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Beaman Park may really be the crown jewel of Nashville's park system as the scenery is just as beautiful as Edwin Warner Park but without all the people and road noise. The creek on the left at the beginning affords many stunning views. The series of switchbacks up the steep hill are easy to navigate as a single-track footpath, and when you get to the top, there are lovely views of the deep ravines below. The last half of the trail descending down the steep hills actually took me slightly longer than climbing them!

18 days ago

Nice ridge! Take the shortcut on the way back.

18 days ago

Great little stretch! Adds an extra couple of miles to the beaman loop

Trail is nice. Love the incline at the beginning, but the last time I went was a few years ago and my car was broken into, window shattered, purse was taken (it was hidden), and everything they didn't want to keep was strewn across the road near the park

great little hike for something quick. There wasn't anything amazing to look at but the trail was nice and definitely gets you in nature. only real down fall was that the trail gets super narrow in places and becomes difficult when passing runners and other dog owners. It is an incline pretty much the whole way so if you dont like up hill hikes I wouldn't recommend it.

Seriously, Dave. Checked.

Nothing too exciting, but a mostly easy hike after an easy drive works for me. Any time in the woods is a good time in my book. It's also quite shaded so a good option to still get a hike in on an otherwise hot day.

Fairly easy hike. Went there with my dog and it was a good distance and level of difficulty to make her tired. We came across a few families with children who all seemed to be doing alright. There terrain is not flat so keep that in mind. The scenery is beautiful.

Very enjoyable trail. The portion along the creek was very pretty.

Some parts of the trail were well maintained, especially the Natchez Trail sections, others were not. At least one part along the trail meet up with a bathroom and water fountain which was nice. A good section followed a large Creek with a couple places you could take a break a cool off in.

Great trails and mostly shaded which is great in TN heat! Plan ahead - no bathrooms.

great elevation. it is winding. it is narrow so can't walk side by side with a friend. saw some frogs. leads to a circle of wooden benches.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in Nashville because it is one of the few here up on a ridge above the river valley. I don’t agree with reviews that are expecting some view grander than you would find in most local parks. It is what it is, and views from any trail are limited to the character of the land. There are some nice views along the trail down hallows and thru tree breaks. It has its own rewards if you don’t go looking for a Glacier Point experience.

Muddy, overgrown. Beautiful scenery, but be prepared to eat webs and bugs for 2.5 miles.

3 months ago

It was a nice walk through the woods but the end was fairly anti-climatic without any grand view. I’d do it again because it’s so close and lightly trafficked but it’s not overly interesting.

Good variety of trail. Some incline for challenge. A few bridges. No cool overlook at the end though.

What a beautiful hike in Nashville’s backyard!! Took my kids out there today (11 and 8) and they were able to do the Henry Hollow Loop and the Sedge Hill trail. There are some pretty good inclines, the trails are well kept, and are well marked with blazes and signs. Will do this one again.

4 months ago

Nice trial with a bit of an incline; runs alongside a pretty creek. The image on AllTrails of the small waterfall that appears as the image for this trail isn’t actually on this hike. It appears to be across the road from the trail head, marked as private property-no trespassing.

pretty muddy in spots, good for a family trek, but seemed like you were still in the city most of the time; lots of traffic noise ect.

This is a quiet somewhat deep woods trail. Slight elevation and slightly overgrown foliage. Very peaceful environment. However, even though it was an 80degree sunny day there was so much mud on this trail that at times it was not worth doing. High top waterproof hiking boots a must!!

5 months ago

Seriously Jess, check it.

What a great dog trail hike! 2 miles of happy wagging tail fun.

Great experience. Lots to see-wildflowers, creeks, varied terrain. Several spots to stop and take in all that surrounds you. At about the half way mark, the trail opens to a picnic area with clean restrooms and then back into the woods.

5 months ago

There is not a whole lot to see besides the woods and some cool wildlife but the trail itself was a great little hike with a nice easy elevation that isn’t to steep or challenging. Perfect for a nice walk with a friend or a run in the woods.

6 months ago

It’s been raining for the past few days, the trails were soggy so we only made it about 1 mile in. Turned around to avoid damaging the trails.

Good trail. Much of it is along small creeks. A portion of it is on the Old Natchez Trace.

Pretty straightforward hike, although they must have just gotten some rain because more than a dozen spots were mud ridden. Beautiful scenery!

6 months ago


Nice trail. Walked it with my wife and two kids who are nine and ten years old. A couple hills with some loose rocks but otherwise it is fairly smooth. We saw only a handful of other people that consisted of a mix of families, a couple runners, and a few people walking dogs on leashes.

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6 months ago

This is a beautiful and quiet trail that's well maintained.

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