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15 hours ago

This was my 2nd time making this loop, and it didn’t disappoint. We had cloud cover for most of the hike, which helped with potential heat. The smoke hadn’t rolled in yet so we had great views. Clean, well-marked trail, lots of off-shoots for fun views, and a great pay-off at the end. Make sure you look back to the range off the other side, and also take a left and scramble out the point for spectacular full views off the summit.

Phenomenal views...great climb but not overly strenuous...surrounded by mountains with different views along the way. Lake views and waterfalls too. 4 hr trip including a lunch break...cool at the top...long sleeve or a light jacket recommended. $5 fee if you want to park at the trailhead.

This is a nice little hike that can be a bit challenging if you try to do it in the hotter part of the day. There is very little shade along the way and certainly plan for plenty of water breaks (and bring enough along for doggos if you bring them with you). It is uphill to the top (duh) and will certainly give you plenty of exercise on the ascent. It is worth it, though, with nice views of The Valley and Patterson Lake.

I definitely recommend an early start and you might check the wildfire conditions before you go. The Crescent Mountain and Gilbert fires are active about 13 miles up the Twisp River and there is quite a lot of haze and smoke limiting the visibility. Other than the visibility today, it was certainly a worthwhile hike.

3 days ago

Awesome trail

I'm fascinating about Lookouts, this one didn't disappointed me even though was locked & views were limited secondary to local fire.

7 days ago

Started at 2 pm in 90+ degree heat. No snow. We hiked counterclockwise and enjoyed the anticipation and continually bettering views. Blew me outta the water. Only complaint were all the horseflies.

Amazing views!

9 days ago

Great little hike. Easily done in a hour and a half (to the summit and completing the loop) with water breaks and rests for my 2 mini aussies. Few spots with steeper terrain but nothing bad.

Would do again!

Hiked this beautiful loop on June 18th and it was stunning, very snow covered, and easy to potentially lose the trail at times. Didnt need/use crampons but if you have them I would recommend bringing them. Saw a porquipine who was not shy at all!

Did this hike on 7/29/18. definitely need hiking poles for this one. The views from this trail are absolutely breathtaking. It does live up to the hype; however, I found certain sections of this trail rather difficult. It gets very narrow with steep inclines/declines and loose rocks, with nothing but deep valley right next to the trail. I did this for my second ever hike, so my experience level might have something to do with it. we went counter clockwise and the incline was very gradual. Encountered some snow, bugs were buzzing in my ear pretty much the whole time outside of the Forrest area, and some hikers reported seeing a black bear not too far off the trail. With generous breaks for taking pictures, flying a drone, and eating/resting, we completed the loop in 6h30m. Lot was pretty full when we got there at 11am. Absolutely gorgeous views, and definitely very glad to have done it!

Beautiful hike. Steep climbing in places but nice sweeping views of the valley and lake. Well maintained and easy to follow trail.

Incredible hike! Would definitely recommend clockwise, it is steeper uphill but you get there faster. Beautiful views on both sides.

17 days ago

Great hike. If you have bad knees I recommend going the steep way first so that you have a gentle grade to go down, your knees will thank you! A lot of people wished they had done it that way. This is considered the Clockwise direction- when you get to trailhead go left. Wildflowers were blooming but should be peaking the first week of August. No snow on the trail in July 21,!but lots of snow to play in over the pass. Great way to see the Cascades with your pooch :)

Hiked clockwise starting at 0830. Steep on the way up, but interspersed with enough vistas that you can’t help but stop regularly. It took about two hours up, totalled four and a half following a lunch stop. As others have said, a lot of mosquitoes and black flies up there (including when stopping along the ridge) but spray mostly did the trick. We also saw a couple of marmots on the way down. Snow fields seem to have receded in the last few days, there’s still a couple of short (couple of metre) patches crossing the trail but good shoes should be enough.

21 days ago

Incredible views all the way around.

