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Beautiful however quite difficult

awesome sites to see! Tough spots for sure, but worth every strain. Wear hiking shoes and travel light.

Prepare for an uphill hike similar to mountain climbing and lots of stream crossings. Beautiful hike. Rightfully rated hard!

2 days ago

Nice trail and waterfall. However the bridge at little frog bayou is out and not passable in high water.

Interesting when getting close to the Window, but the first few (and last few) miles can get really hot and feel pretty long.

5 days ago

This trail is pretty awesome and difficult in the sense that you have to pay attention to where you're stepping all the time. Some parts were a bit difficult to maneuver and I didn't even attempt climbing the rope at the end ,but my boyfriend made it up to the top. We went on a Tuesday in September and we were the only ones on the trail the whole time. Keeping that in mind, there are a lot of spider webs when you're the only one on the trail. We will be returning to this trail as it was very interesting.

Yes it is a climb up but it isn’t as hard as a lot of people have said. Bring water and some snacks. There are a few places to stop on the way to take a break if needed. The waterfall was only a trickle but that meant we didn’t get wet crossing the streams. Truly a sight to see!

9 days ago

Hiked all the way to the top of Mount Leconte. Beautiful but hard hike, mile markers are not exact, to get to the true “top” is more like 7-8miles but it is worth it! Go all the way to Myrtle point past the lodge, it gives you a 360 degree view of mountains. Many people hiked up and stayed at the lodge, my father (50) and I made it a day hike, doable but we were sore the last few miles down. The Bullhead trail was closed, we were going to take that down, but some locals at the top said the Rainbow is the prettiest anyway. There are a few shorter trails to the top from the gap if you want a shorter route to the top. Perfect time of year 10/13, get an early start though because the hike to the falls gets crowded with people in the afternoon.

on The Window Trail

12 days ago

It’s was a really fun trail to explore. Beautiful scenery.

As a novice hiker,this was an awesome experience for me. Starting with the ranger who warned me to bring plenty of water because of the uphill return, to the lovely solitude of the light rain after leaving the quarry, the trail was an amazing experience for me. I’ll definitely be back.

As a novice who is also an old guy, I did have a few reservations on the way out as to whether I was still on trail because the blazes were a little sparse. But the trail itself was visible throughout, and the blazes were more numerous on the return. The fall color is just beginning, and I am wishing I could get back here in a couple weeks.

It's and okay trail. But there is one over look trail we went down. We got attacked by yellow jackets. It was a very painful hike after that. If you find a trail marked with rocks stack do not go down it.

This is a peaceful trail. Just make sure you don't hike it after a heavy rain. There is a creek that is alittle difficult to cross. But all in all I recommend doing this trail.

Great trail with an amazing ending! The cathedral is beautiful and the echos are awesome! The waterfall was only trickling very little but that made standing under it that much more fun to cool off. The hike down was pretty easy even though we broke a sweat. However the hike up made it the hardest hike I have ever encountered! It’s one of those that you give your hiking buddy a high five when you reach the top! It was really neat to see, but it’s safe to say I’ll probably only do it this one time.

Beautiful and well maintained trail. Lush forest.

FYI. Make sure you bring 3 dollars to pay to hike this trail. The park attendant says it’s a 60 dollar fine if you don’t pay. As far as the trail is concerned. It wasn’t worth the 3 dollars or the drive to it. I did not like this trail at all. It was confusing because it’s actually Trail was not labeled. It is actually part of the west aide of the shores loop trail. The trail is VERY rocky. It was not cleared out well at all and parts were extremely narrow. We finally turned around and came back out because it didn’t feel safe. I have hiked hundreds of miles of trails this year and have loved it but this one is by far the worst experience. I do not plan to be back.

It was a nice hike with my kiddos. Definitely going to go back again!

Great trail. Rockshelter is amazing.

Very nice, very tall falls. We got off our kayaks to hike up it. The hike there has a ton of scenery, you’ll cross several creeks to get there. Make sure it has rained prior if you want to see the falls in full effect. Well worth the trip.

22 days ago

Was challenging for this out-of-shape hiker, but very beautiful and satisfying to reach the falls! Always love the interaction with other hikers along the way.

This is a really nice trail, but in my opinion, it's not a tiny kid friendly trail. I had my 2 yr old and pretty much carried her for 3 miles. my 5 yr. old loved it.

I loved this trail... challenging on the way up, beautiful falls, and you can hear the water running all the way up and back, which is peaceful. Take water, and watch your footing... slippery in a few places.

Great hike, but be ready for the return trip!! Took us 1.5 hrs to get down, and 2hrs to get back up. You'll feel it the next day... Waterfalls and Creeks were all dried up in late September. Saw a 24" Copperhead at the waterfall site. Would recommend bringing sandals or watershoes if you want to swim or explore in the river bc it's hard to walk barefoot in all the rocks. River was pretty shallow, but could probably find deeper pools if you explored a bit. Save your energy for the hike up though!!

24 days ago

Very challenging as a beginner! Beautiful views, and worth a very hard hike to see the waterfall! Very hard trail with roots and rocks. Mainly up hill the whole hike. Great photography shoots along your way. Very crowded so parking was a challenge. Make sure to bring water, as my family did not listen to me and we had to share 1- 20oz water, by the cap fulls.

Incredible hike. Great for morning. Make sure to wear good footwear and be aware that you may get wet!

Good trail - sat at edge of window - was dry at that time

29 days ago

Spur-of-the-moment decision to get a hike in before we left for home... We had a great hike, saw a few deer, and just did get caught by a rain shower right before getting back to the parking lot... Very nice trail

I hiked this trail and completed back in 2008 I didn’t remember it being as rough as it is. The group I was with had 4 adults and 11 children ranging from 1-14 YO. It is probably be most beautiful trail I have hiked in Arkansas. We were unable to complete it as we came to a point that we felt was just too risky attempt with the children. I personally feel like we lost the trail. I hope to get attempt this again with my children so they can enjoy the scenic views at the end.

on Hemmed in Hollow Trail

1 month ago

One of the hardest trail I’ve ever experienced BUT it is really worth it.
Even though, the waterfall was barely floating but it was beautiful and the formation of the surroundings was amazing.

I will do it again on the spring!!

the map doesn't show it but if you bushwhack thru the saddle and follow downstream there is a beautiful waterfall
it's an easy hike from the first and you can see it from the bluff on the other side

1 month ago

Great trail with the kids. Enjoyed all the natural wonders!
Spent around 2 hours on the trail.

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