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3 days ago

Beautiful trail, fun trail. I hiked it in micro-spikes on 1/13/19 and ran down while my friends backcountry snowboarded (three carried the snowboards and wore micro-spikes too). We all could have benefited from snowshoes - post-holed the last 2/3 miles of carriage road up to the peak. It was 0 degrees but only felt cold at the beginning of the trail - the sun was out and there was NO wind at the top- fortunate to get a beautiful day!!

You will want waterproof boots, micro-spikes at least, snowshoes ideally. Also the trail is best for backcountry skiing, wasn’t wide enough for the best snowboarding although it was possible. Skinning was evidently tough for my friends who did that. Oh and it totally depends who went right before you did - the snow shoers who headed down before me made my descent much easier. Would have been nice to have more of them on my way up!

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19 days ago

This was an amazing experience! I will do it again. It took me 9 hours and 30 min to complete North to South, which includes 1.5 hours of rest at the summit of mount Washington.

Hard but worth it every step of the , MT. Washington , MT Zealand are all worth it the view is incredible

This hike is well worth steep terrain. It was cold and rainy and it was still beautiful hiking next to the cascades and falls the entire way up.

Great hike! Very wet and slippery though. The view at the top is fantastic. Be sure to bring your wind jacket, it’s very windy and cold up there.

Hiked it yesterday, great hike with very limited yellow markings.Need to pay attention to trail so you don't get off. Tricky brook crossing if water is high. Great views from the warden's tower. 360 degree views. I'd do this hike again but in the summer.

Beautiful and very challenging hike. Contrary to what the listing notes, this is a better point to point hike than an out and back. I would recommend doing it as a day hike over backpacking after doing it both ways.

Very rewarding hike! Please bring Trail App with GPS or Map Note: at times Trail is difficult to identify ,We hiked when it rained and it was very slippery at the top! Would do it again...

Not easy but no harder than hiking the Tripyramids or the Hancocks. The Beaver Brook Trail hasn't iced over yet . Great 360 view from the summit but the wind is no joke.

Hiked this yesterday & Sawyer River Road was open. Took me around 5 hours total. The trail itself was pretty with the fall foliage but psychologically tough because most of it is uphill through the woods with few views. Since it was a clear day it was worth it to see those 360 degree views from the deck though.

This was such a great hike, and it was even better with the changing of the leaves! Tree cover for most of the hike, until you get the ridge. We had such a gorgeous, and clear view. If you're lucky, you may be greeted by a few Gray Jays at the top of the watch tower. They polished off more of my trail mix than I did...And as people have stated, Sawyer Rd is open, and it's a beautiful drive down the road!

My 20 year old son and I hiked this trail today. It was a good long hike. Unfortunately the top was clouded in so we couldn’t enjoy the view. We will have to hike it again. My only suggestion to other hikers would be to park well below the GPSs idea of where you should park. The road is not passable!

Based on the reviews, I thought this would be a lot harder. Yes, the first mile and a half were tough, but after that it was relatively flat. The summit is very cool; looks like a giant meadow, unlike the massive rock piles of the other 4,000 footers

Tough hike up to the tower. Not many views due to cloud cover but had some breaks enough to get an idea of what it must bring on a sunny day. Will probably try this again on a better day

Sawyer river road is open. My fiend and I drove up the road Oct 3 2018 to the parking lot at the trail head

Three very distinct sections to this trail - the steep waterfall-side beginning that gets the sweat pouring down, the gentle flat-ish pathways through thin trees, and the beautiful wide-open summit alpine meadow. A really pretty hike on a nice day!

This trail was super hard but worth it

The first 2.3 miles was a brisk walk then starts increasing its incline steadily for the rest of the way. Going to the observatory was a little foggy because it was cloudy, but there was still a beautiful view at the summit.

Views are amazing. Sawyer River Rd. is open.

My wife and I hiked this loop with our dog and we found it tough but rewarding.

Not exactly the hike we did but the closest I could find...
We started at Zealand Road and hiked across Zealand, went through the Bonds and back and over to Galehead hut for the night. The next day we looped to Galehead and back, through the twins and the unmaintained trail up Hale and back to the car. The first day was about 17 miles and a good amount of elevation, the second about 14 miles but much easier. Great way to get all of the mountains in the area, and it sure was beautiful!

Great hike on a dry day. The last 1/4 would be hard to do if it was wet or winter. Will do this one again!

Great hike with wonderful views as you approach the peak. Nice tower at the top to catch a little break and chat with some fellow hikers. The trails is in great shape with many opportunities to dip in the creek.

hiked this Saturday, road was open

Did the single day point-to-point with 2 staged cars. The weather and wind is no joke, even if all seems calm at the trailhead. Beautiful views, especially along Monticello’s lawn. Perfect time to do it, first weekend of August. Started at 5am.

did this as the carrigain loop, went counter clockwise on carrigain notch trail (very easy) to desolation trail(steep 1.8 miles!!!) and down signal ride trail. there are a lot of great camping spots before the desolation trial. 360 degree view at the top is unreal!!! loved it

Sawyer river road is still closed, added 4 mile total to our trip for~ 17.5 total miles

Did this as part of my Vose Spur - Carrigain linkup and I’m glad I did. Signal Ridge Trail is a beautiful stretch of trail. It’s very well made and easy to walk on, when you’re nearing the summit, the is a small alpine clearing that has great views into Carrigain Notch. The summit is densely wooded but you can see the entire range from the observation deck. There is one river crossing before the junction with Carrigain Notch Trail that could be problematic in high water. Definitely would recommend this hike to anyone who loves the White Mountains, it’s a really cool part of the Pemi that is worthy of exploration.

Great hike with beautiful 360 deg views from the top.

Writing this quite some time after, but on 7/29/18 Sawyer River Road was still closed due to a road washout. This will add another 2 miles each way bringing the total length of the hike to just over 14 miles.

Sawyer River Road is still closed. This additional 4 miles to the hike makes for long day. Got to parking lot around 9:00 on a Saturday and got the last spot. Others after me had to Park on Road. Great hike. As someone said earlier just short of 4K ft. elevation from lot. Majority of the vertical in in the last 3 miles which makes it a challenging climb up and down.

Just completed a single day Presi Traverse with my brother in law. we are moderate hikers who do one bigger backpacking trip each August. we started at Appalachia trailhead @ 4:15am and took valley way up to Madison hut. At 6:15 we dropped our day packs and did the out and back to Mt Madison. we tagged Adams & Jefferson before stopping for lunch at Washington at about 11:15. we took a much needed 75 min lunch break and leg rest and we're back on the trail by 1230. we skipped Franklin but tagged Monroe, Eisenhower Pierce before finally exiting the forest at 5:50pm. great, but difficult day!

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