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Started hiking at 12p with snow flurries and reached rainbows at 1:20 in 1/2ft of snow/15 degree temp. We stopped for a million pictures, spent 15 frozen minutes at the falls and returned back tonour car at 2:40. I can’t say how the hike is in warmer temps but this made for an unbelievably breathtaking winter hike. The snowy falls was nothing short of breathtaking. We loved every second of this 5.5mile hike and would do it again in second. This would be a great hike route to le conte as well if you’ve already seen alum cave. Parking was easy, trail well maintained, not steep at all. Saw every level of fitness hiking even in the rough winter weather

Great trail with majestic views about 1/2 mile in. Beautiful in the snow but be sure to wear good waterproof hiking boots as it has a few small streams to cross. Falls are impressive. A few trees have fallen over trail.

2 days ago

Great trail in great shape. One of my favorite hikes. I will say this it is straight up. 46 degrees at the parking lot and ice and snow in spots near the end of the trail. If you aren’t in at least average shape you should avoid this hike.

5 days ago

Really nice hike to do in between classes. Finished in 45 minutes and took my time. Really beautiful cliffs!

This trail has great water features and is not very crowded. Small walkable pathways next to cliff faces make you feel hidden within the forest.

Really not terribly difficult, the stair portions are the hardest since they are quite the incline (calves and quads will feel it). The rest of the trail is moderate incline the whole way. The view at the top is pretty good but as of recently the last part of the trail has been closed, which is where the good view is.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike, wear hiking boots not tennis shoes! Bring water and a snack for when you get to the falls, it is well worth the hike. We live in Iowa and the trail was difficult for us but we made it!

Not typical hiking but okay trail with lots of interesting sculptures to see.

on Trillium Trail

15 days ago

Great trail! Clearly marked if you pay attention to the signage. Great views and unbeatable rock formations. Probably my favorite trail I've walked in Southern Illinois/southeast Missouri.

Gorgeous four seasons trail!

15 days ago

One of my first hikes!

well marked trails. gorgeous views. highly recommended

16 days ago

A really fun hike with some great scenery. I would recommend starting the hike early around 7 o’clock maybe 8 o’clock; this is what I did and I had the whole trail to myself until I was on my way down.

highly recommend. needed to stop for a few breaks but totally worth the hike! view was breathtaking and not that hard!

great and easy hike, however it was extremely crowded and I don't really enjoy a crowd while hiking.... I go hiking to get some peace and quiet! beautiful hike though. trail was slippery, wear good shoes!

18 days ago

nice hike! definitely was a work out! I would start your day with this hike then maybe head to another trail after. beautiful views!

18 days ago

This was a treat. We hike every New Years Day and have lived down here 40 years, but have never been here. Previous reviewers are correct on all points. Rough road to get there, though not muddy or impassable. Our CRV did fine. There are plenty of brown signs to get you there and GPS is on the money. Top of falls are right there but we saw no trail head sign and, in fact, never saw a blaze. We took right off on a path but were immediately off what I suspect is the loop, looking at the map here. We,as others did, walked the ridge top, lost the trail heading down to the creek and then followed the bottom of the bluffs up stream. That was fun! It rained the two days before and water was coming over the bluffs and through the sandstone. It was a cloudy day but he canyon is beautiful. We walked up to bottom of falls and then backtracked to where we were back on top and then walked back to top of falls. A little too much rain for us to safely ford the stream and we still are unclear where the loop goes. We will find out. We're going back!

Love this hike. The cave is pretty cool, I could've spent forever in there just relaxing and enjoying the sight. Nice little waterfall at the entrance as well. Then, you head up to white rocks with a great view. Definitely a must do. Planning to go back when there's snow for a view from the top.

Very beautiful but beginning to become run down due to increased foot traffic. Lots of garbage left everywhere.

Very challenging but rewarding as well. We do it almost Everytime we come to Gatlinburg.

We went after a big rain and it was very muddy and slick most of the way up. Beautiful scenery with fishing creek beside you for much of the way.

Take this trail counter clockwise for a real workout. I don't know how they rate these trails, but it is rated moderate, same as Schick Trail at Jefferson Barracks Park, which is a cakewalk in comparison. Schick is paved with moderate incline. Lime Kiln has over double the elevation, with steep inclines, extended switchbacks and rocky terrain. This is not for the feint of heart. Suggest you ramp up for this at Powder Valley if you are new to hiking or just getting back in to shape. Wear good shoes, preferably with ankle support, not runners or street walkers.

HARD in the winter time! I’d recommend wearing proper hiking shoes and clothes. The views are amazing. I got to see 1 buck and a few squirrels. I made it to the little water fall.

Nice trail. Not difficult. If you want to see the waterfall in full force, be sure to go a day or so after a hard rain, otherwise the waterfall will be dry or almost dry. Waterproof shoes recommended.

Great hike! Be prepared for mud and ice!

Good elevation changes and forest features. This is a great new trail for west county hikers!

nature trips
1 month ago

Love coming out here at all times of the year. Beautiful place.

Beautiful the whole way through, with the river running parallel for the first bit of the hike and several smaller falls along the way. Loved the wooden and rock bridges and saw a few deer as well. It was raining during our ascent, and because it’s highly trafficked, it resulted in a muddy mess on the way down. This trail is very rocky and I highly recommend proper footwear, especially with the rain and mud. Great trail but would be better once it dries out in a couple days. The waterfalls were huge though because of the rain!

This is a scenic trail with lots of great views. However, it is extremely muddy and slick. I would not recommend it as a trail run.

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