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Beautiful easy hike, although the length makes it harder than a walk in the park.

Beautiful hike, even on a rainy day. I’d say the majority of this hike is easy with the last 3 km being more moderate and a bit of a scramble right at the end. Finished in 4.5 hrs. Highly recommend.

28 days ago

Went up to Russet Lake on Oct 20th and I must say on the top there were some incredible views! Went through Singing Pass up to Russet Lake and then the same way down, in total around 29km hike with 1100 meter elevation gained. Only reason this hike doesn't get 5 stars was the fact that most of the hike you'll be deep in the forest with no real viewing points (last kilometer or two are stunning thought). However, it was all worth it getting to the top! Took about 3.5-4 hours up, stayed there for roughly 1-1.5 and then 3 hours down.
You will let your feet and legs know you're alive if you do it in one day like us :)

Really nice hike with nice views of Mount Garibaldi that will help to wait before reaching this stunning Watersprite lake. I would rate it moderate, only the end in the rocks is a bit hard. We manage to pass with a 2WD V6 Silverado but we were close to turn back because of a big crack at 6.5k before the end. The road to Elfin Lake is an highway compare to this. I'd say the drive to the trailhead is harder than the hike :)

Relatively easy hike with good views of the lake

1 month ago

If you take the dirt road up to the parking lot, it’s only a 5 mile trail. Beautiful walk through the forest with Moss covered logs and huge cedar and hemlock trees. Nice picturesque lake at the end. The fall colors are lovely this year!

Great beginner hike, beautiful trail and lake. And NO dogs. :^) please. A couple off shoot trails if you want to go real big.

Always great to explore new places! Just did this a few days ago (half of it at night!) and... I guess we are just at the cusp of winter conditions there as it was snowing the night we got there!

A comical view on the experience here: https://youtu.be/YDrp21rOvrs

Nice one through the woods. Quite easy as well, the trail is well maintained.

trail running
2 months ago

What a beautiful trek ! Steep all the long way with some relaxing meters flat.
The view at the top is amazing !
I made it running and walking in 3h30.
Good memories

Beautiful lake but to popular


2 months ago

Impossible to find the trailhead based on description so I’ll make it clear. At the TR 200 mark, if you have high clearance and 4 wheel, definitely keep driving up the main logging road to the right. If not, park and start walking up the logging road. The trailhead is about 50m past the 9.5 km mark. There is a orange diamond further down that is deceiving (around 9.4). That is NOT it. They have spray painted 9.5 in blue and orange at the top of the steep grind. Keep going a bit further and you will see 3 or 5 orange diamonds on the right. That is the trailhead. After that it’s very well marked. Did it with our chihuahua in about 2 hours. Would definitely try the hike up to mount brew past the lake.

Solid hike with great reward of the falls.

Overall, wonderful picturesque lake destination. Be aware that there are lots of boulders..... you require high ankle support hiking boots if you are camping and carrying a heavy backpack. A nice variety of terrain. Long stretch of boulders during the trek and also when arriving at the lake.... the boulders are very technical to get to the camp site. We saw lots of dogs on the trail. Oh, final thing, there is a newly painted and beautiful hut! A special shout out to the BCMC Team upgrading and working hard at making the trail enjoyable!

4WD HIGH CLEARANCE IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Amazing hike with a beautiful lake but do not try with 2WD

3 months ago

Smokey but amazing hike! The flowers in the meadows were spectacular and even though it was smokey, the views were fantastic. Trail gets a bit muddy in spots past Conflict lake, and the last water crossing was a bit tricky but the views at Ring lake made it all worth it. Bring bug spray and bug nets if you have them.

Easy going hike. Opens up access to some nice scrambling above the lake. Also a great place for a summer swim.


The Squamish River was flowing fast; some people tried to drift across on pool inflatables. Don't do that. Some people tried to slack line across the cable. They and their packs were dangling above the river; their self-rescue took a long time. Jay, the ferryman, was in the right place at the right time. But other online comments suggest that's not always the case, and cars have been vandalized. This is a nice, steep hike with a pretty lake at the end. But the logistics of getting to the trailhead make it a Not Recommended hike. Also, the trail isn't a trail; it's a route.

3 months ago

Awesome and tiring hike, a little easier as a day trip while camping at garibaldi lake. Go early as parking is insane on the weekend. Class 3 scramble to the false summit on loose rock so be careful. Class 5 to the actual summit and looks sketchy.

3 months ago

Just did this hike yesterday ! The view was worth it after scrambling up the rocks. Bring a helmet if your going to attempt to do some rock climbing on the tusk . Ton of loose rocks falling down . The hike was beautiful . Bring bug spray that will keep the horse flies away ! Tons of bugs , everyone doing the hike was complaining . Must go down to garabaldi lake after .

3 months ago

Amazing hike with gorgeous views! We went back down by garibaldi lake and it’s was well worth the extra 2km

3 months ago

Climbed with my Family, wife, 9 year old, 15 year old an two dogs...great day! Drove up to Km 4 on Brew main FSR, 4x4 required, Got off trail following ribbons for an orienteering course but eventually found the trail and had a great hike! Definitely steep in sections but well marked trail. The lake was worth the effort had a quick swim and started down as the horse flies were brutal.

Easy and nice!! You can even camp at the far end of the trail!

3 months ago

July 26th. Freaking awesome. Made it up the chute to the top! 360 pano. Looks unreal. Know the basics of how to climb before you attempt. Love the wild flowers once you’re in the meadows. This is probably one of the best hikes I have ever done.

Amazing views, but definitely a hard few kilometres up to get to the views. If you like rock climbing you can get to the top of the Tusk by climbing up a little rock chimney to sit above the clouds. There are no ropes so you take your own chances with that climb. Did it this weekend (end of June) and there is still snow up there so bring extra socks.

This is a must do hike. Minimal elevation,beautiful scenery meadows are incredible with all the wild flowers in bloom. The walk through the forest to journeyman lodge is excellent, from there head down the trail and you’re at conflict lake. The birds are always looking for handouts. Continue on and again incredible meadows we didn’t make it to Ring but will next time for sure. Plenty of water sources for your filtered bottles.
One thing is bring your bug net and absolutely bring spray,and more spray. Then more spray again. Not joking about this.

If you had one day to live on this earth and had the opportunity to do one hike, this would be it. The meadows, black tusk, the lake, the mountain views - amazing. This park is an alpine paradise. The first portion of the lake trail was closed, so we ended up doing the detour with a total 16-17 miles. Took us 8.5 hours, so doable in a day, but it’s so hard to leave! A note on black tusk: if you do the chimney, test every hold and every foot before you trust your life on it. We did the chimney after watching bits of the approach trail flake off into the deep gully. Clearly the volcanic layers are peeling away, so when we topped out of the chimney only to see another 50 yards of scree between us and the summit, we were a bit dismayed. Chimney didn’t bother me, but trying to walk up an incline on marbles in an attempt to summit a 4th class, unstable rock feature seemed silly, so we backed down.

3 months ago

This is an amazing trail! The turquoise color of the lake is stunning. I was disappointed that we couldn't quite finish it with our 9 year old, but went about 3/4 of the way. I would recommend to go as far as possible, the views got even better towards the end.

3 months ago

Awesome trail, stunning views. I went up and back in 8h, including 30min on the mountain.
Make sure you bring bug repellent, a bunch of snacks and it’s windy up there so a light jacket is a plus.

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