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Did this trail with a 30 Pound pack, and including the 35 minutes for lunch at the summit it took us, in a group of 3 to do it in about 7 hours. We got to the parking lot at about 10, and stopped many a time along the way up for water. As there is no water source on this peak, one should expect to bring more water than you would normally think. Otherwise I had an excellent time hiking even though it was very strenuous. If you get there late bring a flashlight for hiking in the dark, as the way down can be dangerous if you can't see your footing.

I will admit, my husband and I were not completely prepared for this hike. This is a tough one. Be prepared to do some bouldering as well. I would recommend some hiking sticks if you have some as there are some spots that are tricky. If you are new to hiking I would hold off on doing this trail until you get some others under your belt. It is a beautiful trail and has some amazing views but make sure you are prepared for a workout.

Great hike with a little rock at the top to enjoy your view!

Beautiful summit ! Last mile is very cardio worth it...

16 days ago

Terrific hike for someone looking to grind out a 3-4hr hike with a great peak. AT underestimates this hike, we clocked it at about 7.2 miles. Either way, moderate until about the last mile, and then it was game on. Challenging, but not entirely unmanageable. Taking some breaks, we definitely got it done with a reasonably aggressive level of exertion. Sweat through for sure, but a beautiful summit. We do tend to hustle up a bit, so maybe a slower pace would have been easier on the legs. Lots of different kinds of mushrooms to be seen too. Beautiful Colors.

9am start. Not terribly crowded. Trail well maintained.

Bugs were at a minimum (wore spray).

Flat for 2/3’s of the hike. The last 1/3 to the top is a grind of a climb. Great view from the top makes it totally worth the effort. Like others have posted, it’s a 7.2 mile round trip (more than what AllTrails has it mapped out to be)

Great hike. If you bring the dog make sure the dog is tough. The views are awesome.

This was a truly gorgeous hike. I went along the Caps Ridge Trail and it was comfortably populated with other people, always a good thing to have company on the trails. Definitely don't go if it's rained at all as there are several bald faced spots to scramble up. Also, I wouldn't bring a dog unless your pup is well accustomed to difficult hiking. Overall I thought it was a wonderful challenge. I am a fairly experienced hiker and in moderately good shape, I completed this loop in about 4 hours. Happy trails :)

Tough hike! First mile is easy but then it gets pretty steep with some nearly vertical rock scrambles. It’s pretty fun on the way up (you’ll need to climb up some rocks) but difficult on the way down. Just scooted down the steep sections on my butt! Such amazing views! Unfortunately when I went the summit was in the clouds. Would highly recommend!

Incredible views along the ridge.

23 days ago

very fun hike and awesome views

Good workout. Near the top it was very wet and rocky and muddy and steep but as long as you have good traction shoes it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Small area at the top but nice 360 views.

Hiked to the Carter Notch hut with my daughter last Friday. Sections of the trail have been relocated, making it much more pleasant while still keeping it close enough to the river that you still enjoy the sights and sounds. AMC Croo were their usual AWESOME selves, serving a great dinner and breakfast. My daughter made a quick ascent to the summit of Carter Dome; I only made it to the lookout but truly enjoyed the views it commands of the notch, Wildcat Range and mountains of eastern Maine. Met 5 through hikers - an incredible thrill! Been to this hut many times and will return for as long as these legs will carry me

1 month ago

Some beautiful woods and a well maintained trail but other nearby hikes have better views. The trail goes downhill for the better part of the second mile - not fun on the way back! 3rd of the Saranac 6 for me.

I completed Haystack previously from the Jack Rabbit trail which was a gradual incline and while it was over a lot of ankle rolling potential rocks it was pretty easy. The second time I followed this trail and was surprised to find it was a lot more challenging. Nothing too crazy but more than I was expecting. The wild blueberries at the top and the decent view made the effort worth it. We met some people at the top who thought they were on Mt Haystack - might have been a little off track. :) This is Saranac 6 Haystack not to be confused with 46er Mt Haystack (or even little Haystack - apparently people like the name Haystack!)

