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Great day today to snowshoe this loop. Did it clockwise. Snowshoes were a must have after the falls. Only one set of snowshoes in front of us so lots of trail breaking. Beautiful views over the top at the look out and coming down. No wind until coming down made it nice. Lots of fun butt sliding and laughing on the steep sections. Ice on the cliffs were huge. Not recommended for beginners.

Did this loop and enjoyed it very much. There was plenty of snow and well packed in most places. I found the views from the summits of all three mountains to be excellent. Look forward to doing it again in the fall of 2019

overall awesome hike with a really cool railroad stretching over a bridge, and stunning rock walls. I gave it 3 stars because there’s only one peak where a clear view is visible, and most of the hike is under the trees. Hiked this on 12/31, snowshoes were not needed but microspikes are a must. In the winter this was a rather difficult and dangerous hike.

Views on top of Mt. Avalon are unmatched. Went in the wintertime and did not have spikes— this was a big mistake. The last half mile up to Avalon is pretty steep and it was very slick in the wintertime but snow was very compact. Heavily trafficked. Saw about ten groups of people.

19 days ago

Great hike! A little dicey this time of year without good footwear bc of all the ice on the ground. But all in all it was quick and easy with great views.

Parked in the cannon parking lot and hiked the loop counterclockwise. The way up to the viewpoint was not nearly as icey as the way down.

Headed out around 8 this morning. The trails were crunchy and new due to the rain. The trails were pretty packed down heading up to Whiteface. Being in the trees blocked the wind that I could hear howling the tops of the trees. A couple spots were iced out but manageable. When heading over to Passaconway the trails became very soft and the snow was deep. I only had my micro spikes which was a poor choice at this point. By the mid point down I passed a few groups on their way up wearing snow shoes. The remainder was packed enough for me to run a bit. The last few miles were slushy but with the warm temps not an issue.

Beware: about half a mile into the hike there's a bridge that's out and has been partially removed by the AMC (there's a notice to this effect at the entrance to the trail). You can still cross the stream, but holy moley is it terrifying - someone found a thin, rotten log that they lay across it; the water is moving fast and about 3.5 feet deep in places with thin ice cover. You'll cross it on your way back as well.
Otherwise a nice hike. Views from Avalon and along the ridge to Field were spectacular. Didn't get to feed any gray jays in Mt.Tom, but did startle one on my way down. Took
a little under 4 hours, rest included, although I felt like I was pushing it a bit.

Great views on the top of the Whiteface!! Cold but amazing weather for a mid December hiking. Very exhausting, so much climbing and fun at the same time. We started at 8am and completed around 4:30pm. Going back to the our starting point was extremely tiresome though.( straight downhill !!) So.much.fun!

I loved this loop. I did it solo on a bluebird snowy day Nov 11, 2018. I mainly wore micro spikes but wished I’d had snowshoes between the peaks as the trail was less traveled and the snow a little deeper. I did the loop clockwise and climbing the ledges to the Whiteface summit were fun. Great views. Not much to see from Pass summit but all around great hike.

We opted for Whiteface first. Which was good. After some heavy rain 2 days ago the scrambles at Whiteface were Icey. Crampons were necessary and in a couple spots I even used my ice axe for some extra safety. The views are Whiteface near the summit were grest. Views of Chocorua and the Sandwich range. Views of Washington and even Franconia ridge at the summit. Aside from the scrambles these 2 peaks are much like a lot of the 4k footers. Easy lead ups with moderate summits. The trail was well packed snow in most sports even with the heavy rain. The ridge to Passaconaway was more pleasant than expected with some views. Passaconaway summit is anti climactic and in the trees. (you can go on further for a lookout if you please). Great 11 miler in these conditions.

Took 5 hours through a fresh coat of snow. Used snowshoes about 1/2 the time. Did it clockwise as others have. Great views from all 3 peaks in winter.

Love this trail. Ran it on 11.23 and 11.24.18 loop took under 2hrs but was flying fast on the downhills. Nicely packed up to noon peak. Then a few tracks up to Jennings and then back down drakes. I had trail running shoes and yak-tracks on and that was perfect for me. Trekking polls don’t hurt on this loop. Can’t wait to run this again over the Christmas holidays.

Great winter hike! I would suggest microspikes and poles for some of the steeper areas! The Fall itself was completely frozen when we went!

2 months ago

We’ve explored a lot of New Hampshire these last few years, but I have to say, today was probably my absolute favorite hike. I love winter hiking even more than spring, summer or fall. What I took in with my senses today I will cherish forever. BTW...super short hike with multiple viewing spots. Bald mountain summit was a bit scary, but Artist Bluff a piece of cake. Tyler didn’t make it all the way up. But, with a lot of determination I did!! Yay!! (We both have tremendous fear of heights).

