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This was a nice hike with great views, but I agree with others that the hike being "easy" is misleading.

Beautiful area. Special northwoods scenery.

23 days ago


Love this trail. It’s easy enough if you don’t mind rocks, roots and some hills.

I would not rate this as “hard”, more like “moderate” to me. I went in the Fall. Very few people and gorgeous views.

on Ice Age Trail: Devil's Staircase

1 month ago

Amazing views and very peaceful hike. Be prepared for lots of uneven steps and very thin trail. Had a great time and will be back again.

Good biking trail

2 months ago

1st timer for this hike. Interesting terrain from narrow paths in the woods to residential yards. A little worn by the end, but felt so good to complete. Our GPS tracker recorded 21.3 miles around the lake. Went with a group and this made the hike even more enjoyable . Will definitely do again

3 months ago

Not the easiest due to being hilly but links into a segment of the IAT and nearby shelter. lovely views of the area. a favorite of mine to hike in spring and fall.

Did the Lost Canyon Trail which was nice but not very challenging. There’s a ravine portion with lots of boulders which was both beautiful and fun. A couple miles in, I ran into an angry black bear on the trail about 100 feet in front of me. After making myself look Big, etc. he wouldn’t budge. When he started posturing and “yelling” at me I conceded and backed slowly out of his space. Told rangers at the park office who weren’t at all impressed as there are several black bears (and wildcats!) living in the park. Just b aware and enjoy yourself.

Beautiful hike. Will definitely be back to this one !

3 months ago

Beautiful trail along the lake and cliffs. Fairly quiet on a weekend in August.

Fun hike, nice wooded and scenic views. When I went the bugs were not bad at all which surprised me since it's so close to the river. Just a warning, if you see a trail that seems forgotten don't follow it, it literally dead ends at a massive fallen tree.

This is a nice trail, but I would not call it easy. There are a few places with uneven steps going up and down that were made easier with trekking poles. I am in my 60s but it can be tricky if you are not expecting this terrain. Also dogs are not allowed in Janesville parks from May to October.

This was a decent trail. I’m not sure I’d label it as easy though! It’s not hard but you definitely need to watch your footing. Saw a good amount of litter and glass along the way.

nice trail slightly hilly gives a pretty good workout for an old lady like me ☀

4 months ago

Beautiful area and trails are easy to follow. While no fault of trail the poison ivy and mosquitoes were horrid. Just be prepared when you go and you’ll enjoy your experience all the more.

4 months ago

Gorgeous trail- best in fall and winter!

4 months ago

Started at the Franklin Nature trail and went clockwise. Beginning was very beautiful following a ridge and then descending to skirt the lake. Got extra water at the campground between Luna and White Deer Lake. Saw fish, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies. Was initially planning to camp near Harriet Lake but changed to Pat Shay Lake on the advice of a camper I met. Turned out the trail was flooded out where it passes Harriet Lake to the South so I had to backtrack to the road and take that to the dispersed camping east of Harriet Lake. Wasn't a great spot, it's among cabins. Attempted to get back on the trail in the morning but mosquitoes were too thick and I took paved roads back to the car.


Perfect for biking and running as long as you keep moving to avoid the mosquitos. Great scenery and plenty of trail!

Love this trail. Not super challenging, but enough rocks, roots, and hills to keep you from getting bored. The trail is mostly narrow dirt paths, maintained well enough to keep you on track, but not overly groomed to the point of being uninteresting. I doused myself in bug spray each time I've went (mid-late June), and the only time I had a problem with mosquitoes was when my girlfriend was with and we took water breaks. If you don't stop and maintain a brisk pace (fast walk/some running) the mosquitoes won't get you, and it provides a good workout. Beautiful scenery from atop the tower, and along the trail itself.

This is a nice trail that goes around the entire lake. The people that have houses on the lake have given up a small strip of their land for you to walk on, so be mindful of that. Along those lines, there really aren't too many places to exit that trail once you get on it since it goes through private property. Make sure you bring snacks/water with you for however long you plan on walking.

4/5 stars because during the summer it's pretty crowded and the trail isn't very wide to accommodate the traffic. There are nice lake views and cool houses to see, though. I would do it again.

Nice for running or biking. Very clear and straight path. Clusters of bugs because of stagnant water from creek so not great for walks/hiking.

5 months ago

Great views of the whole Kettle area. I'm coming back in the fall. the views with the leave turning should be breathtaking.

Although I am a beginner I’m surprised this trail is marked as easy. It’s pretty narrow and cliffy at points.
Lots of chipmunks darting around and I could hear lots of things stirring about as well. Saw a large rabbit sitting in the middle of the trail. Took him awhile to yield to me haha. Very pretty views, will def explore again.

One of the most scenic hikes in Janesville. Combine this with the arboretum and you have the most scenic 3 miles of the Ice Age Trail in janesville!

Good Sunday stroll. Entered from Highway H heading north where there is a pump for water and ate lunch at one of the shelters.

6 months ago

We started at the museum of art and did the memorial park loop and the headed north just to/past the beach area past tower drive and back for a 6 mi round trip loop. The oak leaf trail portions that we did were great for rollerblading, there was only one section near the memorial park loop that was not great for blading but not terrible. Would do it again and use different trail to get through memorial park for rollerblading.

trails are perfect for biking great views

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