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Hiked August 23, 2018. Took trail from Edgecomb pond instead of Thomas Mt. 4.0 mi round trip. 1000 ft ascent from pond. Time 1:20 up 1:10 down. No rock climbing, just a long gradual climb. Amazing view of Lake George islands, mountains.

Enjoyable hike. Pretty waterfalls along the trail on the way...makes the hike interesting. I crossed Roaring Brook too soon and ended up hiking by one of the ski lifts. It made the hike shorter but steep.The ground was full of little garnet pebbles, so that was cool. Beautiful views, but the firetower isn't accessible. I followed the blue trail down. I would do it again. DEC signage puts it at just over 11 miles round trip.

Beautiful hike!

Did Cat to Thomas with my 14yr old and 12yr old. They loved it. Peak to peak will be amazing when the leaves are gone. After doing this direction, I agree with previous review that you should bolt up to Thomas first, then make your way to Cat. Bring hiking poles, especially useful for the rocky/rooty sideslope between the peaks. Enjoy!

One of my favorites in the area, I've done this several times both before & after the re-route.

Did this on July 4th, started around sunrise to beat the heat. Very gradual and enjoyable with rewarding views at the top! It wasn’t very busy but saw several people starting as we were ending.

12 days ago

Gradual until the first lookout, which offers amazing views in itself (make sure to continue past the first lookout on a path to the other side). The ridge is worth taking to the actual peak in my opinion. There are views the whole way and it’s not too strenuous.

This was our very first hike in the Adirondacks and we really enjoyed this trail. It starts off pretty easy which was a great warm up as it gets progressively more difficult and steep as you go! We really surprised ourselves and made it to the top. We only passed a few people along our hike and they were coming down on our way up. No one signed in after us and we ended up having the peak all to ourselves for the afternoon.

Decided to actually attempt our first mountain peak on the wife’s 29th birthday. The last mile or so got rather intense, but the pay off was definitely worth it.

First time up Hurricane 9/9/18
Start weather was incredible at right around 50° with full sun. Trail will keep you busy but isn’t difficult. It took me about 1:53 to reach the top. Views were absolutely amazing. Awesome hike! Will definitely do it again.

15 days ago

Belle vue, dénivelé pas trop difficiles.
Agréable randonnée!

There is definitely some confusion about this trail. I would say to the far Peaks beyond the ridge it's more like 8+ miles total. it is very well-marked to the first little peak right when you come out of the trail, then hardly marked at all. At that point you can then go right along the ridge to the summits. If you are arguing with children, you definitely want to go to that first peak before the ridge. Very easy for new hikers until the ridge, then I would say moderate.

Nice hike with great views. I parked at the trailhead at the end of O’Toole Road, then followed Gulf Brooke Trail, to North Hurricane Trail to the summit. If you take this route watch for the signs. At the fork 1.1 miles in stay to the right, and .9 miles later make a hard left up the stream bed. The summit is beautiful. The tower is nice. And the views are spectacular! Enjoy!

We did this hike on Saturday, 9/1/2018. You must park at the end of Ausable Road at St. Huberts Parking area. You cannot drive up to the club and no dogs are allowed on this trail. We arrived at the parking lot around 6AM and it was about half full already. I think the chance of rain and overcast kept some people away. We started our hike at about 6:30 AM. In total it took us about 11 hours (back around 5:30 PM) to do the entire hike. The 11 hours includes time spent on the peaks, a lunch break, and the few resting breaks. I also pulled a muscle on the way down the mountain, so we stopped a lot on the way back. We also figured it to be closer to 15 miles. Our tracker died on the way back at almost 13 miles and we still had a good three hours of hiking after that.

I would say the hike to Colvin was easy to moderate, depending on your activity level. Colvin itself would be a good hike for a family or first-time high peak hiker. There were only a couple of rock outcrops to navigate on the way up. It was very wet due to the morning shower, but we have also heard that this trail is usually wet in spots. Just be prepared with extra socks or gators if you have them. From Colvin to Blake is much harder, but doable. You basically go straight down and then straight back up to Blake. It was difficult to navigate in spots due to being right down to the rock and very wet (this is where I pulled a muscle coming back), but it was fun hike! If you are an aspiring 46er you must hike Colvin to get to Blake anyways. You could also add any of the surrounding peaks (Dial, Nippletop, etc..) for a long day.

