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22 hours ago

This trail starts out with a park designed for field trips on the history of the discovery of gold in 1848 (not actually ‘49 I learned) complete with what remains of a Chinese immigrant village which sprung up near the mining. The trail itself had a decent up and then down the last half and was a good workout. We took a break toward the end at a nice little vista with a picnic table (~3 hours total). This was easy for the chihuahua and we passed some families towards the bottom - decent moderate hike.

Off Highway 49, leads to several trails. We ended up taking the one down to the river/railroad tracks. Good mix of incline/decline.

2 days ago

A beautiful trail which starts off hard due to incline but easy to follow and the downhill section had a couple of nice little waterfalls/creeks. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Make sure to go clockwise for easier hike. We hiked counterclockwise and it was tough but still manageable. Love everything this hike offers.

2 days ago

Nice easy hike on a rainy day.

**Don't go with a dog that sometimes gets carsick**
The road down is no joke. I ended up having to turn around and didn't get to do the hike because my dog got sick when we were still 8mi from the trailhead bc of all the turns.
What I saw of the area is rad, though--I definitely plan to go back and actually do the hike (without that dog).

really nice hike beautiful Lush Green Hills and plenty of pretty views including the waterfall!

I hiked this trail in January so it had rained recently. There were a few streams cutting through the trail path, most you are able to just go through without a problem, I did get my feet soaked at a couple locations, but other times I had to back track and pick a different path due to the depth of the water. This was not a big deal to me but keep that in mind if you are planning on hiking it during the wet months. Overall, it’s a beautiful and peaceful hike.

Great hike, dog and kid friendly, went in the winter and it seemed really easy. The water was cold but you have a lot of places you can get into. I know our lab loved it.

Very good and easy hike. The first time we went in the summer and it was super hot so we took lots of breaks. This time it was a breeze and our 6 month old Lab loved it. Def a lot better in the winter than the summer. Great spots at the falls for a picnic and very kid and dog friendly. The upper and middle trail isn’t good for strollers so stick to the lower falls trail. We love Beale Falls because it’s super duper close to base and makes a great family day. If your from Cali or Stationed here like us. This is a must for Beale.

I regularly do this hike but starting on the other end and leading to Cool. Always fun to eat there before heading back.

16 days ago

Amazing trail!!

Dewy, but not wet. Road full of cars, but only saw three people.

No matter how many times I do this trail, it still kicks my butt!! Short trail, but the change in elevation gets the heart pumping. I generally follow the trail out towards Cool to get a little more distance in for the day.

And running back down the hill makes the hike up soooooo worth it!

Loved this one! We looped with the Jones Bar trail and it was a blast. Not very kid friendly over on the Jones bar part because of steep terrain but still a good trail to hike.

18 days ago

The trail to the falls is very clean and well taken care and the falls are amazing when you see them. Only problem is people with dogs running loose. We were almost bitten today by a off leash dog when we were on the trail to the falls. Have a watchful eye for loose dogs but worth the hike.

18 days ago

Nice, easy trail with pretty views. Pic-nic tables around the pond for a bite to eat.

I love this trail! I’ve been down it several times with a mountain bike and onfoot. Great views, nice distance for a good work out, you could bring a snack or some water in the light as it takes 2.5 hrs at a good clip. The distance on this seem to be off base of my apple series 4 watch with GPS. I will attach a screenshot of my route.

My husband and I attempted this hike about five years ago in the middle of July. Needless to say, we didn't make it very far without feeling overheated. We decided to try it out New Year's Day. It was a perfect day to go see the falls. I would definitely say it's much easier in the wintertime, but if you go early enough in the summer you should be good and you'll find great spots for swimming. It is quite a bit of a drive from Yuba City or Grass Valley, but I like that because less people are apt to go there. Some pretty views if you like the rolling hills.

19 days ago

This is a classic trail that I have hiked since I was a kid. Pass to the right of the Mother Oak Tree and watch out for mud (the topsoil sits on top of ancient lava rock and sheds water well). Stay on high grounded rock as much as possible and take your time with each step till you get to the divide/break in the ravine. Say hi to the moo-moos and continue downstream. The trail is the north side of the stream. Once you get to the head of the falls, VEER left. There is a brown metal trail marker. Follow them!!!! Continue to hike AWAY from the falls until you come to another trail marker which will lead you to a gentle transition to the creek bed. Great for a kid's first "real" hike. Enjoy!!!

Such a great little hike. if you can enjoy the road getting here, you'll enjoy the trail. not for faint of heart or unstable ones, if you're an avid hiker, this won't be hard at all. enjoyable and challenging enough for a good outing. went in Jan about 50 degrees, no bugs or poison oak. just sweet guide Penny. she's a border collie with a red bandana who enjoys escorting you to the river. she jumped ship on one family and joined us and on our way back up she again jumped ship and joined the next. she loves to play fetch so brace yourself for her demanding bark. will definitely be doing it again in the cool winter months.

Gate is closed, could not access.

21 days ago

Short but very steep hike. I did the shorter version but next time I'll push myself to go the extra .7 miles. I wouldn't recommend for beginners.

21 days ago

pleasant short hike, nice spot for lunch

22 days ago

Super fun easy afternoon hike! It looks a lot steeper than it actually is and was very beautiful. There are quite a few places where the trail splits so be mindful of checking where you are! Highly recommend for a fun local hike

Very nice California wintertime hike. I love the waterfalls and and the beautiful rolling foothills

More of a short walk than a hike. Not much to see. My dog picked up so many ticks. Yuck. Never again!

Awesome family hike and very flat. Little chilly as most of the trail is shaded.

23 days ago

Very clean and comfortable place to hike and get in the water to play!

this trail description starts at the top of drivers flat road which is a dirt 1 lane road to ruck a chucky campground. the road is a little non descript but pleasant walk in the off season. when the road is open there is limited day use parking for a few cars. The trail along the river is beautiful and can be extended up Western States up canyon.

I hike this trail frequently for a quick 1-2hour trek with my dogs. I love the variety of easy trails and turn offs.

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