cricket with one leg. I asked it how it lost its leg but it just spat at us. I can kind of guess how it lost its leg…or conversely, how it managed to keep the other one.

Went on a very hot day (temperature reached about 90 by midday), but started around 7:30 in the morning to avoid most of the heat. Hiked counter-clockwise and glad we did -- the trail was much more technical on the way up, which I prefer. As noted in other reviews, we measured the trail to be about 14 miles instead of 11.9, so that is definitely something to take into consideration. Views from the top of the mountain were really nice as well.

Summer is not my best friend for hiking inland because it gets too hot and lots of rattle snakes appear. So to avoid it all I went las Tuesday and started at 6am this 11.9 hike in Mt Diablo. Twin peaks, Eagle peak and Mt Diablo Summit. Elevation goes between 300 to 3848ft going up and down the peaks. There is so much wild life out there! I got to see all kinds of insects, birds, deer, rabbits, bobcat, lizards and small snake. Thank goodness, no rattle snakes this time! The views are amazing! If you go early it is much cooler and sometimes there is a lining of fog covering the surrounding cities of Clayton and San Ramon. Pretty much golden and dry during this month except if a creek running parallel to Mitchell Canyon Trail. In spring time Mt Diablo turns completely green and beautiful!

This is the much better way to do mission peak, worth the extra drive and extra miles! One of my top 5 favorite hikes in the Bay Area.

2 months ago

Beautiful clear day. Great training hike. Lots of elevation gain and views to go along with it. The falls are still trickling, but not for long as summer roles around.

2 months ago

I did it as a training hike on 6/9/18 and it was such a rewarding and interesting long hike. Pay attention to the trail map as it is quite confusing.

We went on a hot day and it was not worth it. It was hazy and the view wasn't anything too exciting. The best part was all the fun critters we saw along the way! There were so many ladybugs, lizards, rabbits, and birds. That was super fun to see!
We went counterclockwise; we went up the service road and down the actual trail. Going up was fairly easy, but going down was way harder becuase the actual trail was more up and down whereas the service road was straight up. If it wasn't so hot it would have not been too challenging of a hike.
In terms of water, there was a water spicket about halfway up and at the top so that was helpful.
Pretty much no shade, wear a hat, bring lots of water bottles to fill up at the top you'll go through them all.
To get to the summit, it ended up being 13.8 miles and 3,698 feet elevation gain.

2 months ago

An alternative to the Eagle Peak loop shown on Alltrails is a Back Creek-Mitchell Canyon loop, which we did clockwise. The handout given to us at the visitor center shows the Eagle Peak-Back Creek loop, and this was our original intent. But: When we got to Murchio gap (huff-puff) and after our snack break, we hiked a couple hundred yards north toward Eagle Peak, got to a fabulous lookout, which is very close to the elevation of Eagle Peak. At that point we decided there was little reason to continue on to Eagle Peak, so we returned to Murchio Gap and took the trail to Deer Flat, down Mitchell Canyon to the parking lot. Mitchell Canyon was lovely, and it was a very warm day, so we were happy to have the shade! Total distance: About 7.5 miles, maybe 1 mile longer than the Back Creek-Eagle Peak loop, but actually slightly less climbing, because from Murchio Gap to Eagle Peak, the trail drops (200 ft?), then goes back up to the peak, all in the sun.
We saw quite a lot of poison oak, even in a couple of places hanging over the trail at hand- or face-height. One person in our group of 4 found ticks on his legs when we got back to the car.

2 months ago

Went for a Memorial Day hike up to Eagle Peak. I hadn't been here in 10 years and it was exactly like I remembered. Hot, dry, steep, but most of all beautiful and fun. We actually did this loop in reverse, which I found preferable, and we only encountered one other group on the trail.

Bring lots of water and a small garbage back to pack out the rare garbage you might see along the way. There is a cache at Eagle Peak with a notebook to leave your mark. Some people even leave a small gift for the next folks.

Clockwise. Worth.

