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6 days ago

this was a lovely hike! I just wore my hiking boots and tried to be careful in areas where it looked icy!

3/13/18: Did this trail today w/my 9 y-o & 17 y-o. We parked in the lower lot but the upper lot has the bathrooms. We took the Nighthawk trail. No bikers allowed on this trail. The only issue we had was when the trailed forked off with no sign. The fork off to the right is what looks like a vehicle made path (what the path had been up to that point for awhile) and the fork to the left is a thin foot trail. We went right because it seemed to be going in the right direction. It wasn't the path but still got us to the same point - where you can take Button Rock trail or Nelson Loop. They need to put a sign at that fork! We took Nelson Loop to the right (east), stopped at the settlement then took Bitterbush trail to the parking lot. Almost as soon as we got on Nelson Loop the mountain bikes started coming. With the exception of the mountain bikes, our favorite part of the hike was Bitterbrush & Nelson Loop. If we do this one again we'll skip Nighthawk. It took us just over 4 hours to hike this. I don't think I'd brave this one in the summer. Not much shade. Must be really hot in the summer. We didn't think it was difficult but the kids complained that it was too long.

It had snowed this morning so some of the trail was covered with maybe an inch. Watch out for those snow covered icy spots. Also, the last stretch to the falls is extremely icy! Watch your step and wear spikes!

Easy trail and well maintained... good workout distance wise with inclines not being strenuous compared to other hikes... not too many “ah ha” moments but lots of wildlife... saw deer , turkey, gopher (at least I thought that’s what they were lol)... saw about 10 mountain bikers and only 1 other hiker on a Wednesday afternoon... seemed more of an attraction for mountain bikes than hiking... minimal mud/ice and no need for traction when hiking

At the start of trail it is a shooting range. Lots of gun fire and you don't know where they are shooting. If I know of all the gun fire would not of done this trail. It was a great hike slippery in spots and the old cabin was cool but too much gun fire at the start.

not good for hiking on a sunday. lots of mountain bikes and crowds -- not peaceful at all. There is no shade, everything is brown and there are busy roads in view almost the whole time. I can see how it might be nice for something like a weekday sunset hike or sunrise run because it's mostly flat and easy footing. But next time I want a weekend hike to get away from the city bustle, I will definitely take the time to drive somewhere more picturesque and remote.

Nice easy hiking. Pretty views

2 months ago

The entire trail is pretty steep but totally worth it in the end. Also, quite nice not needing to pay to get into RMNP! Don’t forget to brink a picnic!

2 months ago

LEASH YOUR DOGS! This is ridiculous, we all love our dogs but your dog SHOULD NOT be unleashed and free to run up to leashed dogs.

We backpacked to Forest Lake and spent two night backpacking. The beginning of the trail was heavily used and traffic lessened when you split off, I would recommend crampons for the beginning, then snowshoes or skis the rest. For us, we used snowshoes. There was no marked trail after the recent snowstorm up to Forest Lake, so we and a few others made a route up, not sure if it stayed since that time.
Besides people not leashing their dogs, be aware that trail etiquette is not common here. The majority do not practice common courtesy or understand basic concepts of the trail. Remember, those climbing up get the right if way, try not to walk through another’s camp (when there is literally miles around it and they are way off trail already), LEASH YOUR DOGS (if your dog gets attacked by a leashed dog, you have zero rights legally and will be fined or worse) and just be polite overall.
Was a decent spot for a last minute winter backpacking trip but will never be back. Definitely worth going at least once though.
Happy trekking!

Maybe my favorite Boulder County open space. There are a lot of places where it feels more like plateau country than Front Range. Bike traffic is a big detractor for hikers on the Bitterbrush but it's often worth it due to the awesomeness. Especially love the rock garden area and it's fun to watch the more skilled bikers who can really ride it. A lot of the summer, this trail is a bit too hot. The mule deer here are not particularly afraid of people and especially when they have fawns and will often stand their ground when you meet them on the trail.

Lichen Loop: Great for my boys 7 and 10 years old. Long enough to tire them out and short enough to not “need a snack”!

trail running
3 months ago

I enjoyed this trail...super fun. The terrain for me was varied. Saw deer and a variety of humans

This is my favourite 7 mile running trail in the metro area. It has challenging hills that are spaced with level segments and downhills.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike, some washed away areas near end and the connector and bridge at 2.4 miles are gone...

horseback riding
3 months ago

12/3/17 - Equestrians take note, winter maintenance might provide some unusual sights for your horse. Nice long loop with some challenging slopes and rocky areas. Cyclists can come on fast around blind curves, so pay attention both directions on narrow portions and switchbacks.

3 months ago

Great hike, good work out and not a lot of traffic. Perfect for dogs!

off road driving
4 months ago

One of our favorite trails while we were in the silverton area! Beautiful lake!

4 months ago

This hike is fantastic, beautiful scenery and just difficult enough to feel like a good work out. I hiked in mid October and it was perfect, nicely sheltered from the strong winds. I was the only person on the trail until I was almost back to the parking lot and passed a couple of hikers starting down the trail. Be aware that it may be a little unnerving to do as a solo hike, since there is definitely large wildlife out there! I was a little scared, but that added to the excitement of the hike.

I saw a rattlesnake in the path today. Jefferson county researchers I encountered on the trail advising hikers to leave park due to high volume of snakes going back to their dens for winter. They said they were closing the park for the year as of end of day. Bummer b/c it was a perfect day to be up there. One of my favs! Safety first.

If you just want to hike this is not the trail you want to be on. There were so many mountain bikes. Too many to count, very frustrating.

Beautiful hike. Set out at 6:30 AM and didn’t see anyone the whole way up and back. Hiked in 4 miles on the trail to the Wilderness boundary. Hiked out on the 4 WD Road. The road was a bit sketch as there were numerous icy sections, should have stayed on the trail both ways. Take your spikes if you take the road.

off road driving
5 months ago

Very nice view when you reach the top. It's a slow drive with narrow parts, and many switch backs, but well worth the trip.

Definitely challenging at the end but great views and nice small waterfall.

Nice hike on a beautiful Saturday. Arrived about 8:30 am to plenty of parking and didn't encounter much traffic on the way up, but friendly bikers thronged the trail both directions on the way down. Encountered a rattlesnake on the trail within sight of the parking lot, but it wouldn't budge, so I backtracked and took Nighthawk Trail the rest of the way. This is a good moderate hike for diversity in terrain and inclines, and it has some nice but not spectacular views. Take a brief detour to Sleepy Lion Trail at the top for some really beautiful views of Longs Peak and the Ralph Price Reservoir in Button Rock Preserve.

fairly easy hike, mostly in the trees. popular trail with the mountain bikers.

Great easy hike with kiddos. Did it early to avoid the heat of July.

off road driving
6 months ago

Beautiful drive up the mountain. The view is breath taking all the way up!

off road driving
6 months ago

Beautiful trail!

Bit gnarly at first... epic views.

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