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Missed a few trails due to poor weather in the AM with all the fog but it took me 4 hours and 15 mins from bottom to top to bottom. I did a little trail running when applicable. The steep climbs around mile 2 were tough but very doable. I loved this hike/trail run. I highly recommend it but to those who try it soon make sure you start around 8 am or so. 6am was a little rough temp wise.

I just looked this up because my teenage son is looking for a hike with friends and asked, "What is that family hike we have done like 100 times?" Forgot how to spell Lafayette. :)

Don't let "nerve wrecking" and "knife edge" scare you. This is nothing like a true knife edge. This is just hiking.

But it is mighty fine hiking. My favorite White Mountain hike. But go up Falling Waters as it is pretty steep for hiking down, especially if wet, and it is often wet. Go down Old Bridle Path.

Have fun!

Great family trail with an amazing water feature at the end.

The best view is right at the beginning on the bridge and then at the end at the falls... not too many look outs along the way- was thinking you could see the river most of the way but you really don’t. Its an old rail road track so its very straight- kinda boring. Great for biking- kids would be very board. To me it wasn’t worth the 6.8 miles but now we know.

1 day ago

Very quick and easy hike, busy route, with a beautiful view of Echo Lake at the bluff lookout.

Loved this! Went this weekend no bugs no wind perfect day!

Great hike with kids ages
5,6 and 9

2 days ago

worth the walk. 5yo was a little tired towards the end, but enjoyed every spot she could stop to play in.

Between the waterfalls and the ridge it was an easy to rate this 5 star...awesome. Be prepared for winter conditions during the spring months. Check out my write up along with some other things to look out for.

Challenging and quite epic along the Franconia Ridge.

I did this trail in 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach the summit. I have some different feeling with some of the reviews. The trail following the river part starts easy. However, when the trail crosses the river for the first time, it becomes rather steep. Climbing on bare and steep rocks is hard. After passing the lake, the trail is well marked. Even though it is getting steep, you will not have to think where your next step is. The weather is bad for today, as the fog prevented any invisibility. I took the cog down anyway. It was a nice exercise.

3 days ago

I loved this hike short on miles but don’t let that fool you it definitely packs a punch with its steep elevation. If was super fun, the lake is beautiful and don’t forget to pack something to swim in believe me it’s so beautiful you’ll definitely want to. Also the Hut is amazing 

Great Workout. Not an easy hike by any means, but the payoff with the views all along the ridgeline are amazing, and make it all worth it.

3 days ago

Nice quiet trial up to the hut, busier to the summit. Plenty hard enough for me!

Hiked July 14, 2018 via Crawford path out and back to Mount Pierce (didn’t do loop with hut). Heard the hut is cool though and has food. Took us about 4 hours. 6.5 miles. Well kept trail - we saw a lot of people working on the path. Trail was a little wet/moist with some water and moss. Coming down was a little tricky on the rocks, especially when wet. Gibbs waterfall was worth checking out. Very pretty hike but didn’t get many views because cloudy. We saw a good amount of people on the trail. Parking lot right near trail right off the highway.

5 days ago

nice hike before heading home

Awesome hike highly recommend

A quintessential northeast hike. Amazing views. One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done.

Crap was hard. Almost died.

What a spectacular hike. We went early summer, and there was still some snow up top which made it tough to come back down. Still great views for a good effort.

Only did the section up to Cloudland Falls. It was a bit intricate but so gratifying once we got to the falls.

AMAZING views with clear skies! I went up Falling Waters trail which was very steep at times. You will be walking up boulders about 90% of the way almost immediately. I would suggest descending from this trail if you do not consider yourself “in shape” or an experienced hiker. I hadn’t done more than a six mile hike in two years and this trail kick my butt!! Brindle path and Greenleaf trail offered spectacular views most of the way down. Brindle path seemed a bit more level as well for a good mile towards the beginning of the trail. All together this trail took me 10 hours to complete with PLENTY of rest time in between. If you have time, stop at the hut on Greenleaf trail! They offer free water, restrooms, large tables to sit at, and board games galore!

Completed 6/29. Great hike to include 3 peaks of NE111.
I chose a custom loop, climbing immediately up HI-Cannon Trail to tag Cannon Mountain (which is included in the 'Terrifying 25' club! > really wasn't horrible, some steep spots but nothing we haven't all seen before)... It was a foggy morning, but made for some nice pictures. The climb down Cannon had steep sections & was roughly 2.4mi to N. Kinsman on the Kinsman Ridge Trail. One great outcrop rock for beauty views of range. Continued out & back to S. Kinsman & returned on Fishin' Jimmy Trail. The long trek down the never-ending Fishin Jimmy is where exhaustion kicked in, knees aching all the way to Lonesome Lake (a perfect rest area). Final push back to trailhead.

4,425ft elev gain

Strenuous but memorable!

Gets pretty steep at some points but beautiful views, a great hike on the way up! However on the way down it gets a bit confusing, if you see a blue trail marking DO NOT TAKE IT! You will end up going through woods for miles and end up on a dirt road 11 Miles from the parking lot. Definitely stick to the yellow markings.

My wife and I hiked this trail on 7/9/18. It was an absolutely perfect day for this hike. The peak was in the 60’s and full sun.

Hike was easy going until the Gem Pool and then more difficult and steep from there to the AMC Hut at Lake of the Clouds.

We stopped for a short break and saw some amazing views. Then we continued on to the peak via the Tuckerman cutoff and took the steeper Tuckerman Ravine trail up the last half mile. It was worth it to see the ravine.

All in all a perfect day in the alpine zone and the trip to the peak took us about 3 hours and 15 minutes. We can’t wait to return!

This was a really awesome, rewarding hike. Three of us did it together and we are all upperclassmen in high school. We completed the hike in about 5 1/2 hours with multiple breaks going up falling water and down old bridle. Highly recommended!

Love love love this trail. Trail head is easy to find and the loop is decently well marked (could use some new yellow paint on a few spots). As an athlete, and with lots of picture taking/water breaks, the whole loop took me exactly three hours. The first half is decently moderate and has strenuous stretches the closer to the peak you reach. The view is WELL worth the effort though. Such a fun and beautiful hike!

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