My dogs and I ascended the trail in a clockwise fashion and it was definitely worth it. I hate lengthy inclines, but the views on the way up the south ridge just kept getting more spectacular and really helped me forget about the countless switchbacks I was ascending. I actually backpacked to a nearby lake (not an official trail) for the night, so it took me about 2 hours to reach the highest point of the loop with all my gear.

Bugs were not an issue if stops were limited to less than 30 minutes, longer near the top.

A somewhat fit dayhiker can reasonably complete this in maybe 4 hours with a lighter pack than mine.

22 days ago

2018-07-21, Saturday, arrived Maple Pass trailhead at 10:30am, very few parking spots left. Hiked counterclockwise, easy up, difficult down. The view is absolutely beautiful, on the trail and especially on the top. Wildflowers started blooming, will be fully bloomed in 1 or 2 weeks. A few packed snow but no problems to pass in normal hiking shoes. We spent a lot of time to enjoy the view and took photos. It was almost 6pm when we went back to parking. Last 2 miles trail was very hard.
Definitely bring poles to help and prepare for the aggressive mosquitos.
My iPhone shows the total length 8 miles (13km).

Went out to see what this trail was about. We were a bit late for most of the wildflower show, but I bet it was really beautiful in June. There were still fleabanes and salsifies plus who can argue about that wonderful ponderosa pine aroma. The trail is really silty so for comfort you could wear shoe gators. Very easy trail with almost no elevation gain unless you cut over the Kaule trail and take the view ridge trail to the interpretive trail to return to the lodge.

24 days ago

We did this clockwise. Loved it for the following reasons: only 3 miles to the ridge so yes it is steeper but you are up quicker. You are in the trees for 2.25 miles, (nice and cool). You have beautiful views of Rainy Lake. The trail surface is pine needles without any rocks! Regardless, absolutely stunning scenery on this loop. A few remaining minor snow patches. The mosquitos were aggressive the entire way, except in the stronger breezes, and the black flies nasty at the top and upper ridgelines. If you go up counter clockwise, be prepared for alot of sun on sunny days.

30 days ago

Hiked Friday 13th. We foolishly left our video camera and tripod at the trailhead with all of our family vacation videos on it ((FOUND!!!)) We were able to do the entire loop starting clockwise with just hiking boots. Had to be careful along a few snow fields but it was truly amazing. I’m 47 and not in the best shape... it took us 5 hours with lunch at the summit. The husband and teen daughters had to wait for me slowly walking uphill but I did fine on the downhill. It was the best family hike ever!!!

on Maple Pass Trail

1 month ago

Today (7/12/18) I completed the loop going clockwise. It was a totally spectacular hike! I first encountered snow on the trail roughly 1.8 miles from the trailhead. Once I reached the ridge there were more and much larger snowfields. I brought crampons with me, but I never needed them. My poles were enough to help provide stability (with careful footing). The views were some of the best I’ve ever experienced and will definitely go on this hike again when I am in the area.

1 month ago

Hiked on 7/6 but only able to get to Heather Meadows due to snow. We didn’t bring trekking poles, but it still looked sketchy so we didn’t want to risk it. Still a beautiful hike with lots of wildflowers. Can’t wait to go the entire loop again!

There is still some pretty sketchy snow at the top but I would imagine it should be gone soon. Definately worth the views!

1 month ago

Hiked on 7/3 clockwise (turn left at the trail head). The trail leading up to Maple Pass was pretty easy to follow, couple of snow fields, but nothing too long. Plenty of footsteps to follow. The ridge leading up to Maple Pass is snow free, this is the part with the best views. Maple Pass is snowed in, and the last couple of feet to get on top of the pile of snow are on an almost vertical snow wall (10 feet high?). Snow seemed stable. Continuing on after Maple Pass it is all snow 1/3 of the way, many footprints and animal prints. We were able to find the path, but it required time. There was a part that looked dangerous, closer to where the snow field ends - all snow on a slope. This is where many people climbing the counterclockwise direction turned back. It looks more dangerous looking up, than down. We had just hiking boots and trekking poles and were able to make it through this part with extra care, but I wouldn't recommend it. This part is about 10 minutes walking time. If you just want to reach the top, it would be easier to start clockwise and then head back the same way.

