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My son and I did Porter first, which was muddy in spots, but otherwise a really nice detour before going up Cascade. The views from Porter were better than expected. Cascade was spectacular! The rock scramble at the end was a good time. We stayed longer on Cascade, and had some food. The path from the trailhead is uphill from the start, with only a few very short level areas. It is also very rocky, and on the trek down this was a bit of a challenge. There were people of all ages and skill levels on the trial, and most people were very friendly and encouraging on the way up and down. The parking areas around the trailhead were packed by 10:00am, so get there early. We spent about 5 hrs on the trail, 4:19 minutes of actual hiking time. Two of my apps agreed on mileage, 7.1 for Cascade and Porter. Great hike and amazing views!

Great, steep hike, fun rock scramble at cascade, porter was super muddy

Always a favorite. Great with my kids. We went early to beat the crowds and was worth it.

All in all a beautiful hike. We stayed true to Cascade. If you are new to hiking ( like many we passed as we made our way down) preparation is key. It’s definitely a hike, not a stroll. Wear appropriate footwear! I’m incredibly proud of our 4.5 year old son who made it to the summit and back with no assistance. Took us 4 hours car to car, with a nice break at the top and a few on the way up. We cruised down with ease. Parking was not an issue for us as we arrived early enough. View at the top was beautiful.

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I don’t think the trail marker issue was that bad, a few times we were confused but for the most part we knew where to go! The uphills were killer over all it was a really pretty hike and the views at the top were awesome .

Great great hike. Completed on 8/11. Pretty rocky on the way up (and down), but the views from Cascade are otherworldly and the rock scramble at the end is really fun. Lots and lots of people up there on a good weather Saturday. The trail to Porter was pretty muddy in places, but there are some nice, though less spectacular views at the top and along the way. Two of the 46 down!

Have not been up cascade in 10+ years so when I decided to make a trip up I made sure it was a Wednesday to avoid the crowds that clog up this trail on the weekends. Hit porter first so I could sit and enjoy myself longer on Cascade. View from Porter was pretty stellar. Took me about 20 mins to get to Porter from the trail junction and vice versa to get to cascade. Cascade summit is gorgeous with 360 degree views.

Start early and the crowds will be fine. Brought my beagle-basset and we had a blast.

Great hike. Amazing view from the top of cascade and porter.

Première ascension en Montagne pour mes filles et moi, (14 et 12 ans). Nous avons monté en 1h30 et redescendus en 1h10. Vue spectaculaire au sommet. Parcours un peu plus difficile a l’approche du sommet ⛰

Beautiful views and relatively easy trail!

Relatively easy trail, usually busy. To me it feels like one big long staircase! Good for kids, nice view from the top
Porter is nothing special, though.

I agree: do Porter first. Great fun to end with that rock scramble.

Recommend checking out Porter Mountain first then head off to Cascade Mountain since the view is better. Both are worth the effort, beautiful!!

Hard work, but the view is spectacular. Bring lots of water!!!!!

A good challenge for someone getting into hiking, I saw people of all ages and fitness levels. the Cascade view is simply phenomenal and the Porter isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Took me 5 hours in total car to car but I took nice long breaks at the top (probably 45 min between the two summits). I wouldn't go as far as to say this trail is easy, but compared to the other high peaks this is a walk in the park. It's all about perspective! So if you're a novice hiker, this will be a little challenge. But the view is so worth it. Pack a little picnic for the top!

Beautiful views at the false summit as well as the real peak. Definitely a trail to remember

Great hike and beautiful views at the top of Cascade mountain! The downhill can be hard if you have knee problems but overall an awesome hike! It took us about 3 hours 15 minutes with rest at the top and a few on the way up and down.

Great hike with awesome views at the summit! We hike in Shenandoah a lot and this hike reminds me of a shorter version of Old Rag in Virginia. The rock scramble at the top is fun and the 360 degree view is spectacular. If you have knee problems the downhill can be challenging. This hike took us about 3 hours 15 min. We were trying to beat the sun going down so we did not stop to hang out at the top more than 10-15 min.

awesome trail. 12 of us had a great time including my 8 year old.

Trail pas trop longue avec un bon dénivelé et beaucoup de cailloux . Au sommet une vue à couper le souffle par contre ont doit pas avoir le vertige ..... ;-)

Awesome 1st high peak with my boy scouts!

Amazing hike. For a high peak, it is a moderate hike. However, it is long. Took me 5-6 hours to finish. But, I did stay on Cascade for a good amount of time. Porter is also great, but the views at Cascade is 10/10!

Gorgeous moderate hike. If you are looking for views this is a great pick. The trail is moderate and offers nice portions that are great for trail running. There are also many nice little overlooks so you can find your own spot to relax and take in the views.

I took my 11yr old son with me to conquer this weekend hike. We arrived at the trailhead 715 Sunday morning. Most of the parking spots were already full. We hiked up - very rocky, but doable.

We arrived at the summit at Porter first and it was completely encompassed in fog and windy. I wish I brought my winter hat. We then hiked to Cascade and it was also encompassed in fog and even windier. We had breakfast at the summit, my son found a windbreak on the leeward side, and watched the fog burn off and finally got to see the sweeping views. Just lovely.

Trail was crowded on our way down passing literally over 100 people going up. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot at 1230 to find we were just about boxed in by illegal parking and people parking for a good 1/4 mile up and down the road on the narrow shoulders.

Very busy trail! Took me and my two friends about 2 hours to get to the top of Cascade, which included many breaks. The trail was muddy so don’t wear shoes you care about. We hiked both Cascade and Porter and if Porter wasn’t a high peak I would recommend skipping it. The view just wasn’t really worth it and the top was a let down lol.

Did this in two separate trips. It was our team's first hike and we were not sure what to expect, so we only committed to one per day. Both were great with Cascade obviously having the better view. Also a great place to start to gauge your own abilities and determine needs for future hikes. I'm hooked. If I wasn't an aspiring 46er before Cascade, I am now. 2 down, 44 to go. Excited for the journey ahead of me. Cascade completed on a sunny day in June. Total was about 5 hours with maybe 20 mins at the summit. Porter was a sunny day in July and took about 4 hours with, again, about 20 mins at the top. On to the next....

Our first two high peaks and it was the perfect hike to start!!! We did Cascade first and the views were stunning!! It was extremely windy at the top and we were the only ones there. We started the hike at about 5am, because we went on a very hot and humid day. Porter was much more secluded, a little disappointing but still beautiful. It was really muddy and harder to maneuver through with the dogs. I highly recommend this as a first high peak hike.

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