Highly recommend this hike during the spring. I saw a bajillion wildflowers, hummingbirds, a family of wild turkeys, lizards, green rocks, and a rattlesnake. Watch out for snakes and poison oak! It’s a long, moderate hike. The trail map on this app takes you to the lower summit but if you want to go to the upper summit it’s only about a half mile added distance. The dirt on the descent was dry so I fell on my butt a couple of times but it was all worth it (I did it counter clockwise).

3 months ago

Great long hike. Don’t forget to get a pen abc $6 cash with you. You need to fill a form. They don’t have a pen there. Definitely do clockwise, start early to beat the heat. Gets pretty hot and lot of the trail is exposed. Carry lot of water. Ascending gets very slippery sometimes. Wear good shoes; and a hiking stick is recommended. The wildflowers are in full bloom and some are very fragrant. The water up at the summit is not bad. Also the visitor’s center is cool and they have a little walk through museum, which is cute. They also have water, cold drinks, ice cream for sale. On the way back is all fire roads after juniper campground. Cannot imagine doing it counter clockwise. Fun hike!!

worth the afford.

I did this hike. it was awesome ha ha I did it all the way up. joe Smith on 4-28-18

3 months ago

ALTERNATE ROUTE TO MOUNT DIABLO SUMMIT. Start at the visitor center then go counter clockwise on Mitchell Canyon Road. At the fork in the road take Meridian Ranch Road. From Meridian Ranch Road take Deer Flat Road towards the Juniper Campground. At the Juniper Campground take the Juniper Trail to the lower summit parking lot. Take the Summit Trail at the other end of the parking lot to reach the Mount Diablo Summit. Take the same route back to the visitor center to complete the hike. Hike is approximately 14 miles and took me 6 hours to complete.

The Mount Diablo Park representatives are extremely friendly and helpful. I encountered one while on the trail who made sure I knew where I was going and that I had enough water. I needed about 3 liters of water mixed with Gatorade to stay properly hydrated. I encountered two sun basking rattlesnakes in the middle of the trail during the warm part of the day so beware. The scenery is beautiful with lush vegetation and absolutely incredible views of The Bay. A unique and memorable hiking experience.

Definitively, do it clockwise. Really nice trail going up but be very careful as there is a lot of poison oak along the way. I saw rabbits, hummingbirds, lizards, deer, raccoon and even a snake! Going down is most of the time a smooth ride but the trail is not as nice, as it is very wide (fire road), but despite this it is very interesting as the scenery is different then going up. Took me 5:40hours without counting the breaks.

I did it backwards. About 1/3 of the way up, I took a wrong turn and it cost me elevation. I am in good shape, but this being my 2nd hike, it was challenging as I inched toward the summit at the end. Round trip was 14.5 miles and 4,600 elevation gain.

The views were beautiful as the wild flowers were just starting to bloom.

Great hike. Very rigorous trail, we did it in reverse so very steep climb to start the day with a gentle slope to end it. This trail does not actually take you all the way to the summit, that's another 0.46 miles and ~200 feet of elevation gain. Overall we tracked around 15.0 miles with a few wrong turns and a hike to the summit.

Great hike! Especially loved Eagle Peak. The route (excluding the short detour in my recording) is closer to 13.5 miles as opposed to the 11.9 miles stated on the hike profile. There are water fountains at the top of Mount Diablo to refill water bottles, but still bring lots of water.

Longer than what's on allTrail(11.9), I did it in 13.5 miles, so be prepared. The first 1-2 miles are very flat and nicely shaded, but never be fooled by this part. A little before 2 miles it started to ascent for 4 miles over 3000 ft.
Descent from the summit was challenging in terms of protecting knees and techniques of going downhill, there were a bunch of very steep descent.
The last climb to Eagle Peak was brutal, especially after almost 10 miles, but short. After Eagle Peak was again very steep descent. Trekking poles and knee protector are recommended.
It was a nice trail, beautiful, and a nice workout! Go for it!

nice hike but very challenging.

