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Giant waterfalls where you can walk any distance from 0-20 miles. Good to view in the snow even, parking lot has been clear most of the time.

Here is a video of my time here:

Beautiful, short hike over packed snow. Family friendly and definitely worth it. Expect snow until mid March.

Awesome hike. Soft on your feet and beautiful trees. The view of the pool is incredible from above. Really cold water. Heavy trafficked trail

Great place to hike when it's not to crowded

With the dry winter Oregon is having I decided to venture over the pass to do this hike. It was well worth it, despite how short it is. The color of the water is magnificent this time of year and the lack of the crowds made it even better. There was even a light dusting of snow. I would not recommend attempting this hike in the winter without proper safety equipment in your car, the winter is not typical. The trail will always be fine, the roads may vary.

Had a great time with my family here juat beforw the fire closed 242

Wonderful hike! A little muddy but still enjoyable. However, I almost missed the pool! If you reach a sign that says “does not loop around” you’ve gone too far.

1 month ago

Nice walk around the lake. Mellow enough to take it as a stroll. Friend and I went in mid-January on a clear blue sky day. Though we started the hike at 1pm we could still admire the crystal clear water, finished around 4:30. Can't wait to go back again and admire it on a bright summer day!

Definitely worth the hike. The hike is pretty easy and the waterfalls are incredible. Sahalie Falls is one of my all time favorites. The trail is heavily trafficked because of all the people passing by on the highway. Would definitely recommend it to anyone

I really enjoyed the car ride there but I wish the hike was longer. The waterfalls were worth it if your there for an easy hike.

Pool is BEAUTIFUL!! easy hike. We were the first ones on the trail Sunday morning. Nice to have it to ourselves for a bit. After blue pool we then hit up the Sahalie and Koosah falls and ended the day with a soak in the Terwilliger hot springs also known as Cougar hot springs. Makes a nice lil adventure.

I went on a steady drizzly day on December 2nd and I had the trail and Blue pool all to myself. One of my favorite hikes!

I went back in July and it’s a good hike! Not shaded though for half of it. By the end of it we had gotten a little tired of almost the same view. Can get busy when there’s good weather.

Family-friendly hike. Very icy at the viewpoint for Sahalie Falls, otherwise slushy/snowy along the trail. Lots of visitors.

3 months ago

One of my favorite hikes!

We only saw two people on the trail when we went in March. If you don't mind hiking in snow and like the trail to yourself I suggest going in early spring.

I went on this trail when there was still snow on the ground. It was gorgeous but a little difficult just because of the snow. It would be a super easy hike in the summer months.

4 months ago

Great hike! Like others said, it's pretty easy until you get close to the falls. I wanted the money shot, so it required some trekking across the river and some climbing onto some rocks, but nothing too scary. Once you get close to the falls, you can feel the mist from the water. Feels really good if you go up on a hot, summer day!

Beautiful Blue Pool! Rocky trails and great hike. Surprisingly lots of people & dogs today. Watched a duck dive over & over. Could see everything as the water is so very clear.

4 months ago

Hiked this trail the end of October. We went early. We had the trail to ourselves hiking in and at “the pool” spectacular! It is lush and green with the Blue River gurgling next to the trail. Lovely big trees and the smell is wonderful. It reminded me of evergreen candles, but better. The pool is beautiful and the way it was formed is mind boggling. Definitely glad we hiked this but may not have enjoyed it as much with a lot of other people.

Loved this hike! We decided to take it up a notch and hike down into the river and river walked down streams bit. The water is beautiful blue and fast and SUPER cold!!

Awesome trail with amazing views especially when you get to the pool itself!!

4 months ago

We just tried to do this hike today and both the French Pete Campground and trail are closed because of the fires this summer!!

Really easy, beautiful hike! The trail is blooming with green lush AND all the leaves, made for some beautiful scenery!

I saw a picture that someone had posted on Instagram and knew I had to check this place out. I came out yo Oregon to visit family and my mom, boyfriend, and I stopped by on our way home from Portland. This definitely is a super easy hike but the views, to die for!

Really cool trail with great viewpoints!

One of my favorite trails! Stunning falls, the air smells so sweet here, and we loved just sitting by quieter spots on the river. Really gorgeous the whole way!

Went yesterday with my college kids. Beautiful drive from Corvallis-with snow on the sides of the road. Beautiful hike. Few puddles and one fallen tree. We were done by 11:30. They are not kidding how popular the trail is...walking out we stopped counting when we reached 59 heads. And we still had 1/4 mike to go. Lots and lots of cars parked.

5 months ago

The fall colors are here, along with tiny bits of snow. Very pretty walk around the lake - we took the whole family, and we haven't hiked for quite awhile. Taking our sweet time and stopping for lots of pictures, it took about 3.5 hours to finish the loop. The lava fields are a little more difficult to maneuver - there's some bits with paved path, mostly it's rocks you're walking on) but there isn't much of the trail with the lava fields. Mostly nice forest trails throughout. Would have loved to take a boat on the lake, get a closer look at the underwater forest - but the hike was gorgeous.

This time of year the colors are amazing the weather is cold enough though that a decent coat or sweatshirt is needed. We tried to check online about parking because of park closures and couldn’t find any information but chose to try anyway, thankfully there was plenty of room for parking at the trail head. Not being quite as regular to hiking I was correctly concerned about the difficulty of the trail. There were a few areas where there were substantial puddles, muddy paths and a downed tree to navigate around. It was however a great hike with beautiful rewarding views all along the way (assuming you can look up while trying not to stumble on the many rocks.

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