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51 minutes ago

10/10 trail run. 100% runnable. Rooty and craggy, be careful. Fell 1x and tripped 6x. Beautiful fern forest, diverse and well marked / cleared trail. Top views and rocks at the end. Be careful timber rattlers here at the rocks overlook please check your surroundings before taking in the views. If you choose to scramble on the rocks check hand and foot placements carefully. 4.4 miles minimal elevation change. Perfect perfect perfect.


Got off Lake trail when it crossed the forest trail. About a half mile it the trail just ended I the middle of the woods.....we were looking for a trail but were unable to find it. Ended up making our own which did eventually get us back on the trail. Lots of overgrowth, poorly marked signage and downed trees to climb over. Then had to walk on the road because there were signs of a detour for the trail. Come to find out that part of the trail was open!!!! Never again! Lake is great for kayaking but that particular trail is horrible for hiking. I’ll go back to McConnell’s Mill or Moraine .... those are much nicer and more scenic!

Went on the hike yesterday morning, and the temperature was perfect. We took the North Mont Chateau trail and veered off into some other trails, and at the end clocked in at about 11.5 miles (with 175 floors climbed)! The hike is marked well and has some great views. Walking in between some of the massive rocks, seeing the Iron Furnace and seeing the mini-beach at Cheat Lake were some of the biggest highlights. The overlook of Coopers Rock is amazing but was extremely crowded. If you come during early morning, you may have a better experience. Overall great hike, definitely worth the 5 hours for me. Check out some of my photos. Sitting down afterwards was great haha

Loved this trail. Too bad I didn't go earlier in the day. My 4 year old daughter and I went on a whim at around 8 pm. We almost got lost on an off trail and it was getting dark. I will definitely hike this trail again but I'll go in the morning.

A bit muddy in spots after its rained a couple days

Lovely waterfall that I would love to see in the daytime.

Great views, rocky and muddy

...had been several years since on the trail...it is nearly downhill (sloping) all the way until the last trek...then it is up up up...as others say, it was rocky, wet and muddy...i have always found it difficult to look at the greenery to my left and right, because i am watching my feet!...and yes, the power line is a sad meet but, hey, what a view!!...weather was great and just enough hikers on it to feel comfortable by myself yet plenty of quiet time for my dog and i

I had a day off and decided to hike this trail, since all the reviews said the trail was marked and easily followed I knew it would be a great hike. Unfortunately, it's not marked all that great and I ended up taking wrong turn that resulted in 1.5 miles out and back to get back onto the trail turning my 5 mile hike into 8.
I used the app the rest of the trail until i happened upon the end of it which wasn't well marked at all and eventually I just followed the road. Everything was beautiful, and had this been at my peak fitness a couple years ago I wouldn't have felt like I was going to die. I'd recommend using the app to guide you if you're going to follow this trail as it is actually a loop around several connecting trails. If you do that, you'll likely have a much better experience than I. Happy Trails!

beautiful overlook. watch for Timber rattlesnakes. can get muddy but still a favorite.

We make this hike yearly to picnic on the rocks. Gorgeous hike.

1 month ago

I loved this trail one of my favorites so far just enough of a challenge for me only issue is part of trail the bridge is out and was never replaced so had to walk thru the water

A little tough to follow the first half mile, although a beautiful run. The rest is easy until the climb. A good run.

1 month ago

I did the little 5 mile-ish loop someone else mentioned out of Sioux campground, West till it ends on Nichol road, then southeast on Nichol to Wetlands, and back up the hill to camp on Heron.
All really easy minus one uphill on Forest near the end, and Heron had some sharp elevation gain at the bottom.
A little grown over in spots, but hiking poles made everything easily passable.
Wetlands trail was by far my favorite part, no beaver sighting, but, lots of ducks, huge Muskie jumped out of the pond above the dam. Rest of the loop had good variation of forest growth, but no real sights aside from a cool little fern grove.

1 month ago

Hiked this along with most of the Heritage Trail in March and then again in May. Trail was overgrown with vegetation in May especially the section west of Rt. 18. The vegetation really tore up my legs, I would suggest wearing longer pants if doing this trail west of 18 in spring/summer. Several down trees in different areas. Definitely one of the most secluded and challenging hikes you'll get within a 40 minute drive of the Pittsburgh area.

1 month ago

Great hike. Took about two hours at moderate pace. Make sure you have some water and hiking shoes preferable but sneakers are ok. Take a left at the loop to do more difficult section first. View worth the trip!

2 months ago

My original plan was to park at Lick Hollow Picnic area for a two day trip, out and back to the Quebec Run Wilderness Area. But when I found out that they don't allow overnight parking at Lick Hollow (and that it doesn't open until Memorial Day), I decided to start at Quebec Run and hike north instead of south. I learned, however, that there is no camping allowed at the Pine Knob overlook area, so I had to make do elsewhere. There is a small parking area on Pine Knob Road where the trail leaves the road to head toward Redstone Creek. Redstone Creek appears to be a reliable source of water year-round (always a good idea to treat water). There is a large clearing suitable for group camping (could easily hold a half dozen tents) a bit north of the power line cut near Long Run. The trail is very well blazed, but not well-worn. The toughest elevation change is the approach to Redstone Creek coming from the south.

Trail starts great down through huge boulders. Declines down into a valley with a beautiful creek and the clay furnace. The second half of the trail is pretty open without a lot of great scenery.

Not very well marked at all. Got lost a couple times and eventually turned around.

3 months ago

Excellent trail with beautiful scenery. Came from high bridge and hit cucumber falls at the end and it was well worth it. had the gorge trail to ourselves, but the falls themselves were a little crowded since it's a popular spot right next to the road.

nice well maintained trail.

Great rolling trail following the river. the last bit has a decent elevation change. Make sure to stop at Cucumber Falls.

Bridge down and signage to follow detour was hard. We walked around for 30 minutes before finding the right path. Wear bright colors! This trail goes through a hunting area. Overall great hike!

3 months ago

Did a small portion of this trail. Created a loop that included the Wetlands Trail, Forest Trail, and Heron Trail - possibly a short portion of the Palomino Trail. Made for about a 5 mile loop. Great trail - well marked, good sights and challgenging! Will do again!

3 months ago

Can’t beat it!

4 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous view at the top, but the walking trail itself does not vary much in appearance. Still a great walk through the woods. Not too steep, and not horribly crowded, but we did pass several groups during the hike and we shared the top of the mountain with a few other groups as well.

10.6 miles from OH line to darlington. 86 floors the elevation changes are tough if you’re not used to it. Indian rock lookout is great.

We took the dog for a hike on a weekend afternoon. We entered the trail through the dog park where you are allowed to take dogs off leash. From there we did about an hour and a half of trail hiking through the wooded area connected to the dog park. It seems like a popular destination for dog walking and families. There are signs for horse trails, but we didn’t see any horses that day. We passed a few hikers and a good amount of people walking with their dogs along the way.
Wear your repellent and stay covered up. Ticks are abundant in the area.
Trails are well worn and easy to pick out. There are some steep and muddy areas.

5 months ago

Fun place with great views

6 months ago

Rocky in some places and muddy in others. Not much elevation gain, but still, wonderful view at the end.

Rain was light and steady but the trail was great. 50 degrees on the 1st week in dec 17.

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