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5 days ago

Strong 3. The first mile through the Alman Marsh is pretty muddy with lots of bikers, but the 2 mile loop around Shollenberger Park is great. Stilts, coots, vultures, red winged blackbirds, and just a good vibe. Good winter time jaunt.

Great trail with few hikers. Cows are all around and as long as you ignore them, they'll ignore you. definitely not easy-- it's a moderate uphill trail.

Great views, decent elevation change. Plenty of wildlife.

This walk (or jog) is not a hike at all. It is completely flat and partially paved. Good to go with a friend and walk the dog when it is a dry winter day. Warmer parts of the season gets bugs and a little stinky. Occasionally there are some shady characters hanging out at the far end by the river which is why I say go with a friend. That being said it has fairly high foot traffic. On a genuine scale of 1-5 (1 being terrible 5 being amazing) this is definitely not a five but a 3 is fair - it’s ok.

Birds! Great place for birding.

Great spot for Birds. Nice peaceful walk along the levee this AM. There were quite a few dog walkers but after the first mile there was no one out on the levee. Not a bad walk at all.

Nice, short trail with a decent climb to get your heart pumping. Views are beautiful and so peaceful!

1 month ago

I think Shollenberger Park is a perfect place to walk with your dog during the right time of year. I think spring and summer, there is, of course ticks and foxtails, so I do not walk my dog at Shollenberger. Weather permitting and during the winter, Shollenberger is a perfect place to walk with your dog, your friends and children. The path is flat, but not paved, so strollers or children on bikes may be a little difficult. Birdwatching is popular at Shollenberger.

Beautiful and sacred land. A permit is no longer required to hike.

2 months ago

The Trail is reOPENed after a major rehab! The Upper trail is accessed va Toyon trailhead through the mountain cemetery. The lower trail remains CLOSED until Spring, after the longed for rains. Map at the kiosk. and map photo to follow.

Just FYI to everyone this trail is temporarily closed.

Beautiful easy walk with views of the river. Lots of birds. Great place to walk your dog

mountain biking
5 months ago

I've ridden my bike on this trail various times, and it's definitely a nice ride if you catch the tide at the right time. High tide, the water makes the scenery beautiful to gaze at. It's also a good area to walk your dogs around, but be safe around glass beach.

Lots of wildlife, well maintained paths, water station, Glass Beach

Nicely kept and maintained trails.

This trail was a great match for the 4 of us. The view of the Napa Valley was beautiful. We want to come back in a few weeks and gather blackberries ♡

Love the views and great for a trail run!

5 months ago

A Few different ways to switch up your route. Picnic benches on top of the hill. One bigger hill is optional of you want to add a steeper incline.

5 months ago

Nice walk half is paved good and easy for all ages, even people fishing in the river as you pass

5 months ago

Overgrown and full of ticks a little boring but once you get near the bay there are there are many different birds to look at.

Well. I like this trail better before I realized the hill is basically a giant pimple on the earth. It’s a landfill that was covered in dirt. I mean, yea, it’s great there isn’t exposed landfill just sitting there, and apparently they somehow make energy for electricity from it, but. It just ruined the entire area there for me. It just makes me mad that that was the solution to the landfill. Just bury it? So that all that trash gets to seep into the soil and water around it? Just doesn’t seem smart. Now all I can think about there is how humans are ruining the earth.

This hike.

A giant man made pimple in the earth. Filled with trash. Yay? :/

Moderate trail with pretty views of the valley. Appropriate for children, too. Closed until sept 2018.

This trail is CLOSED for rehabilitation until September 2018!

6 months ago

This trail is usually well kept, however it has gone on the wayside as of late. The trail is overgrown, although still hikeable. The ticks are out in serious force. By the time I had noticed, I had a good 30 ticks on my pant legs. Given the trail is overgrown, it gives ticks ample tall grass to cling in wait, while you go walking through the path. If it was groomed properly, this wouldn't be nearly as bad a problem. I did contact the organization responsible for the trail and gave them a heads up.

7 months ago

great to have nature signs that can be scanned by your phone

7 months ago

Decent place to walk. I wish it was paved all the way through. Don’t have any children bring their scooters unless you want to carry it for a portion of the trail. All the people I’ve encountered are nice. Nice place to bring a dog.

Love this trail, sad to see it close as they have to rebuild it due to extreme fire damage.

7 months ago

Fantastic walk up to the top of the hill. Grass is a bit tall at the top for my preference, including thorns and thistles. Beautiful views of the valley. Will comeback!

Had an hour to kill after breakfast. got some sun and exercise

perfect Saturday morning running trail.

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