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1 day ago

Lovely, easy, trail with lots of bird life. We were very pleased to get a fantastic view of a Barred Owl when it flew to a tree after being scolded by crows. This was near the beginning of our walk. Owl was still on its perch when we finished the loop, so we got a second look!

This is an out of the way unadvertised trail. Had I not found it on the app I doubt I’d ever have known it was there but it’s definitely a great local trail. Parking was not an issue at all. My GPS took us to Newtown which is a large shopping area, so free parking and it’s right where the trail starts. It’s not marked but is easy to follow as it is well maintained. Apparently it’s owned by the college of William & Mary. It’s an easy trail and would be great for running. I ran portions of it with both of my dogs, it’s a wide path. There were only a few sections that had roots which would require caution. I did see a few people on the trail as well Most of the view was wooded but it loops around a lake as well. All in all a great find..

It was a great walk on a warm November morning. It took us a bit to find.

As long as you don't turn around and continue across the footbridge and return on the Powhatan Forks Trail you'll be rewarded with the best views in the park.

trail running
28 days ago

The picture shown is not the backbone trail; it is the end of the Majestic Oak Trail. All the trails in the park off the Backbone Trail are super nice with great views of the water at the end. The main backbone trail is a less interesting connector that gets you to all the good stuff.

28 days ago

I think the distances listed here are way off. I walked the route outlined and I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near 3 miles. Maybe 1.5 miles at most, but probably not even that. Walking around on the spot of one of the first settlements in the present-day U.S. is a must do.

Enjoyed a crisp Sunday afternoon hike with my dog on leash. We both truly enjoyed it! Not very difficult and it was well marked. Serene view of the water for first half of the hike.

1 month ago

Great area to walk a lot of wildlife to look at!!

Some fallen trees, and many roots to surmount, but soft sandy trail and lovely views of water through the trees.

This trek is short (2.7 mi.) and moderate that traverses along the Waller Mill Lake shore line. It runs through some dense woods with both hardwoods and pines. It was an enjoyable hike.

Slightly shorter than the 2.5mi displayed, my GPS had it at 2.1mi. There are now several very large trees fallen across the trail, making continuous running difficult. However, the location can’t be beat directly on campus.

trail running
2 months ago

We ran the A section of the trail just before dark on a Saturday night. It’s a great trail for running with slight elevation changes, switch backs and plenty of roots. This trail has a good overhead tree canopy so it can be run during midday and you will be in the shade for 90% of the run. The trail was approximately 4.7 miles long on my GPS.

2 months ago

well maintained trail, splits off to many other trails, saw a turkey in the woods, fun day hike

it was nice not hard my kids were able to do it the youngest 9 oldest 16 no issues pack a light lunch and enjoy lots of roots not bad for $2 per car

Nice mix of technical and some paved good for trail running, hiking, scout adventures, and mountain biking(but sign says no bikes allowed). Lots of roots so you must be fit. Well maintained by a scout troop... I added some distance on some nearby paths. This park requires $2 fee if you park a car. It has great fishing areas and boats to rent etc. The shade was awesome for me since I ran in some summer heat. I’ll be back with kids to boat and do some geocaching!

Great for hiking or rucking. Clearly posted signs with multiple trails.

4 months ago

Nice historical adventure with the family. Snapped a pic with Phocohontas for the a child's memory book.

Nice trail with good path and scenery.

there is no mountain bike trial. The only bike trial they have is paved.

7 months ago

I like this loop. It’s pleasant, well-marked, and undulating. It’s not really scenic and it’s almost completely wooded. That’s not bad for me, but i can see how it could be a bit monotonous for some.

scenic driving
7 months ago

Beautiful, quick drive around the island

on Historic Jamestown

8 months ago

This is a 5 mile walk/hike totally on an asphalt road surface. Nice walk but I would say it is better for biking.

Terrific! Beautiful views, a great path surface, and a bit of elevation change every once in a while to keep you honest. This is a walk/hike that provides you with great water views as you walk in a forested area; a rare combination!

road biking
10 months ago

This is a gorgeous bike and hiking trail that circles Jamestown Island. Goes over marshes, across wooden bridges, and right down to the James River.

Pretty easy walk, a lot of ups and downs. $2 park fee, make sure you go to the building by the water to pay before you go to leave.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

My wife and I stayed to trail A. Only passed by a couple of bike riders. Trail is easy to follow and was a very enjoyable hike for the day.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Great park loved running on the the difficult bike trail.

road biking
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Very pretty woods. Single lane road with no bike lane. Had to pull off the side of the road several times to let vehicles pass . If you go, go early so there is less traffic.

Very nice trail and matches description.

This was an awesome trail in an awesome park. Beautiful forest and lake views. The trail was wide and well marked. No getting lost here even without a map. There are lots of tree roots so watch your footing. There were plenty of climbs which I was excited about as I was looking for more of a challenge. And of course it was awesome that the pup got to go swimming. There is a $2 parking fee... just an FYI. There's also lots to do at the park.

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