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What a delightful small gem of a trail! I can understand the concerns of neighbors in the vicinity of the trail; there is simply no room to park without impacting them, but the good news is that from the YMCA (or school parking, if you're there on the weekend) it is only 3 tenths of a mile to the trailhead, through the woods and over the stream on a bridge and then a short walk on the streets. The entire trail is a delight; quality not quantity. At the very end, your view of the falls is limited unless you scramble over some rock, but only about 20 yards of them; if it's warm enough to take off your boots or shoes, it's easy to go right up to the base of the falls where there is a divine 4 ft. deep swimming hole. The falls cascade down into a sort of amphitheater, with steep rock on every side. Beautiful!!

Very wet trail...falls were very nice and worth the trip. Do the Ross Brook Trail and will make the loop trail worth it...Ross Brook follows the brook and us s nice moderate hike. Falls is what makes this trip.

Moderate is a fair tag. Mildly steep at certain points, relatively flat at others. Once you hit the "summit 0.8 miles" sign buckle up, it's going to feel a lot longer than that, with how steep it gets from that point on. Once you get to the top check out both sides of the summit, views of Williamstown on the right & North Adams on the left. A little over an hour to the top, even with stopping several times to catch a breather. Don't know where this trail got a "river" tag, no water in sight. Nothing worthy of note view-wise on the trek up/down, worth it for the summit though.

2 months ago

This is amazing. Easy to get to even if the park is closed.

2 months ago

Good short afternoon stroll with a bit of mud and rocks near falls. Well worth the effort

2 months ago

most definitely rocky and uphill most of the way taking care not to slip going downhill

most definitely rocky and uphill and be careful going downhill

Easy, quick hike , I had 10 kids with me from our pathfinder group, they all enjoyed, beautiful scenery

This was a great quick hike- the waterfall is beautiful

Very muddy hike but worth it in the end.

Gorgeous location, visited many times

more than what I expected

2 months ago

Nice hike that starts right through a quiet neighborhood and then turns into a nice and easy walk through the woods on a rocky trail that follows the clear little creek for just over a mile to a neat waterfall that’s carved its way back through years and years of rock. Cool shiny rocks, highly shaded. Little bit of wet-clay mud, which is to be expected in the environment your in. Stopped by Bright Ideas Brewing afterwards for a pint and then headed to the 6’ House Pub for dinner.

I would call it a work out hike! Straight up and straight down also pretty muddy! But that said outstanding views at the top made it all worth while!

Delightful and beautiful trail, easy walk most of the way to the falls. The foot path follows the brook the entire way to the Cascade. Very nice on a hot day as well- feels cool in the gorge-like waterfall area. Make sure you plan ahead or read up on where to park!

Fascinating place, very grounding, somewhat surreal, worth every penny.

When I went there wasn’t a river or stream so if you have a dog bring extra water..there are a couple dog bowls up there that was funny and useful

It’s a beautiful trail along Notch Brook. Not very long but a nice way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. This year the water flow is one of the highest in many years. The City needs to work on more directional signage at the Y. The other new signs have been up less than a year and are a big improvement on nothing before. Marion Ave. goes from a boulevard with a median to a narrow lane at the end which is why there is no parking and no turnaround. The signs on Rt. 2 and at the corner of Pershing and Marion all direct Cascade Trail visitors to park at the Y. Just go there. It has been a local trail for decades but with so many people discovering it on the internet the traffic and parking became a big problem at the end of Marion Ave. Take the extra steps!

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. It’s an easy walk with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. I did this in less than an hour, including a nice sit to watch the waterfall. As stated in other reviews, it’s not the most well-marked trailhead. GPS took me to the wrong side of the neighborhood. Park at the school/YMCA and then you have to walk through a neighborhood to get to the trailhead.

Thank you to the previous hikers who posted about where to park! Parts of the trail were washed out- but the scenery is well worth the walk! Bring bug spray! What a gem

Beautiful park!

4 months ago

I don't know why everyone keeps posting here that you cannot park on Marion Avenue...you most certainly can!
The 'trailhead' consists of the about 10 feet of dirt area at the front up to the large boulder - not the whole street.
As long as you don't block driveways, feel free to park on Marion Ave...the police have already said it's a city street and parking is allowed.
Residents park on the street all the time.

on Waterfall Trail

4 months ago

Awesome place to explore! While there is not much hiking, there is a lot of natural beauty, and cool tidbits of info along the paths. There is something for everyone there :)

4 months ago

Small hike to the waterfalls along a beautiful creek. Since it was raining till morning it’s a bit muddy but the weather added beauty to the views. Easy hike for kids. Loved the falls. You can walk all the way to the falls.

We hiked this in late July after a couple of days of rain. The first ~2.5 miles were very muddy through what seems like a creek bed. Gorgeous forest, though, and lots of frogs spotted along the way. The falls themselves are gorgeous! There’s a bit of a climb down and out again, but not too long and very worth it. We looped back on Tannery Road after the falls — a slight incline most of the way, and while it’s a pretty walk and a more direct route out, it’s not quite as interesting as the trail on the way in. I’d recommend taking the same trail, or one of the many others in the area, for the way back!

4 months ago

This trail was a bit difficult to find. GPS will take you to a dead end residential neighborhood where you cannot park. We parked at ymca and backtracked to trailhead on foot. Walking through a private neighborhood seemed odd but worth it when we found a fairy village living in a tree :) must be some creative people in that neighborhood. The trail was pretty short but super fun. The last part trying to get to the falls was a bit steep and muddy but so very worth it. There’s tons of bugs because you’re surrounded by water so bring bug spray. The waterfall was completely accessible we stood under the falls and enjoyed looking at the thin shiny rocks. This trail is definitely one of my favorites.

nature trips
4 months ago

A great walk through the woods to a terrific waterfall. There was a bit of foot traffic, but nothing to dampen the enjoyment (and everyone was very friendly). Finding the trailhead was definitely easier thanks to the advice from Sarah Coelho (it is not well marked at the YMCA).

Loved this park. Awesome park ranger to five a tour for free with some history included. Worth the time to take the tour. Amazing view lf the old quarry, it's truly unbelievable!

5 months ago

Since I had previously hiked this when parking was permitted on Marion Rd, I thought I’d update the directions since there are not good directions once you park at the YMCA- I parked near the side where you overlook Brayton Hill
Walk behind the ymca past the playground, follow the tree line to a paved path, you’ll enter the woods to the right over a bridge, cross notch rd to Pershing st, at end of Pershing turn right onto Marion and trail head is on the right at the end of the street!
Great shady, short hike with lots of water spots for dogs to cool off!

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