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20 hours ago

Amazing view from the top but if you are afraid of heights then this trail may not be right for you. The last half mile you will need to hang on the steel chains and carefully watch your steps, the path is very narrow and steep, but once you got to the top, the breathtaking views are well worthy!!

Hiked it this morning 3/15/2018 maybe 10-15 people total until the hike back down. Started at 6 from the museum up to the top and back down to the museum by 11. This hike is not for those afraid of heights and is very fulfilling. I had major knee surgery last June and was able to do this hike with little to no pain even with all the hills, switchback and climbing involved.

conquered it on 10/21/17.. Epic hike.. amazing.. words can't describe how beautiful it is up there.

Fantastic trail. Hiked it with my kids. Super crowded because of Spring Break but still worth it.

Excellent hike couldn't ask for more beautiful weather! Not for the faint of heart!

Absolutely loved it. One hell of a hike it is. People scared of heights should stay away from this!!!

4 days ago

I love this hike. Me and my bf went on Friday. It was packed but all in all a nice hike. A LOT of switchbacks and all uphill

As always I love this trail. Was trying to find the wave cave, but our map wouldn’t load to get it so we opted for this hike! My dog Clark did well, but I’d say make sure you pup is ready for a tough one before you go!

5 days ago

Hard! Okay so originally we were gonna do the Boulder Canyon hike, which is 4.8 miles. But we couldn't find that. We could only find Boulder Canyon TRAIL, which is much longer. So we hiked this one, and since we didn't know we were going on such a long hike, we actually only went about 2.5 miles in. It goes up and down, up and down, so it's hard the whole time! Fun but challenging. I love how you can see Canyon Lake from the top!

5 days ago

This is so far my favorite hike since I moved to AZ (granted I’ve only done a handful). I did it in the afternoon and it wasn’t as hot or as crowed as advertised, so overall a great experience. For the most part it was shaded.
The trail is very easy to follow and a smooth up to the saddle and smooth down again (the elevation “shape” that I like the most). The views are amazing almost all the way!

Did this in July 2013. Beware of afternoon thunderstorms. Went up about 8am. We started back down about 1100 am with wispy clouds rolling in. Quickly became threatening. Raced down to reach our car as storms began.

So worth the work. Awesome views at the top. Narrow pass at the top but doable..

While many are saying the final views are spectacular, the experience is what made this a 5-star hike for me. It is both mentally and physically tough, so completing it was incredibly fulfilling. This hike is so unique. There’s nothing else like the journey to the summit.

The one drawback of this hike is how crowded it gets. There are points where I felt a little unsafe, waiting by a drop off along a very narrow path for others to pass. There are many places where only one-way traffic can pass, although there’s traffic in both ways. This hike is not for those with a fear of heights.

Definitely work but it was worth the effort. Some of the sections are rocky and strenuous but they are short. Fun trail.

I honestly love this hike. It involves a little bit of rock climbing/scaling. Views are pretty amazing. If you go during the spring months be sure to bring bug spray. For the avid hiker, I would give a moderate rating since it does have some climbing. For a beginner, I would say it's difficult. The road up there is the worst part - long & bumpy. That's the only reason why I've only gone once. Otherwise, I'd be there all the time.

This was a hard hike for sure! The trail down to the mountain itself isn’t bad at all. Once you get to boulder canyon trail follow the tips and stay left so you don’t miss the turn for battleship, although I will say we never really found much of a trail. We made our way up without a path and once we got to the top we saw what looked like a trail. You have to climb a little to get to the actual top, it is not too bad though. We followed the cairns we found at the top down and somehow got lost again lol but finally made it down. Amazing views overall. It says 10.8 but we clocked 12 miles.

INCREDIBLE! Don’t underestimate this hike or overestimate your abilities. This hike couldn’t have been more breathtaking. Lots of switchbacks until you get up to the chains.

Amazing hike, but definitely be prepared! Saw a lot of people without proper footwear and with the ice I would recommend having strap ons.

tough hike, but the views make it well worth it.

11 days ago

Challenging hike! Worth the effort. Views from the top are incredible!

11 days ago

certainly breathtaking, impressive one you reach the top but also the journey along the way.

12 days ago

It was an easy, flat hike. Pretty surroundings. There is a lot of loose gravel so wear good shoes/boots.

By far this is my favorite hike I’ve ever done and that’s says a lot because I’ve done a lot of hikes. The view at the top is breathtaking and definitely worth every second of the hike. This trail is not for people who give up easily. I highly recommend doing this hike. It is definitely a trail for a bucket list.

14 days ago

Great, challenging hike. Adrenaline carried me to the top with great views and a sense of accomplishment. Went in late February with some snow and ice, rented some micro spikes on the recommendation of Zion adventure company - wouldn’t have made it to the top without them! I can’t wait to come back and do this again!!

15 days ago

A blind person couldn't take a bad pic here, loved it.

15 days ago

Really liked this trail. From start to finish the wife and I really enjoyed the views

15 days ago

Not for noobs or snowflakes. The ascent is pretty good, and for an unseasoned hiker this trail might be a little much. Also, since it is in the Arizona wilderness, there are plenty of rocks to navigate around and over. When you arrive at the lookout over Weavers Needle, the view is spectacular! It is worth every step!

Great hike with most of it through a pine forest on nice dirt trail. Once you ascend over the pines, you come to Brown's Saddle and the imposing peak is ready for you to climb. Difficult climb and we reached a chute that is listed as a Class-4 exposed scramble so we stopped a couple hundred feet from the top. We will be back and get to the peak!

Great hike, easy stroll to the base of the peak. After you get to the base it gets a little tricky. If you aren’t too experienced, take it nice and slow. Once we got to the top we hung out for about a half hour and talked about how we never wanted to leave this view. It’s amazing. The hike took about 4 hours, but that was very casual. We saw some people with a dog, but I wouldn’t recommend at all.

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