2 months ago

Hiked up post Nor'easter 10/28/2018. 3-5" snow accumulation throughout the trails.
Great hike. Highly recommend going up via Sandwich Mountain trail (steep incline) and down Drakes Brook Trail (gentler decline). We bagged 2 peaks (Noon & Jennings) on this loop; would've continued to Sandwich Dome but didn't have enough time because the hike up took longer than expected with the snow on the ground. Moderate to steep climb going up to both Noon & Jennings. The snow made the trek up and down a bit more challenging but you can balance yourself holding on to trees. Nice semi-exposed ledges on top of both peaks. The views of the valley would've been great except we were in the clouds but we loved the mist and the clouds nonetheless. Coming down Drakes Brook Trail was a little mundane. Overall, doable even with snow on the ground but can be quite slippery near the top. Expect to cross several brooks; trails along the river can get quite muddy and waterlogged. The hike was very enjoyable, beautiful and serene.

Hiked on 10/26/18–small amounts of snow and places of ice on higher elevations. Excellent hike—more moderate than hard for elevation gain. Many roots and some rocks. Take the Bemis trail to see two additional falls and walk the Falcon ridge cut off for an additional scenic view. Arethusa falls great to see amongst the ice. Part way along the Frankenstein cliff trail before the falcon ridge cut off you’ll be able to get an excellent view of Mt. Washington.

Absolutely breathtaking views with hoarfrost in the alpine zone. We went last weekend and temperatures were below freezing with windchill in the negative. Needless to say we did not linger at the top, and decided to forgo the loop for a less buffeting frigid experience.

Can imagine this being a hotspot in the summer due to waterfalls lining the trail. We prefer lonelier hikes and due to the ice and conditions we only saw a handful of hikers.

Easy hike minus the ice- but brutal if you’re not used to it. Most of the trail is quite literally stairs- best quad and butt workout we had in awhile- therefore awesome!!

Will come back but probably in spring or fall :)

A moderate to hard trek for the avid hiker. The waterfalls along the way distract you from the incline. The view above the alpine line is phenomenal, but it was VERY cold & windy. There was a good bit of ice on the trail towards the top as well. I look forward to repeating this hike in warmer weather.

Great views at the peak, you will certainly work to get there. Come prepared as the peak can be a good 30-40 degrees colder due to wind. Sometimes there is ice and snow near the top of the trail so proceed with caution.There are several waterfalls on the way up.

Beautiful scenic hike offering steep terrain in areas and views that make it worth it.

Easy hike and great view

excellent hike! Trail is listed as moderate. I believe that is spot-on. I went up to Noon peak first and did the loop counterclockwise. somewhat of a challenge in the beginning but after you reach the Peak at Jennings the trail is completely down hill for 3.2 miles. use caution when following, some of the yellow Blaze marks are worn off and being in the fall it's tough to spot them. overall it was a beautiful hike.

3 months ago

Awesome hike! Pretty quick, but awesome views of beautiful fall foliage! Definitely recommend!

The approach sets the stage for the end result....strenuous approach that invites a period of quiet reflection while you rest your legs.

This was a awesome little hike with some amazing view points. Was enjoyable even in the rain today. The most and fog made the foliage pop even more. A bit slick and rocky but very doable in the right footwear

We started on the falls side, including Bemis which is beautiful. After the big falls we met the Frankenstein, on to Falcon Cliff and then the overlook on the way down. The colors were amazing and the trail was practically empty. Some steep parts, but also some flat sections.

on Artist Bluff Trail

3 months ago

This is a great little hike with a fabulous view, especially in Fall when the leaves change color! The whole hike is fun, but if you just want to get to the bluff without doing the loop or adding Bald Mountain, you can access a much shorter (but also steeper) trail across from the Echo Lake parking lot. Just cross the street then bear right. The trail will be on your left, and is marked with red dashes. Enjoy! :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely a must if you live in NH. The waterfall is beautiful.

Went up Arethusa trailhead and took the Bemis brook route (much more scenic and recommend) The falls were great for photos and a nice snack. Then continued to Frankstein Cliff. You will reach a fork, left will lead to Ripley falls right will bring you to Frankstein Cliff. Continue .8 miles to the cliff view point. Great views of Crawford notch and Mnt Bemis! Continue down some somewhat steep terrian till the terrace crossing of the railroad (great place for photos if you venture to the railway bridge). After that point it's a short .3 miles back to the parking lot! Great waterfalls, decent views, great photos opportunities for an easy hike.

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