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Absolutely beautiful trail. So much green, so close to Phoenix, and about 20° cooler. The creek is gorgeous and refreshing. The trail runs right next to the creek most of the way. The trail is very easy, very wide, and mostly flat except for a few uphills as you get further in. The waterfall is small but pretty and a good place to relax. Past the waterfall is a more challenging trail that climbs right up the mountain to Promontory Butte, which offers an amazing scenic lookout. I've been to Horton Creek 3 times and enjoyed each time.

2 days ago

Great hike, not sure why this is rated as moderate. Once you get to the waterfall the real hike begins in one mile you will climb 1400+ feet up the face of the rim. The trail is pretty much non existent I had to follow stacks of rocks and build my own in some spots, as my phone had died and I was on my own. All trails, say this is a 4 mile 1900 ft elevation gain when I got to waterfall i was like there is now way I hiked 1900 ft. I pulled up all trails and seen I still had 1 mile to go. I did not want to miss out on anything and pressed on. Take lots of water and food as that last mile is ruff. If all you want to do is hike to the waterfall then I would say this hike is easy.

awsome views!!! lots of mud today!!!

8 days ago

Perfect for someone from the Phoenix area because you'll get your fix of wildflowers and a woodland paradise, including waterfalls. It's a charming hike, and good for summer because it's shaded and has the cool water of the creek nearby.

10 days ago

Great trail with some of the best 360deg views around. Trail is well maintained. They have put up a fence around the lookout But still great views

Loved it, next time I’m starting earlier than 9 am though!

on Horton Creek Trail

14 days ago

great place to be naked!!

16 days ago

Was an amazingly beautiful hike! Lots of small waterfalls along the creek! Also lots of bugs and mosquitos! Take some repellent with you. Weather was amazing!

18 days ago

Hiked 7/29/18 with a friend and two dogs. Forgot how beautiful and lovely this trail is. Not too difficult, lots of water spots to stop at. Water is low right now but still worth it. Started early am Sunday, saw a couple people hiking out, and tons of people coming back, was getting pretty busy. Drive all the way until you cross the small bridge, park immediately in the lot to your left, cross back over the bridge on foot and up the little dirt road hill to start the trail.

It is a beautiful drive through some great forests. You can still see the damage caused by the wildfires several years ago. Very slow driving because of the many turns.

Such a great trail! Easy little hike/trail, constant river close to trail at all times. Great for dogs and kids too!! There is a bathroom next to the parking spots as well. Lots of little spots to just hang out by the river the whole way up. Make sure to bring water and keep in mind the temperature of the ground if you have a dog (even at 85 degrees the dirt and sand gets up to 100-105 degrees, which is waaay too hot for any pup)

25 days ago

Note - this IS NOT closed. Very easy trail, not even moderate. Beautiful with water all along and a great water spot at the end. It is best for a quick simple 4 mile in and 4 mile back out or better yet as the last leg in the 10 mile Derrick - Highline - Horton loop. to read about that, check out the reviews under Derrick Trail.

1 month ago

Great hike It's very well marked and offers a fair amount of shade. Not a lot of people. The dogs had a great time. Bring lots of water. We went through much more than usual

The trail itself wasn’t bad, pretty messed up from the horses walking through. The trail was full of big rocks also. We got to Scott Reservoir and it was nothing more than a puddle and the ice cave was refreshing. We got most of the way to the ice cave and then it started pouring which was welcome. By the time we got back to the truck we were soaked. All in all it was one for books and a nice get away from the hot Phoenix weather.

Not a bad trail ( despite all the whiners complaining of bourse ruts , cows etc. it’s nature folks, get over it ) and the cold air coming form the lava tube ( ice cave ) is a welcome addition.
We hiked all the way to the junction with Blue Ridge Trail and then turned back for a total 9 mile round trip.

1 month ago

Awesome hiking trail today!

Lots of horse and cow poop on the trail. My dog kept trying to eat it. I ran into a heard of cows grazing, and they all started mooing like crazy, sounded like a bunch of triceratops from Jurassic Park. They were so close, i thought they were going to stampede me and my dog; can cows charge at you? Idk, but I booked it outta there just in case. There’s an area by the cows you have to cross, where the trail breaks from the creek, it’s really muddy, I tried to jump it but my shoe ended up getting sucked into the mud. That was fun trying to get out. I then came up to Scott Reservoir expecting to see a lake with water...depressingly no water at all. I thought I saw some, but it could’ve been a mirage. After that I turned back around, everything just looked sad and dry. Only the beginning of the trail had the most greenery.

Good trail. Well marked. Not particularly scenic. Pretty heavily used on this Saturday. We parked a vehicle at the trail head and took another to the Blue Ridge trail head just past the overlook. 4-1/2 mile easy hike, mostly downhill. The only advantage is the proximity to Lakeside.

Took our youth group (12-18 ages) on this hike. Very beautiful, sad to see the area where the fire came through. Hike was perfect for our group size. Would definitely go back again

Trail was narrow and full of large rocks. There is a stables next door so the trail is full of road apples too. I would rate it moderately hard because of all the rocks. We only hiked into the reservoir because our party found it more difficult than fun.

attempted to hike this one on 6/2/2018. closed due to extreme fire restrictions.

2 months ago

Nice hike!!!Turn right out of the parking lot cross the bridge to the dirt road on the left go up the hill and the trail is on the left,right across from the small campground!Great walk dog loved it!!

3 months ago

Nice trail! Close to downtown pinetop. Very well marked. Went counterclockwise about 3 miles and then turned around, beautiful views and only saw 1 other person the whole hike. Gradual up and down, nothing to steep. Great way to spend a few hours in the trees!

3 months ago

Great trail. An easy hike, the weather was beautiful, and the creak was running.

Love this trail!!! It was nice and cool all day

3 months ago

Nice day hike

water was cascading through

3 months ago

Outstanding love this hike

3 months ago

Great peaceful hike. Camped overnight... Just beautiful nature.

4 Miles in and 4 miles out. The Creek was very pretty. Worth the drive!

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