We did not have a view from either peak due to the overcast. We had originally planned to do the 2 miles extra from Blake to Lookout Rock since we knew that Blake didn’t have much of a view, but due to the overcast we opted not to add the extra miles. To sum it up, this was a fun and scenic hike. Although wet and tricky to navigate in spots, it is definitely worth it!

Very gradual, nothing technical. Amazing views of Keene valley and Giant Mountain. Very open and wide summit, great for taking photos.

Awesome loop! Great views on top of Cat! I recommend going Thomas first, as the views are good but you are further from the lake. Save the trek from Thomas to Cat for the middle then easily cruise back down the blue to the parking lot. This hike is the perfect combination of tough, easy to follow, peak to peak ridge fun, and amazing views. Really doesn’t get much better and I’ve done 16 of the high peaks along with other LG 12s.

21 days ago

Colvin was the best of the 18 peaks I've climbed. Moderate challenge for a remarkable view. Then we went to Blake (mostly just because I want to hit all 46) and it was much more difficult and without a good view. Unless you are determined to do all 46, Blake is not worth the adventure.

Side Note: Access via Ausable Club is a drag. Upon letting my wife and daughter out of the car (at Tennis Courts) a nasty woman aggressively approached my car, knocked HARD on my window and proceeded to verbally abuse me for breaking a rule I didn't know existed, letting people out of the car. Cant figure out why they have so much hate.

Hiked on August 18th. This was a very fun hike; not very challenging. The view from the tower was excellent! We really enjoyed this one!

Great hike. similar elevation gain to some high peaks, but the ground is pretty soft most of the hike, which makes it easier.
you can definitely bring a dog that is use to hiking on this trail with no issues.

Beautiful, rewarding hike. Took Thomas to Cat, glad to have had the *sensational* views from Cat summit to finish the hike with. Recommend trekking poles as quite a few parts of the hike are steep, with loose rocks

on Snowy Mountain Trail

28 days ago

We hiked this trail during the winter months and it was a ton of fun. The last mile to the top is tough but worth it for the incredible views. Check out my full write up with pictures and directions.

Nice hike. We took Thomas to Cat, which was the easier direction. We took our 8 year old collie who did awesome. In a couple sections between Cat and Thomas there is a very steep rocky drop, but my dog did fine. The trail markings from the lot to Cat were poor (lots of hikers passing us going this way asked us for trail directions), but Thomas to Cat was well marked.

Took the dog with us on this hike. We started by taking the blue trail up to Cat mountain. The trail wasn’t too bad - got a little tricky towards the end right before the peak. We then ended up taking the foot trail that connects cat mountain to Thomas mountain. This was not ideal with a dog as it was very hard sometimes to find the yellow markers which indicated which way to go. Also we ended up climbing over rocks and logs and this was difficult with a dog. Would deff do this hike again but skip the yellow foot trail with the dog.

1 month ago

A beautiful hill walk or hike. Great view of Lake Champlain and the High Peaks. I did not find the trail difficult to follow.

Been hiking snowy for 20 years, every time we come to Indian Lake. Took our ambitious 6 year old one year which was a bit much for him. Last part is a scramble and some friends we've taken have really struggled, but if you are in decent shape it is not hard. Views from fire tower are worth every step.

1 month ago

The view from MT Colvin is absolutely Amazing. So what if it is a little muddy at parts, its a mountain hike, that comes with the territory. There are some really fun scrambles. There is also a nice stream for a decent ways up the mountain to refuel. There are also about 4 spaces that you can camp in about 2 miles from the top. The best place to park is at a country club. It is right before a church on your left or after it on your right. Its a little sign with an A and another letter on it as a symbol. You drive up that rode until you pass by tennis courts. The foot trail begins a little down the road once you pass between them. So many high peaks to access from that trail.

first 2 miles are enjoyable with mostly hard packed dirt, roots, and occasional rocks. the last mile made me almost turn around...we had our boxer dog on leash and she needed to be lifted at times. toward the top it gets really hard to keep on trail. we missed trail to tower to find an even better lookout. on way down, we found tower. I would do this again, with more daylight to enjoy the amazing views. my app and watch said it was over 8 miles.

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