1 month ago

Attempted 7/2 around noon. Giving this a 5, despite having to turn back due to trail conditions. The trail got pretty difficult to follow towards the peak due to snow, and my GPS stopped working halfway up. There were lots of footprints veering off in different directions that I felt iffy about following. The snow was also very unstable and soft. Still, this hike is beautiful and definitely one I’ll be returning to. There were forest service crews working on clearing the parking lot when I exited the trail. The didn’t seem too thrilled about the cars parked along the road leading up to the parking lot, but also didn’t explicitly say that it was an issue.

This hike, according to the sign at the trail-head, is about 5 miles r/t. It is uphill and a bit steep at places. the views at the top are spectacular. There are patches of wildflowers along the way at the lower elevation. We made to the top but not the look out. Some weather was coming in and we were the last people up there late in the day. It was a difficult hike for me as I'm not in shape and 68 y/o. I'm now inspired to get back in to an exercise routine, ha, ha.

1 month ago

Hiked on 7/1 ...Amazing hike .. still some snow at the initial part .. and at the top as well. Had to search for the trail track when you reach towards the peak . The hike is at the higher side of moderate .. with constant elevation gain .. but the views from the top of rainy lake and lake Ann are amazing and worth the hike .. hardly saw people though we started late at 2 pm and took our time reaching the top .. could not complete the whole loop due to snow on the peak and seemed unsafe (looks like you can do whole loop starting July when snow melts) .

Nice trail, lots of steady incline. Saw a heard of open range mules. Took north loop at green gates. Great views. If go to summit 360 degree views. Summit I s estimated. .25-.50 add on each way. Well worth it. Took us 2 hrs 40 slow pace lots of stopping for photos. See other reviews for parking. It will be hot if the sun is out.

Hiked in mid-June. Snow in parking lot, but was able to park close to the south trailhead. Mild snow for the first 0.5 miles until you reach the fork. Take a right towards Maple Pass (signs are well marked at the fork). Snow free trail for the next mile, then there was deep snow for the remainder of the trek. Highly recommend trekking poles and crampons/micro spikes with gaiters. We bushwhacked our way up the ridge, as you can see the trail only intermittently. Some route finding needed. We were able to hike 3+ miles in, just prior to turning north and looping back. There is still heavy snow that completely covered the trail and we couldn't safely continue across the exposed 50+ degree mountain side. Still made for an excellent hike, and you're rewarded with some of the best views of the Cascades once you reach alpine. Note- We saw the biggest marmot we've ever seen near the pass. Even as an in-and-out (without being able to complete the loop due to snow conditions) this trail is exceptional!

1 month ago

The parking lot still has some snow but I didn’t find it difficult to park along the entrance. I started my hike around 2pm (a little late if you plan on doing the full loop, as the snow is loose). I ended up going to the right (counter clockwise) which I wish I hadn’t due to the terrain. I reached the lake easily and decided to climb down to check it out. Im sure there’s a trail somewhere but I just crawled down the boulders (unadvertised). Once you get past the lake the snow begins and the trail is essentially gone. I put on my micro spikes and had my axe available due to the steepness of the slope. I followed some old tracks until I crested the top of the lake and the human tracks disappeared and there were some rather large bear tracks (hopefully no correlation haha) . I spent about 30 minuets enjoy the incredible views and decided to continue the loop, following the ridge line as my handrail. Once I got to the other side of the lake there were some steep cliff faces and technical traverses down. I lost the trail more times than I felt comfortable with but ended up back on track soon enough. For a good 75% of the way down the trail was covered in snow so be cautious. I finished the loop around 6ish and still had plenty of daylight. If you plan on doing the full loop be careful and bring the right equipment.

one of the best in the cascades, especially in the fall. Fantastic color. not, however, an easy hike.

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