I hiked it 25 years ago and it started to storm. It was a very strenuous hike but very rewarding at the same time. Once we got to the top the clouds came in and we had to descend fast . Never be on a mountain during storms! However a blue sky can change fast and you will least expect it.

A fairly heavily trafficked trail leading to what is now the oldest of the Appalachian Mountain Club's hut system. Bunk houses were updated several years ago and Clivas composting toilets added - reducing the hut's ecological footprint. The surrounding ramparts stand in silent testimony to landslides of a bygone era. There are two ponds - one for drinking, one for recreation. Each visit feels like coming back to see an old friend. Highly recommend this high hut adventure.

Mount Jefferson is tough for newbies. I hiked Mount Jefferson, then walked over to Mount Adam's via the Gulfside Trail and had lunch, then back to Jefferson, round the Cornice Trail and then back down Cap's Ridge to the trail base parking lot. That was too much and took me almost 11 hours and I broke my glasses. Don't do that.

But Jefferson all by itself via Cap's Ridge is still a challenge for those new to the Whites. Have good boots and plenty of food and water. There is some rock scrambling needed, but not too overwhelming.

Perfect day for a hike. Very few bugs. Mostly dry, very well maintained trail. A bit of a steep scramble at the end, but doable. Enjoyed it!

I actually veered off towards McKenzie and came back on the backside of the trail which connects to the Jack Rabbit trail. The entrance was actually a bit tough to find and looks like that side isn’t travelled as much... a bit wilder and actually kind of nice. Glad that I went that way too because the climb isn’t nearly as straight up as the way this trail is showing which I took down. Well worth the trip as the view is great.

This was as difficult a hike as I have done in a while. Airline is much more steep and straight than Valley Way. Packs were lighter because we were staying at Madison Hut; lucky us. This hike was totally worth it though. The views once you get to Durand Ridge were phenomenal! If you want a challenge, go Airline on the way up.

Did this hike on Saturday, and decided to make a loop out of it going up Airline to the summit, then down Star Lake to the hut, then down Valley Way. Highly recommend as Airline provides wonderful views and is steeper, and Valley Way stays in the trees and is less rugged. This loop was a total of 8.5 miles. It took me a while to complete, largely because I did not have poles, which would be very helpful for a hike like this as the last mile or so up to Adams (and back down) is awkwardly rocky and can be difficult to maneuver. The summit was too populated for my taste (plus it is not flat so everyone’s awkwardly trying to stand on the rocks) but the trails were often quiet for long stretches. The view of Washington from the summit is my favorite I have ever seen.

did this Saturday and it was a first pretty hard but so worth it once you got to the top.

2 months ago

A great strenuous hike with a lot of fun rock scrambles. The view from the peak is wonderful.

Beautiful hike, get above treeline very quick and most of hike is on large rocks. Came down off gulfside trail for less steep descent. One of most scenic hikes in all of NH

Beautiful trail, great views of presidential range along the way and 360 views at top. A pretty constant incline and some scrambles once you pass Surprise but all manageable. Would recommend footwear with good tread for safety, even if it’s not wet. I’d rate this as easy to moderate, but may be difficult for someone who isn’t in the best shape, however still doable.

Gives some good swamp ass but good view

Wonderful views. Several of our health apps said mileage was 7.5 not 6.2. Was easy to follow and today not to many hikers.

Hi Alltrails.com,
Dogs do not have to be on leash on this trail and most other trails in the WMNF. Leashes are required for dogs in developed recreation areas and interpretive trails. (In a campground, or Guyot campsite for example). I've seen this caveat for other trails on your site and it just isn't true. In fact the forest service dogs and AMC employees with dogs are off leash all over the presidential range in all seasons. Everyone has to act responsibly and manage their pooches however the information at the top of the page is erroneous resulting in occasional conflict for pet owners. Literally hundreds of off-leash dogs travel the Whites in all seasons including the spring during Tuckerman Ravine season.
Please update this information for accuracy so that everyone has the correct information.
Thanks for hosting a great site.
Steven Cooney

We used the herd path off the Jack Rabbit trail and it was such an easy hike. From the trailhead on Whiteface Inn Lane, we reached the summit in under an hour. No steep sections at all, a very friendly hike!

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