Sunol Regional Wilderness is my favorite area to hike in the Bay. It's just so pleasant! Almost immediately upon stepping onto this trail, we saw a bobcat! I couldn't believe it! He ran off the trail and went to rest in the shade. He didn't want to bother anyone. We also saw two vultures, a raffle of turkeys, a lizard, rodents galore, and of course, COWS! The first part of the trail is somewhat shaded and there are plenty of trees, but also plenty of sun. Once you pass the threshold of the Ohlone Wilderness Gate, you don't get anymore shade. As you near the peak, you start to see a lot of hikers from the Fremont side. My friend and I were glad we took the longer, more scenic route. The views from our side of the mountain were sensational. The other side had views of the suburbs and absolutely no shade. When we neared the peak, we confronted a bunch of craggy rocks. Climbing up them was a lot of fun. In fact, on the parts that offered trail vs. rocks, i opted to climb up the rocks because the trail was a little slippery with bits of tiny pebbles that were easy to slide on. It felt good to reach the peak, but I must say, we didn't even stay up there long enough to take a picture. There were flies everywhere! I didn't even want to get close to the pole because it was like Lord of the Flies. It also didn't smell great. But we went just 20-30 feet down and sat in a bed of grass to overlook the nearby cities. We could even see Sutro Tower.

If you want a trail permit, you'll have to buy it at the park during the weekend for $2 or purchase it on the internet and have it mailed to you for $4. We went on a Friday, and even though we asked a park ranger to buy some, she told us they weren't selling any on a Friday morning, and besides, no one was checking for permits along the trail (wink wink). The permit is apparently nice to have, though, because it's a map of the entire Sunol area, and it's good for the whole year.

In terms of wild flowers, I was expecting to see hillsides full of them, but they were here and there. We saw some purples and some golden poppies. The park rangers and docents were planning for the annual wildflower festival next weekend, so maybe we were too early to see them in all their glory.

All in all, this was a great hike! We only passed 1 or 2 hikers on the way (until, or course, we got to the peak) and we constantly stopped to admire the beautiful hilly views. I wouldn't consider summitting Mission Peak any other way.

Excellent views.. Gotto see a lot of wild Flowers and birds. Gets pretty hard on the knees, on the way back down. Doing it clockwise is a good suggestion that I read in the reviews. The terrain is pretty rocky, take care.
Total distance : 13.9 miles
Elevation: 3730 ft

I'm in the area on vacation with my family, and they needed a rest day. so I took a modified version of this loop. around Mitchell rock trail, through eagle peak to bare Ridge. Then out to north peak from prospectors gap, and to the summit.

I met up with an impromptu trail buddy, and we descended through juniper trail down to Mitchell canyon road. my total mileage was 15.2, and I'm bushed. This is a fantastic place to hike, and kudos to my trail buddy who won't be named. If it weren't for the intellectual conversation we shared on the return journey, I probably would have been miserable.

Also, there was an abundance of wildlife to see. Birds of unending variety, rabbits, squirrels and even a few blacktail deer.

This hike was spectacular! We did this after not having hiked for a while so it was a great workout. We went counterclockwise first, as this was very steep and going down would have been hard going on the knees and toes. Nonetheless, my thighs and calves were burning up the ascent and we had to take some breaks. Had great views, passed through forested areas, streams and vistas. I really loved this hike! The point at the summit near the observatory was a bit anticlimactic as there were many people who just drove to the point and it didn't feel as "one with nature", but I wouldn't have felt right not making it to the summit. Overall, it was a great hike and highly recommended.

Awesome hike. Difficult in some areas but doable! Very crowded at top of the peak but trail there and back pretty empty which was great! Totally recommend

4 months ago

Hiked up this morning, it’s absolutely beautiful and well worth the steep way up. Early spring is perfect weather, but be sure to bring layers, sunscreen, shoes with good traction, extra water and snacks, you’ll need the pep to your step. Took us about 4hrs at a moderate pace. Singing also helps :)

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