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Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

7 days ago

Wonderful hike up to three spring going through the forest following the Horton Creek with some mini waterfalls all along. Very beautiful scenery, very peaceful and relaxing. This hike is at a moderate level.

off road driving
7 days ago

Did this trail on a dirtbike. Lots of big rocks and obstacles.

Hiked on Sunday 12/3 and could not summit due to icy and snowy conditions. Beautiful hike.

Did this with my dog. Overall a great trail. It gets harder towards the end. Just be careful with the sliding rocks and you'll be golden. Beautiful sights all along the trail. I was kind of disappointed when I reached the end of the trail, I was expecting a nice view from above but it's just a patch of grass, a dirt road and a bunch of trees.

Great for dogs

14 days ago

This trail is my favorite hike yet. The pine trees and creek are breathtaking. I highly highly recommend you make it to the top - the views are so worth it! It was very windy and chilly at the top and the trail toward the top is not marked. Allow yourself 4-5 hours.

nice hike and trail & beautiful scenery, however, trail is not marked very good so download and follow the map. we ended up on boulder canyon trail at canyon lake 12 miles later....

Great hike today! Relatively easy hike.

21 days ago

This was a killer overnighter! I was able to get to the start of the trail in my car (front wheel drive). From there I walked the 4X4 road which added about 3 miles. All trails starts this hike around where I parked but you can save miles and elevation gain if you have a good 4X4. The ruins are in remarkably good state considering how old they are. It was a blast exploring them and taking note of the engineering and architecture of that time. Overall I logged 13miles and 5300 elevation gain. I recommend trekking poles due to the consistent unstable terrain. You are literally walking on a ledge of the canyon most of the time so a fall could be fatal. There is a steady stream of water that you can filter once at the ruins. This is where I camped for the night. As always, practice leave no trace!

One of the best!

This trail is now an official, maintained trail with adequate signage up to the Hackberry Spring turnoff. After the Hackberry Springs section of this hike (going counterclockwise) there is no signage and few trail markings. The Alltrails App was of great benefit! The hike itself was beautiful; changing scenery at every turn. Would definitely do it again!

What a great weekend camping trip and hike with Boy Scout Troop 131 from Scottsdale. We got a late start, but were still able to summit and get back down to the saddle in 3 hours.....just in time to see the sunset. We completed the hike under headlamps and a half moon, while getting glimpses of the crimson sky and city lights coming to life. It was a spectacular hike and one of my all time favorites. We were fortunate to have the entire mountain to ourselves on a calm and cool day. Extra special experience for me to summit for the first time since 1999, while with my 13 yr old son. We will be back! Best advice: wear gloves when starting up the crevice on the scree, and bring plenty of water and snacks. It's a solid 4 hours despite this trail's 5.4 mile distance.

Couple things before I launch into the review:
1. To the people wanting to take their Honda Civic because a previous reviewer said it would be fine. It is mostly fine if you're driving 4mph over the rocks. But you should opt for a larger vehicle if you don't have the patience.
2. To "Nikki" and those giving this trail a one star because you saw a bear. If you don't want to see animals, DON'T GO INTO THE WILDERNESS. Complaining about seeing a bear in its NATURAL HABITAT is like a bear complaining because it went into your house and saw you on your couch. If you're scared of animals or are ill-equipped if you meet one, you seriously shouldn't be in a forest full of wild animals. Ridiculous.

Now.. this trail was AMAZING. Did it in mid-November, and the fallen leaves were beautiful. There are 6 streams to cross, and it's fun figuring out which rocks are loose and might kill you. Fairly easy trail overall, but seriously breathtaking. Trail can get lost at times, but hikers have done a great job of marking trails that are hard to locate.


My favorite Maricopa County hike. Cool air, trees, adrenaline, and jaw-dropping vistas. If you have a fear of heights, however, or if you don’t trust your arm strength/balance, do not attempt to reach the top. As others have mentioned, the chute (the area in between the two northernmost peaks) can be quite intimidating, especially for inexperienced climbers. That being said, I’d guess it’s doable for about 90% of people who are reading this.

As a further warning, keep an eye out for the turnoff on your way down the chute. Due to the steep descent, it’s easy to keep your eyes on the ground and miss the trail. That happened to us, but as a result, we were rewarded with a truly awe-inspiring sunset. Best views in Maricopa County.

Great trail! The first couple of miles are somewhat generic, but once you make it down to the creek it’s really nice.
The trail gets confusing towards the end but keep going as the waterfall all the way at the end makes it worth the trek!

It's one of the tuffer trails of fossil creek. Waterfalls are beautiful but not easily accessible. Be prepared for this one because the road is very rocky and it can hurt the legs.

Things to must have.
1. Good trekking shoes
2. Water
3. Power bars

1 month ago

This hike is amazing up to the spring. Past that the trail is extremely hard to follow and steep loose rocks threatened injuries. After about a half mile or so it is well marked with carins up to Rim Road. Even with this app and trail markers I lost the trail several times. Many great spots to camp by and below the spring.

4x4 ride twice within 3 weeks. Fun ride, great views, and Butcher Hook has a mean green chili burro! Definitely will ride this trail again.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail today and thought it was amazing. The scenery was stunning and the fall leaves were beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

I’ve always been an avid hiker who puts his fear of heights aside to get up to the top, and this peak was no different. However, I admit it definitely was a challenge for me. The last approx 0.2 miles of the trail gains about 800 feet in elevation. With an average incline of 37 degrees and some parts significantly steeper, my adrenaline was definitely rushing on some of the cliffs that were our route. It was incredibly worth it. The fact it rained made it dangerous, so check the weather (and yesterday’s). The last 1/2 mile before reaching the sharp incline is poorly defined. Follow closely to avoid pushing yourself to go through misleading treacherous ways to get to the same place... although, some of that was great fun! Lastly, the views couldn’t be beat in the area.

what a great trail I definitely will be doing this one again.
It's such a good trail for the family not to easy but not hard at all we had our 4 year old and 6 year old and they did great.
there's a great camping site right at the trailhead, I'm hoping to go camp there and do the entire trail next time. it's a beautiful trail and love the sounds from the creek.

Great hike all the way around.

1 month ago

Actually 9 miles including trail head. Don't do it if you aren't ready! Waterfall is fabulous. I can't wait to do it again.

1 month ago

loved it

1 month ago

Great trail bring water. Not recommended for dogs or kids

This is a very beautiful hike. To me, it is easy, and I am not a professional hiker. I made it to the top. The top of the mountain is just a road, no scenic views, nothing like that. Be careful with sliding rocks. Pay attention to trail markers like tiny ribbons on branches, stacking rocks, carvings, and affixed markers to find your way to the top and back. The trail is steep and narrow when it’s about 800 feet away from the top. The hike is about 1700ft elevation in change. Bring snacks and water. It took me 1 hour to complete See Spring (extremely easy hike, all scenic views), and 4 hours to complete See Canyon. There is cell service for Verizon customer, but I am not sure about other carriers. Have fun and enjoy!!! Don’t give up half way because the views along the trail are magnificent and breathtaking.

1 month ago

Parking filled up pretty quickly, but considering it was a perfect fall day, it was easy to see why. The 1140' elevation gain over 4+ miles was very doable even for a 51yo not used to the altitude. A little splash of fall foliage along the creek among the pines was a nice touch. Loved being able to listen to the water for the whole hike and climb around the spring at the end. A little rocky, a little dirt, overall a fabulous hike!

Hike to the water isn’t bad- I’d recommend not going in hot summer months. (Don’t forget your parking permit.) hike up after swimming all day was brutal/ brings lots of water. Also may not be the best hike for a dog.

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