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5 hours ago

awesome hike ... early part no shade so a little exposed but latter half gets really deep into the forests .... the lake itself is on you all of a sudden so hidden it is ..... not much of a place to hang out but well worth it .... the return trip is at least 40 % faster !!

Great easy trail. Well maintained, not crowded. Lots of mini-diversion options.

nature trips
5 days ago

July 8th, 2018: Absolutely worth the trip to go when the tide is low. Loved exploring the tide pools, looking for starfish (which were everywhere), and having lunch on the beach. We went around + 1 ft so the lower the better.

trail running
5 days ago

love this easy run!

Trail is ok..make sure to put on bug spray lots of mosquitos all through out the trail.

Always have a wonderful walk here .

Went with my friend and we took our pups, lots of loops to explore, loved it.

Easy not moderate. Pretty view

Lots of photo opportunities! Gorgeous views and a nice Visitor Center/ Gift shop

This place is beautiful!!! If you’re visiting Lopez island you must go here. We took amazing pictures. The “hike” there took us like 15-20 minutes with our 2 year old.

15 days ago

the best

Great local hike with no elevation and good views of the Nisqually River delta. Lots of birds and blackberries.

18 days ago

Pretty hike. Connected to several other trails.

18 days ago

This is a review geared largely for newer hikers or families (we are both), but regardless of ability, I hope you’ll find this helpful. THIS IS NOT AN EASY HIKE once you’re past Hole in the Wall! My husband, two kids (ages 10 and 12) and I hiked this in mid July 2018. We have visited the area a few times now and absolutely love it, so we decided to make it our first backpacking trip. Reading some of the reviews on AllTrails convinced us it would be a simple beach hike. We got our permits and equipment and spoke to the rangers, and headed out. (We told the ranger we are beginners and are very surprised they didn’t warn us).

We were prepared that there would be some areas where you need to use a rope-assisted incline trail to get around impassible areas, so that wasn’t a surprise, but be aware that you’ll have to navigate these. Some were simple, some were steep and muddy, and some were over 100 feet up (we waited for the tide to change so we didn’t have to do that one.) We didn’t have any problems, but I haven’t seen too many mentions of this and thought it might be helpful.

The biggest issue was the boulders. Once past Hole in the Wall, a very significant amount of time is spent climbing over boulders, solid and endless, many of them extremely slippery with seaweed, which took very careful and deliberate steps, especially when ascending or descending large boulders onto smaller ones or vice versa. Trekking poles saved our backsides multiple times. It was very slow going for me, though my husband and kids found it a bit easier. Some boulders are huge, and sometimes you have to get into very precarious situations where you could easily slip and get hurt badly. It’s like this for cove after cove, probably a few miles worth. We weren’t able to get farther than the Chilean Memorial “camp” before I was wiped out for the first day.

Keep in mind that all of the camps are 100% primitive. No cell service, no way out other than the way you came in, and plan accordingly. There are supposedly pit toilets but nobody there had been able to find them. Make sure you have a good water filtration system!

We hiked to Cedar Creek camp the next day (which was supposed to be our first destination), and after mostly the same difficulties, thankfully there was a few mile stretch of wonderful beach hiking, and a great freshwater pool you can swim in. It was gorgeous.

All in all it was a beautiful hike, but definitely better for more advanced hikers. Several other hikers we met also expressed their surprise at how difficult it was. Be prepared to be REMOTE! Also, it was hard to take in the beauty when you have to focus on every single step. According to hikers coming the other direction, it gets worse farther north.

Hope this helps!

love it it's good for the kids and very interesting wild life

Loved this fun and challenging (for us) family hike. Views were amazing.

24 days ago

Loved this hike although the tide was higher than I liked when we went through the Hole. We made it though and if you go early enough in the morning you can avoid a lot of the crowd.

24 days ago

This is a pretty area to walk through and is relatively flat throughout. Parts of the trail don’t have tree coverage, so it does get warm. There are a ton of mosquitoes on this trail! I rarely get mosquito bites, but I spent the whole walk trying to brush mosquitoes off of my husband and he still ended up with quite a few bites.

25 days ago

Great hike, not too difficult but not too easy. Trail is well kept, and the views are great on the first half of the hike. A lot of bugs by the lake, as expected this time of the year. Overall a good trail and since it's on the PCT you can always hike further.

Nice easy walk. Good overlook of the Nisqually river. Completed the entire walk with 4 kids the youngest one is 10 so it's definitely an easy walk. If you look you can watch Bald Eagles flying around. The trails were clean and maintained.

you drive right up to the views so it's not really a hike but it is stunningly gorgeous. we we're lucky enough to experience a clear day, being able to see all the way to the Canadian Rockies. apparently it's typical to not even be able to see the water!

The highlight was seeing a black bear!! This was on the bus portion of the trail between round and traditional lake. Both us and the bear were startled but felt little threat. Really enlivened. We were out there around 3:30 pm and the bear appeared to be foraging right along the trail

Feels like cheating driving up to the top, but the views are amazing. Real easy trails up here. Gorgeous views all around. Got very lucky with visibility and were able to see all the way to the Canadian Rockies!

A local favorite.

short and gorgeous. mostly exposed on ridge.

1 month ago

As beautiful as dunes can be, however 3 stars because: 1) some benches are too tall: probably, the soil settled with time; 2) the dunes block the view of the ocean; 3) "Warning! Mountain lion is active in this area" as posted in the kiosk by the bridge leading from the loop north-east to Alder dunes. "Is active", not merely "sighted."

Beautiful trail. Walked it on July 13th and the whole sourdough trail was free of snow.
I recommend taking the wonderland trail to get back, instead of hiking the sourdough trail up and back (a few spots covered with snow on this trail, but no problem to hike with normal hiking shoes).
Beware of lots of mosquitos! (Recommend deet)

1 month ago

Very easy and short hike. Good signage, lots of families.

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