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Winter 17-18 Map
4 days ago

We followed the trail clockwise in early-mid Nov, with sunny and crisp clear skies in the 40s with leaf-concealed mud and puddles in low areas and some small icy spots in the elevated rocky areas. It was interesting seeing the faint remains of Doodletown, and the assortment of mountain tops allowed for numerous beautiful viewpoints, including Bear Mountain, the Hudson River, and NYC. I’d consider this a Medium-difficulty trail. Elevation gains were a nice challenge and GPS was invaluable on this partially-unmarked trail. Foot traffic was light to moderate. Would love to see it in June!

Great hike with great views! Highly recommend it but be prepared for steep rocky portions. I’d say moderate is correct but would not recommend for beginners or people who do not regularly do hikes/hill runs. Took us almost 5 hours at a comfortable pace without breaks and we accidentally kept going after the end of the trail.

Awesome hike. Great way to push yourself and have an amazing end result to a spectacular view

Quick Trail, I always go up to see the view and back down. There are other trails within that I ended up roaming around in with my brother and we ended up on the road

17 days ago

This was a great hike. Downloaded the map since others have said it is poorly marked which is true. Be warned accounting to our fitness trackers it was closer to 9 miles and we did not deviate from the mapped route. Recommend for those in moderate to good shape.

Some good hills and a lot of rocks. Watch your step! Trail is well marked for white blazers.

Great views from summit. Very steap on way down with rock scrambling. Be careful.

great trail, good elevation climbs a handful of pretty steep rocky parts although nothing too tough, and definitely not dangerous.

mountain biking
1 month ago

started out on the trail that runs alongside the paved road. this was a good warmup for what was to come... lots of rocky, technical, single track, switchback trail full of sinuous roots and wet, slippery places. the first little section pops out onto a paved road that access what most have been a large parking lot? using the GPS I found the trail again and proceeded. while the trail is marked, thank goodness!, it's a maze that has you turned around and feeling lost at times. not to mention there are other trails that cross this trail and looked a lot easier to navigate, yet I kept following my GPS and the markers. there were some sections where it seemed to flow, but there were more that either required slower calculated riding or one foot off or even walking the bike. and then there was simply getting lost, the trail seemingly gone, check phone GPS and make sure I was headed in the right direction. it was a unique place, kinda eerie with the random fencing and animal cages. it was definitely a workout and a challenge!
Found this link https://www.njherald.com/20170124/bike-trails-built-where-wild-animals-once-roamed-jungle-of-west-milford#//

1 month ago

Fantastic hike. Varied terrain. A bit hard with some rock maneuvering but not dangerous. Definitely a core workout. The views and memorial at the summit are totally worth it. I recommend hiking or trail shoes. IMO is best to start it at the lot in Fort Montgomery, this way you’ll be able to unwind towards the end by trekking it down to the creek.

Moderate hike. Gorgeous views.

OK hike. Hard uphill to start. once you make to the blue trail, it becomes very easy. Saw kids on the hike. Views are very nice it and make the hike worth it.

2 months ago

Great hike up to one of the best overviews on the Hudson. The fact that you are set back a bit from the river makes it very dramatic, and the soldiers' memorial and cairn at the top is very moving. I did this hike clockwise, which I think is the best way. You have to follow busy roads for about a half mile from the hiker parking lot before you hit the trail that runs along the creek, but there are some nice views along the way. The Popolopen Gorge Trail has a fair bit of elevation gain, with some small views of the creek until you hit the footbridge where the blue Timp-Torne Trail meets it, Then it's a pretty steady ride up to the Torne with some really fun rock scrambling to get to the top. Enjoy the great views then head back down the other side, which is steep in places but has some ropes to help you down. The last part of the hike back on the blue trail is fairly uneventful, and you have to watch the blazes carefully, as you cross and follow roads a few times before you go under the bridge over the gorge and end at Fort Montgomery. You could add a loop around Brooks Lake if you wanted, but we didn't.

Start by crossing the Bridge, then crossing the road and entering the woods. More difficult to manage down the big rocks if you start on the trail at the edge and of the parking lot. Great trail though!

I started nearby the Fort as well. Guess i'm not as strong of a hiker that I thought I was, as this hike damn near killed me. (however, the weather was about 100 degrees that day). coming down is very hard so be sure to take care. amazing views.

trail running
2 months ago

Not really a loop unless you turn off on the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail for a few miles and loop back into the Timp-Torne Trail.

Sick views once you reach bald mountain.

Not an easy run, but a doable 7.5 Miles with just over 2000 feet of vert.

Free parking and easy access from the Timp-Torne Trailhead on Route 202 (shorter and easier distance from NYC than Bear Mountain).

Lots of wimpy reviews on here. I wear shorts, singlet, bring a few gels and a handheld water bottle, that’s it.


This was a great hike and a nice loop. Well marked, but it does switch over from the blue trail to the white with red trail in order to make it a loop. There’s a great view at top but it’s a very steep climb/decent no matter which way you come from. I would recommend having a good pair of hiking shoes. Definitely on the more difficult side if you are going to go to the peak. You are right on the water for most of it which is nice, we’ve had a lot of rain so it was roaring.

Multiple peaks with short but steep climbs. The trail marking is HORRIBLE - we had to have our AllTrails map out the entire time. We took multiple wrong turns. I wouldn’t say to avoid this trail, just be cognizant of trail markers.

2 months ago

If I could I would give it 3.5 stars, varied terrain with some nice views, it is a moderate difficulty imo, there is a lot of road noise along the way unfortunately but anyway with this close proximity to NYC it was a good outing.

3 months ago

A few sections with some decent ascents but overall nothing too challenging with little to no scrambling needed. Go on a clear day, views are awesome!

best during spring, during the summer fitzgerald falls is nothing but a trickle. overall a good hike that ive done several times.

Fantastic hike - no rock climbing experience or special gear required but the entire hike is a climb ranging from steep to moderate. The view at the top is fantastic and absolutely worth the hike! The kids loved scrambling up and down rocks. Almost the entire hike is in the shade so relatively cool and nice breeze at the top. About 4 miles round trip, took about 2 hours with a couple short stops. Trailhead is literally off the side of the road so follow directions and use the facilities before you get there! No restroom or facilities at or near the hike.

We started on Anthony's Nose entrance as marked on this map, and the view from Anthony's Nose was pretty nice. However, it came relatively early in the trail. The rest of the trail was not as exciting. The trail itself is pretty challenging though. I would recommend starting at Camp Smith and finishing at Anthony's Nose rather than what's described here.

Fantastic reward at the end. Had to take some breaks because rocks were wet and slippery but definitely a trail you have to do.

4 months ago

Fantastic Hike. Coming down wasn’t easy so be prepared. Loved this hike. My favorite hike so far!!!

A short steep hike with an amazing and rewarding view at the top.

As advertised, this is a hard hike with a rewarding view. We went a bit beyond Anthony’s nose before heading back. The first 30-45 minutes of the hike comprise of a steep ascent. As novice hikers, we had a stop a few times to regroup. I would strongly advise bringing snacks for this hike. The energy burst will definitely help. Overall, it is a nice and sweaty hike.

A note to those who are planning to come here by train. The walk from the train station to the beginning of the hike itself is about 30 mins.

Fabulous views of the Hudson Valley and the Bear Mt. Bridge.

This was a great hike! I love scrambling up rocks and it was like the start of the Kaaterskill Falls hike, but it was like that the whole way! I defenitely recommend going

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