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Kangamangus Highway

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Lovely snowshoe hike. Can't beat the solitude and winter beauty. Did not see anyone on the entire loop, just saw a few people on the stick of the lollipop near the trailhead. Dog loved it too! There are numerous vantage points for good views in different directions, including Allens Ledge just a short ways off the trail, but no 360-degree views.

I didn’t actually intend to climb Chocoura when I went (originally there for the falls) so I was a bit ill-prepared. Like most will say, the views at the top are killer....however. It’s February but for some reason the temps were in the 60’s so I figured it would be a great day to get out. Don’t make that mistake on this trail. The whole mountain was melting causing the trails to become rivers of either slush or solid ice. Even with micro spikes it was incredibly tiring. Many sections of trail looked like solid ice but ended up being 8in of slush. That left me with soaked feet for the whole climb. Definitely plan your trip during nicer weather unless you’re a sucker for pain.

1 month ago

Great day on the trail, all alone 34* F sunny/lite wind. Trail was well packed.

The brook crossing was moderately difficult on a humid, October day. It’s easy-moderate for the first half of the hike, then there is a steep, eroded section leading to the first overlook. From then on, it’s pretty steep and rocky, I would certainly not rate it as “easy.” When we went, it was too foggy to see anything from the summit, but I hear that there are great views north on a clear day. Luckily, we had some decent views lower down on the mountain, and the foliage was great.

1 month ago

lost from list added it back.

Great day! Snow shoed in and watched ice climbers. Everyone there had a great day. Jan. 28th felt like a spring day!

1 month ago

great winter hike. plowed parking lot. packed trail so micro spikes were fine. nice gradual climb. this time of year I would suggest taking the spur to the falls on the way up. the steps near the falls are really icy. much easier climbing up than down. great day about 90 minutes round trip

1 month ago

I Snowshoed 3/4 the way then went to boots & crampons. Some areas only had 2 in. of lite snow ,other areas where well packed on the trail. First water crossing was very hazardous . High water ice , 30 ft. across. It was a little dicey!!! Great day 28* F cloudy .

Pretty great views!

2 months ago

Great trail, the snow had been packed down by the recent rain and freeze, and we were able to hike it without any trouble. The falls are stunning this time of year! I’ll be returning the next time we have some snowfall to experience the snow covered trees. I’d highly recommend this trail. Short but beautiful!

Really fun little rocky climb, especially towards the top! Beautiful views as well. Chocorua reminds us that it doesn't have to be big to be challenging and rewarding.

I did this trail in early November and I wasn't expecting much in terms of scenery but BOY was I wrong. The waterfall is beautiful and seems to just keep going and going as you climb from its base to the top. Highly recommend this hike. Note: It was muddy in places at that time of year and the blazes are a little more spread apart than usual. Almost got lost but remembering what you saw on the way to the falls helps a lot on the way back.

2 months ago

Great short hike to take up a few hours. It’s a steady (easy) incline for the first mile and a half. The last half mile is steep and I would rate it as moderate. Most people before us used snowshoes, but the trail was hard and just light traction was needed. Snow falling made views non existent. Definitely going to do this one again!

awesome veiws

Hiked this trail today, wild weather 48 degrees. sun, rain ,snow & sleet .Even saw a rainbow on the way down. Lots of trees down due to wind storm this month. Great views from many ledges. Quite I was the only person on the trail. Will do this one again with my daughters... IN THE SPRING.

3 months ago

Lovely for an early winter hike. Not too steep so the iciness was manageable although crampons probably would have been safer

Starting to get chilly up there now. Lots of icy sections about 1/2 way up the mountain. Microspikes were essential yesterday.

