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secluded, good swimming

It was worth it to get there early: get a good parking spot and beat the crowd to the falls! It was a lovely hike, and I was lucky enough to get a bit of solitude at the falls. There was a decent bit of water, even though it's been a while since the last rain. I'll definitely be coming back!

4 days ago

see also Angel Falls Loop....

great hike with amazing views. Trail is a little difficult to find/follow in some spots but dont give up....its sooo worth it at the top!

6 days ago

8/7 - 8/11 hiked from Fernandez TH to Vandeberg 1st day then to Lillian 2nd day. Hike was moderately challenging with our heavy packs - training was key. All creeks were dry but lake water levels only couple feet down. Day hiked to Rainbow and Chittenden for fishing. Air quality pretty good considering Ferguson and Lyons fires were pretty close - blue skys most of the time with haze for couple hours at a time. Smoke seemed to settle down hill from us. BTW no campfires allowed except at Lillian. Overall the area is gorgeous and I recommend you go see for yourself!

Great group hike. Fair amount of boulder hopping, thankful for those dreaded squats!

16 days ago

Hike it or 4x4 it. Some rock scramble to the right at the top. Great view of Edison lake!

nature trips
17 days ago

Highly recommended not to hard of a hike if you start from the upper road, hidden parking on a dirt trail. Go all the way to the top very slipper rocks, but wear your swim suit at the top there’s 3 holes you can jump into about 6-8ft deep so much fun and so refreshing after hiking the trail. Hike on the trail on the left of the falls.

Awesome trail, but looking a bit disheveled after the Railroad fire roared through the area & took out bridges, restrooms & signs

The dirt road in was not rough at all. You do have to get there early as parking near the gate was almost full around 10:30am. From the parking lot, we walked straight to the gate where the trail begins. We took a wrong turn at the Porter House Site, veering down and to the right instead of staying left and continuing uphill on the Loma Prieta Grade. Thankfully, we ran into someone who brought their map that the ranger gives you at the park entrance (entrance fee is $8). We crossed the creek 12 times on the way in. The trail was a little muddy in a couple spots but it’s not bad. There were a few places where we had to scramble over rocks. The falls are about a mile past the Bridge Creek Historic Site. Definitely plan on getting into the water and under the falls—super refreshing even if it’s a little chilly!

All in all, we had a great time on the hike and it was a mostly shaded trail. Do bring bug spray as there are a decent number of mosquitos and watch out for poison oak.

The trail was relatively easy to follow, with a few strenuous parts along the way. Fishing was great along Norris creek (Brook and German Brown trout) and in Jackass lake (Rainbow trout).

1 month ago

This place is amazing we whent swimming and took a small walk. The water is so close to the parking lot you don’t have to walk like 3 miles to get to the waterfalls. I love this place. Please pick up after yourself.

off road driving
1 month ago

Cool 4x4 trail, a bit short though.

1 month ago

I kept saying to myself why would I ever leave Ca! World class scenery and cool water to keep you going! Bring water it gets hot!

***Bring Mosquito Repellant or wear long sleeves.
Pretty steep in some places.
Can be muddy.
Trail can be difficult to follow.
Amazing views. Especially on the way back.
Gorgeous waterfalls.
Rapid current.

off road driving
1 month ago

Trail is very steep and the rocks are pretty tall. I probably shouldn't have taken my truck down this trail but I did. Luckily I was able to turn around somewhere about 2 miles down the trail. Going back up was easier, but you need a lifted truck with at least 33 inch tires if you don't want to damage anything. This trail is very hard on brakes if you don't have low gearing or crawl control which I have neither. Would be a nice place to go hiking though.

off road driving
1 month ago

Trail was pretty good. The dirt roads leading up to the Iron Lakes Trail are easy to drive on probably even in passenger cars. I would only take a 4x4 on the Iron Lakes trail though. A full size pickup would probably get stuck because the trail is very narrow. I saw some stock Tacomas about 3/4 of the way down the trail, the last 1/4 of the trail is probably too steep for non-lifted trucks. I made it with a 3 inch lift and 35 inch tires on my Toyota Tacoma. If you plan on going down to the lake in the summer, be sure to bring mosquito repellant, they are everywhere!

off road driving
2 months ago

It was ok good trail for beginners but fishing was ok.

The trail was moderate on the left side of the river when ascending and difficult on the right side. The pools were fun to play in.

off road driving
2 months ago

Nice 4x4 road with tight turns.

One day got down the trail and someone tried to take a Toyota Corolla automobile on the trail. It didn’t make it :)

We went up a couple of weeks ago, it was my first overnight backpacking trip in 30 years. The dirt road to the trailhead was really rutted up (doable in a Subaru Outback), but the trail was well worth it. We stayed at the middle lake and I caught two rainbows.

2 months ago

beautiful hike, but it can get hot. not a lot of foot traffic for a Saturday. we would have missed the trail if we didn't have the AllTrails app, so I recommend if you go on this trail to look carefully for parts of it. waterfall and scenery were gorgeous.

After the wooden bridge early on, you need to go up some rocks to the right, which is not clear at all as a trail goes straight right along the creek too. Watch out for the poison oak. Nice short hike.

2 months ago

Hiked up to the top of the third crater and the view was amazing!

2 months ago

Went off the path a little bit but well worth it.

Easy to find and very peaceful. We went at 8 am and had most of the trail to ourselves. We went past the falls to sit right next to the water and eat our breakfast. When we hiked back (around 11am) there were very large crowds on both sides of the falls. Go early to beat the crowds! Also don't forget the mosquito repllent. I was bitten a few times on the parts of my body that I missed.

A little tricky to follow, but worth it! Beautiful swimming holes scattered all the way up the creek. Caution: LOTS of poison oak - anyone severely allergic should make sure to be careful. The trail snakes up and down and all around and requires a lot of bushwhacking. Another note: please please PLEASE collect your trash from any area you stop and swim. Keep these areas enjoyable for everyone.

I enjoyed this trail but when you go, do not forget to put on mosquito repellent! Sooo many mosquitos out there. Parts of the trail were confusing, I had to use this app for the map part a lot. It starts off very steep, I ran out of breath so fast lol. It’s nicely shaded and the waterfalls are beautiful! Would do this trail again.

main trail is easy to miss. entrance is just before the parking lot

Very nice trail along the creek in a lush green forest, with a beautiful overlook at Bass Lake. Beautiful flowers all around the trail as well as in the water! The only problem is that in certain parts the trail is not marked so needs some wondering around. Also at one point you have to cross a road to continue the trail on the other side. A nice way to enjoy 2-3 hours at the Bass Lake area.

Tons of mosquitos- wear spray! We were eaten alive around 10am

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