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The views are amazing! So worth the trip, logged about 8 miles and got snowed out. A cold but fun night.

We left the trailhead in the dark and still weren’t the first to arrive at the lookout. The guy there said we could share so it worked out great. Clear weather, didn’t even freeze at night. Watched sunset and sunrise and hiked to tarns and bell pass. Tons of day hikers came and went. The trail is boulders in a couple areas below, easy to cross the almost dry river. The twin Sisters range is amazing from up there. Trail got a bit steep when we were just about to the lookout. I’m 68, you can do it too. Mt Baker is my favorite anyway.

We lucked out with a perfect fall day to enjoy this spectacular hike. It was busy (not surprising as this is probably the last really nice weekend we will have for the year) but people and their dogs were all friendly and well-behaved (unlike at some other popular spots we have been).

Loved the variety of landscapes/scenery the entire way up and the views are hard to beat throughout. We enjoyed a lunch break at the tarns and saw a few people who set up camp alongside the water (noted for next time). As others have mentioned, the last 1/2 to 1 mile is challenging, but making it up to the lookout structure is worth it for truly panoramic views.

We arrived around 11am and found a mostly full parking lot, though still a few spots to park. Total we spent about 4-4.5 hours on the 7.5-8 mile round trip hike with about 20-30 minutes spent taking photos, enjoying lunch and the views, etc.. Definitely a challenging hike but well worth it!

26 days ago

Leg burning 8 mile out and back with Stunning open unobstructed up close views of Mount Baker glaciers. Surprised how Super crowded trail was on a mid October sunny weekend,
Epic glacier views and crowds rival Paradise on Mount Rainier and Bakers Artist Point over popularized PNW destinations.
At least a dozen off leash dogs made wildlife invisible.., when we finally reached the steep top of the ridge two different loose dogs made safety a concern while we were climbing on and off the precariously perched cliff top lookout. Should really make this trail dog free.

So beautiful right now! I don’t think the fall colors are past their peak like another reviewer said; I think they’re in their prime. Absolutely breathtaking right now. Well worth it, and a favorite for sure.

The views were breathtaking and Baker felt like it was right there! Great cell service with Verizon at the top (just not inside the fire-lookout structure). Everyone I spoke with said the last mile was a push. When you see the structure from below, keep going. It’s not as far or as close as you think.

The trail was in great shape except two riverbed crossings.... Just walk straight across. There was a bridge to help you across, it’s gone but very easily crossed at the time of my hike (10/16/18)

The road up to the trailhead was in relatively great shape. There were some potholes but that’s a given on heavily traveled dirt roads. The trailhead is 30 minutes from Concrete.

Tip: There are two drive up, single night campsites next to the trailhead.

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1 month ago

Awesome fall day with my pup and my babe! We almost missed the falls until my dog ran up the side trail! It's was stunning and the cave, so cool! We played around at the base for a bit then continued up to the top of the falls, and then even further till we found an rad little campsite! It was a perfect little short round trip, just what we were looking for! :)

One of my all time favorite hikes! It's a must do! I would recommend eating lunch at the tarns!

What an amazing hike, fall colors are past the peak but they were beautiful nonetheless!! The last stretch of the hike was totally worth it, with the cascade mountain views on the east side!

1 month ago

Beautiful scenic walk! This time of year, things are a little damp, but that made for a nice cascading waterfall!! As long as you watch your step on the trails, you'll be A-okay

Trail was overall super amazing, great views, killer nature vibes. Tough time when my group reached the top within the 12 people limit to stay in the lookout but we found three men who weren’t willing to share with anyone else who planned on staying up there. They turned away close to 20 people. So we were forced to walk back down.

Amazing hike with beautiful fall colors and stunning views of Baker, Shuksan and the Cascades

beautiful flowers :)

Awesome place. best time to hike is between Sept 15 and oct 15. very clourful and scenic.

loved it however didn't make it all the way to the falls my son decided he wanted to turn back just short of getting there. yes there are gunshots at the beginning but that's because. there is a range not far away. I like the sound of gunshots so thought it was pretty cool. passed lots of horses other dogs and just people in general. we had a blast our two dogs loved it. lots of fun. as for dogs eating horse poop yea it happens dogs love horse shit, tell them to leave it and move oh. I will be visiting this trail many more times!!!

Really beautiful hike. The weather was amazing. The first and last 30 minutes are kinda intense and the toughest part. Once you are on the top, its all worth it and plenty of views and picturesque scenery along the route.

Fall colours at their best, beautiful day!!

nice views

when you feel like you’re close, you’re definitely not. when you get to the open plain and you feel like you’re getting close, you’re not. when you’re climbing up the rocks and you think it’s right around the corner, you most certainly are not. you’ll know you’re close when you can see the lookout. beautiful hike with beautiful views and beautiful people, happy trails!

1 month ago

Easy hike. Not spectacular, great for a small day hike. Camping available.

we had fun! actually took my cat lol. falls were beauitful, we went to the top of the first falls, it was a short hike but thats the only part id considerate moderate, pretty much flat to the bottom of the waterfall. cave was beautiful!

Beautiful falls, easy hike but enough so you feel the work a little. Lovely day

2 months ago

We completed this hike yesterday and absolutely loved it! Start at 1 pm and ended at 7 pm, inbetween stopped for views, pics and snacks.
- Drive up to the parking lot was 8 miles and very bumpy and rough, I had a 10+ year old car and drove very slow. Watch out for the potholes!
- Once you reach the parking lot, if you don't have the National Park Pass (which we didn't), at the start of the hike there is an envelope that you can drop $5 into and leave the receipt on the dashboard of your car.
- The initial part of the hike starts out flat which gave our body a nice warm up before the climb began. I consider this hike an intermediate one compared to some of the others I have done but there were still some steep areas that gave me quite a work out (higher up during the hike).
- I am happy I had my poles with me because the path is quite uneven with stones and rocks, the hiking poles kept me steady on my feet.
- We never were bored because there was so much beauty around us! Also delicious wild berries to eat along the way :)
- The top was slightly chilly and windy. Disappointed that Mt. Baker was not fully visible due to clouds but the view was still wonderful. No snow to worry about during the hike.
- For sure we'll be back next time to set up camp and enjoy the stars and mountains!

2 months ago

Get past the first portion and the poop and gunshots quantity swiftly declines. The falls were nothing special but were a decent marker for getting there. I went a bit past the falls to see what else was going on there and it wasn't too bad. I think I'd like to try the giant 14 or so mile loop at some point. Turned around so it wouldn't be dark before I got back.

A couple things. This should be called the Mima Falls East trail in this app. There are East and West trails according to the DNR maps and signage. The East trail is this trail that takes you to the falls. If you go beyond the falls, you are then on the West trail.

As you are headed in, be sure to follow the Mima Falls East signage. At one point you will come to some signs that give you an option of Mima Falls East or Mima Falls Tie. If this is your first time, just stick to Mima Falls East.

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. it is definitely kid friendly but keep a hold to them when you're on the dry river bed. some dog crap on the trail, that was disappointing. trail is well kept and not much for garbage. parking is okay but not large and you do not need a pass or pay. All and all it was a nice peaceful walk.

I'm new to hiking and not in the best shape but I did this trail a little slower than some with a puppy. Beautiful scenery, diverse terrain. Loved it!

2 months ago

This hike was pretty easy. Passed runners, bikers and two horses on narrow trails. My dog kept eating horse poop, so that was no fun. The falls were basically a trickle of water that we passed because it wasn’t marked. No rewarding views.

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