4 months ago

I did most of the Hammond side of the trail (Piper-Weetamoo-Hammond-Liberty) Friday night and Saturday morning, to test some new cold weather gear at Jim Liberty Cabin. It was pitch dark by the time I got to Piper trailhead, but the trail was no problem by headlamp. Hammond and Liberty were starting to get icy in spots, so definitely bring Hillsound or Kahtoola spikes along. In the dead of winter real crampons may be better above the treeline.
I got to Liberty Cabin around 8pm, after about a 3 hour hike up. It was comfy enough considering the outside temp was maybe 15F with 30+mph wind, but there are 2 windows with broken panes that I didn’t notice at first. After I closed the inside shutters the temp inside didn’t go up, but it didn’t drop much further either. It sure would have been nice if the chimney had a little fireplace!
My original plan was to summit before dawn to get pics of the sunrise, but the sleeping bag was so warm there was no way I was getting out of it at 5am to face the cold and wind! Heading back down in the morning there was more ice on the trails, but secure footing on either side in most cases. Before leaving enjoy the view of the summit above the cabin, it’s very picturesque on a clear day. Being the first time I’ve traveled Weetamoo Trail during daylight I was absolutely dumbstruck at the size of Weetamoo Rock - it almost looks like a mountain all its own! Less than a mile along Weetamoo the trail became smoother and stayed that way all the way to Piper and the trailhead. You’ll hear the Chocorua River in the draw below you for quite some time before coming to it. There’s a huge jumble of rocks and downed tree trunks where the trail crosses the river, and once you cross it (very easy for klutzy me even in the dark with a 35lb pack) you’re almost home.
Mt Chocorua is just an awesome hike no matter how many times you’ve done it. You get views to rival those from the Presidentials without the strenuous climbs, but you still have to work for it. It’s kind of my go-to mountain for longer weekend day hikes.

4 months ago

Fairly easy hike. Aside from last half mile (where you’re almost climbing straight up granite slabs) it’s a good steady incline. Hiked it yesterday and had to navigate through some icy spots, so just watch for black ice as you’re approaching the last mile!


Lot of fun on this hike today. It is steep and jagged at the top (and a little icy today) but doable if you take it slow. The views at the top are amazing.

8.2 miles in seven hours and 45 minutes.
8 50-somethings enjoying a sunny November day
Awesome view. Don't plan on starting after 10 AM.
Spent the last 1.5 hrs in the dark.
Minimal blazing on the trail. Hard to find our trail in the dark.

Hike was great but it took three tries to find the trail we wanted. Hedgehog was not listed anywhere. We had to ask other people who were more familiar with the area.

beautiful trail along the brook. relatively flat, so great for a beginner. we did not travel the entire length of the trail, maybe made it about 1-2 miles.

Good solid hike. Reinforcing what others have said : supportive boots make your life nicer, as trails can be wet puddles and slick if it has rained the same week you're hiking it. Bit of a scramble to the summit. Nice views from the top. Would go up brook and down liberty if you're looking to loop it and save your knees. Brook trail going up is poorly marked when you hit the granite boulders!! We hiked with our friend's med size dog and she did well. Only at the rocky summit did she need a little boost here and there.

Great loop trail that takes you to up to a wide open, vast view! Extremely rewarding hike!

Pretty strenuous on the steep portions, but with no real views and pretty much nonexistent trail markings I won’t be doing this one again.

Pine Bend Brook Trail wasn’t bad at all but Sabbaday Brook Trail was just terrible, we did most of it at night and once you start crossing the brook (7 or 8 times!) you have to search for the trail almost every time because there’s no cairn or obvious blaze to mark the stream crossing exit. After what turned out to be the last crossing we searched for the trail without any luck, until we decided to just bushwhack by dead reckoning and staying near the brook. 10 minutes or so later we came to the wide portion of the trail, and found that the trail was closed for maintenance. Ya think? It just doesn’t seem like it’d be too much trouble for someone to hike it with a couple cans of spray paint every year and refresh the blazes.

The steep portion of Sabbaday Brook Trail (the first 1/2 mile of the descent) is crazy steep - over 1000’ in 1/2 mile - and looks like it’d be almost suicidal in the rain. It was definitely a challenge going down.

The challenge is really this trail’s only strong point, if you’re not hiking the 4Ks then don’t bother.

I felt like it was a little more than moderate but I made it to the top! Overall I did 9 miles and the view at the top is 100% worth the pain.

Great hike on a nice day.. we took the whole loop. Directions are not always clear but once started this is a great trail. Views on top are beautiful but we did the boulder trail the day before and I personaly found these views more beautiful as UNH.

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