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This winter hike was intense. I'd consider myself in shape, but we had to take regular breaks to manage fatigue. It's steep and uphill the entire way. We wore microspikes but probably could have done snowshoes to avoid falling through the fresh snow. The snow had blown off the summit so it was like walking on a frozen pond to the summit. Beware that the winds at the top can really whip. We even saw another group of hikers put on ski googles before ascending above tree line.

6 days ago

Nice scramble at the end, I'd suggest doing the loop to liberty (and go up via Flume). We personnally get going on the ridge to the franconia loop - big day but worth it! Getting many 4000 footers

It's a nice trail, but don't do that, do the whole loop on the franconia ridge, it's definitely worth the few extra miles! You are already up there, so why skip the best part?

Nice hike, we did this in about 4-5 hours late September 2017. The trail was in good condition and easy to follow. The ridge part is great. This can be a longer day hike if you do a bigger loop including mount Flume (start with mount flume) and walking down the valley back to your car.

I did this hike in mid-April 2018 in winter conditions. Spikes are a must. The trail is difficult. We ascended via Falling Waters. There are stream crossings, so wear waterproof boots. Near the summit, the trail becomes especially steep. Views from the summit are spectacular, my favorite in the Whites. We encountered high wind gusts and freezing rain as we crossed the range. Thankfully we had goggles, and these saved the day. What is special about this hike is that you keep these beautiful views across the whole range and as you descend via Greenleaf trail. I can’t recommend this hike enough.

8 days ago

Not a lot of effort for a big reward of a hike. Great waterfall and flume views. Good amount of hard packed snow on the trail. Cramp ons definitely helped but saw other hikers wearing sneakers. Didn’t pass too many people but I’m sure it’s crawling with people in the warmer months.

One of the best and most memorable hikes I’ve done.

Fabulous! Would happily do it again!

Since I'm rating the trail itself and not the mountain I give it 3 stars for winter. Too many people without snowshoes have hiked this and destroyed the snowy terrain. It took an incredible amount of time to descend because people without even spikes went down on the edges and dumped loose snow all over this steep descent. Every step was a careful and slow placement on the way down so I didn't tumble for a few hundred feet. I'm sure it's better without snow. If you're winter hiking you need snowshoes or spikes if the trail has iced over.

All that said the summit is awesome and I would do this again. The views are just amazing and worth all that frustration.

One of the most difficult day hikes I've done in my life. Particularly loved the section on the Franconia Ridge Trail. I was glad to have ascended on Falling Waters.

I have lived about half hour from the flume since 1983. I have only missed a handful of supers when I did not do the trail each summer. it was not until last winter that I realized there were trails in the winter. I finally had the opportunity to take advantage. Trails were great and scenery spectacular.

My dog and a few friends did this trail in late August of 2017. The trail was very difficult but immensely rewarding. Bring plenty of water and supplies, Views are stunning throughout the trail. Great hike for experienced and well trained dogs.

The Basin and the first cascade you encounter are nice, definitely worth a stop. However, I would not recommend going beyond there. The trail becomes steep and eroded, with bad footing, there is also a very difficult brook crossing. Neither Kinsman Falls nor Rocky Glen Falls seemed particularly amazing.

1 month ago

Went hiking here yesterday and it was beautiful with the snow and ice! Absolutely a must do in the winter. I will never want to come back here in open season again. I have been here in the summer and it was so crowded I was getting annoyed....winter is empty and FREE and beautiful!

Toughest hike for me so far... I loved It! The views are absolutely amazing. Weather was clear and partly sunny as I walked up but you could see the clouds blowing over the ridge line like something out of a movie. Bring your ice cleats or crampons. plenty of places to slip and fall. Especially climbing back down. There was a decent amount of wind the walk up but nothing crazy.

1 month ago

Beautiful winter hike for a breath of fresh air! Scenic!!
Been going here for years and it never gets old! A wonderful spectre of nature and I love the changing scenery during each season! You won’t be disappointed!

I would have given this 5 stars if I was fully prepared for how hard this hike was going to be for me. I did this hike in late August, 2017, on a BEAUTIFUL day. Cold but manageable. One thing that I was unprepared for was the sections of the ascent and descent that were either climbing hand over foot, or literally sliding down on my butt. Would recommend but would say that if you're not EXPERIENCED, it could be a challenge.

wild hike. 40 to.50 mph with some bigger gusts. The ridge didnt dissaspoint. spectacular views and the weather added that little bit of excitement that gets the blood pumping! Do this hike now!!

I only went to Georgiana Falls. The trail was muddy, eroded, and got rocky towards the end, and the rain didn’t help. We stopped at a cascade, then I scrambled up some steep and slippery rocks to get to the waterfall. I imagine it would be much nicer on a drier day in late spring.

love this place. Hiked it alone and saw absolutely no one. Only me and the wilderness and God.

2 months ago

Easy trail, great for a break after a Presi traverse. Nice swimming hole and cliff jumping a little up river of the falls. Keep trekking past the end of the trail (sign says trail ends but path continues) for some excellent riverside camping

2 months ago

Beautiful frozen streams that led to the frozen Falls. Ice climbers were climbing the frozen Falls in the gorge which was cool to watch. Moderate hike & very beautiful in the winter.

2 months ago

Amazing winter hike, would recommend micro spikes for safety. If looking at the closed visitor center (closes during winter), trail is directly to the left of building. Gorge is stunning in frozen conditions or right after snow fall. Highly recommended trip. Easy hike.


^^^ for hike photos ^^^

Wow, first time on this trail in the winter. it was mostly hard packed snow all the way to the falls. Did not need spikes until the final incline up to the falls and to have safe footing near the water. It's a beautiful walk in the winter too. This was my first winter hike and a good starter to test my new gear.

Great hike. Perfect weather. Trail in wonderful condition. Creek Crossing a little deep. I dropped a white snowshoe halfway down. If anyone finds it please hike it down and hang it or lean it on the sandwich mountain trail sign at the entrance to the parking lot. Thanks

hiked to the lake soaked up some sun then took the hi cannon loop trail. was a tough hike in snow and ice. so happy to have micro spikes on. the hike was wonderful and there are many views along the way. it was neat to see and use the ladder on our way down. a few really steep sections.
all in all I loved it and the weather was great. about mid to lower 30's

Hiking this in the winter is a must. Don’t forget microspikes!

2 months ago

Great trail and great conditions. The trail was mainly hard packed snow with a few icey sections. I bare booted it but microspikes would have been a better idea especially around the flume. There was one short section that was iced over and a slip would send you on a 10 foot fall into the creek below. I decided to go up and around the flume itself. Keep in mind the parking lot was an ice skating rink.

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